Photos from Fallout World

This is a place that I came up with on a whim. Sort of like Photos form Alternate Worlds except that this thread deals with pictures from Fallout World. Any picture is fine as long as it isn't going to get anyone in trouble with the board and is Fallout related. I'll start us off:


During the Yangtze Campaign in 2077 United States Armed Forces captured the city of Nanjing, China. This image shows SSgt Vickers, a United States Marine Sniper, also know as "Black Death" With his Wattz 2000 laser rifle, during the battle of Nanjing, he made his mark as one of the deadliest snipers in history.


During the Yangtze Campaign in 2077 United States Armed Forces captured the city of Shanghai, China. This picture shows 2 US Army soldiers raising the flag of the United States of America atop Shanghai City Hall during the battle.



Images of the pre-war world


A group of survivors fight mutants in the months after the Great War. Special protective sunglasses prevent cataracts from radiation.


Mutants found in the basement of an abandoned Boston residency.


Part of a program by the highly esteemed Robert House to make the desert bloom for the benefit of humanity (and his wallet).

Neo-Nazi militants in Germany preparing to ambush a Bundeswehr forces near Frankfurt, circa 2074. The collapse of the European Commonwealth would see a rise of Neo-Nazi and Neo-Fascist insurrections across Western Europe The worst of these would occur in Northern Italy, Austria, and in West Germany as these various movements sought to create a so-called "Fourth Reich."

The NB-50 bomber would form an important part of the american war effort against China during the Sino-American War. The onboard nuclear reactors of these planes provided vast amounts of power for the aircraft's prop and jet engines, giving the aircraft unparalleled range to hammer Chinese positions in Alaska as well as targets in the Chinese mainland.


Artists drawing from Tesla Science Magazine of the new american Resource Carrier Fleet.
When China invaded Alaska in 2066, the United States found itself cut off from some of the few large reserves of fossil fuels left in the world. While a majority of the pipelines, derricks, and reserves would be either captured or destroyed by the PLA, a few pockets would remain in American hand. These pockets were vital for maintaining the American economy and war effort against China but were cut off by vast distances and Chinese forces. To continuing exploiting these pocket, the Resource Carrier Fleet was commissioned, behemoth aircraft which were as much oil tankers as they were aircraft. While many would be lost over the course of the war, these leviathans of the sky were vital in keeping america and her resource hunger fed through even the most dire days of the war.

*both aircraft based off of real proposals given a Fallout twist

USSA Crawler-transport. Constructed by the United States Space Administration during the Space Race of the 1960's, the Crawlers would transport spacecraft between the central assembly building and the launchpad, most famously the Virgo III carrying the Valiant 12 lander to the moon. A cooling Space Race and smaller manned rockets would see monstrous vehicles like the Crawlers slowly fall out of use by the shrinking USSA. However, the Crawlers would find new life when they were transfered over to the US military, being used to transport rockets containing heavy combat focused playloads like the Bradley-Hercules orbital missile platform and the Archimedes II solar array. Following the Great War, one of the Crawlers would be seized by forces of the Enclave, who used the vehicle's powerful engines and structure to form the foundations of a new mobile base