Photos from Alternate Worlds

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President of the council Gabin speak to the assembly


President Gabin working


President Gabin speaking to a minister


A younger Gabin during his years as Minister of the defence
The following is a group photograph of various Nazi officials dated to 1960, posing for a picture before going inside the building next to them for a meeting, the historic meeting that would collapse the Nazi Collective of Germania & Österreich, an insurgent group operating in Germany and Austria from the partially successful coup of the Beer Hall Putsch in 1923, to the surrender of the last remaining Nazi faction in 1962. The Collective split into 7 rump-states fighting for dominance of the others and then complete control of Germany, Austria, and Northern Europe.

It should be noted that of the four individuals featured at the front of the picture, three would go on to become leaders of their respective factions, Hans Hitler of the True State, Günter Hitler of the Werewolves, and Axel Kästner of Ein Kampf. The fourth individual, Rüdiger Scheid, would amass a following that would go off in rebellion in late 1960, specifically November, in reaction to his death, creating the Rüdiger Scheid Brigades, which would be the last of the Nazi groups to be destroyed, vanquished in 1962.

Another notable feature is that Nick Lindemann, founder of the Frei Deutschland Organization, another Nazi faction, is also present in the picture.

For posterity, the other Nazi factions were the following:

Die-Grundlage, commanded by Edda Göring.
Ein Reich
, commanded by Thaddäus Koeppen.

The photograph was recovered from Nuremberg, Bavaria. Or, to put it in better words, the ruins of Nuremberg, Bavaria. Nuremberg, along with so many other Bavarian and West Austrian cities, towns, and villages, was crushed by the Nazis just because they were situated in the regions they happened to operate in. One too many battles crippled the Nazi stronghold before it was abandoned and made a ghost town.

Picture below.


(If any of you guys have questions feel free to ask. Also, the absence of any recognizable names is due to this being shot in 1960. Many leading Nazi officials were dead, war is intense. Their sons and/or daughters were alive, however, and I think you can spot them.)

Confederate troops cautiously advancing through the jungle, while on patrol in Japanese territory off the Numa-Numa Trail.

Confederate troops of a field artillery battery emplace a 155mm howitzer in France. They have been following the advance of the infantry and are now setting up this new position.
I originally made these for a HOI3 AAR, so please excuse the shoddily added flags, I had literally hundreds of screenshots to sort through so I might have been slightly delirious.



South African Troops on Parade in Cape Town and Pretoria on Transvaal Independence Day.

Confederate Troops Parade in Richmond as a show of solidarity with their South African Allies.

Flying Ace Petrus Hugo and his Aircraft "Springbok Speeder", the only foreign member of the "Freedom Fliers", a volunteer force sent to aid the Japanese during the Second Sino-Japanese War.
Man in the high Castle sets in the US during 1960's after Soviets won the WW2 and took over the whole world (including US) And Stalin is still head of USSR.


British Police round up immigrants following the BNP victory in the 2015 General Election following the bombing of Westminster in June 2015 by British Jihadists.

Members of the Warwickshire Police Immigrant Taskforce search and detain suspected immigrants at Rugby Station.
"In January 1977, with a spring election looming, the Conservative Party launched a series of pamphlets and posters attacking the insurgent leader of the Liberal Party, Margaret Thatcher, in order to demonise the Official Opposition and rally the country behind the Conservatives' message of 'One Nation, One Choice'. The Prime Minister, Angus Maude, approved the..."


Istra-4816, a personal computer manufactured in the Soviet Union by the Schyotmash-EVM company (Kursk, Russian SFSR) in the early 1990s. Although it was shipped with a custom OS by Istrasoft, it could also run the leading Soviet operating system DEMOS, as well as Acorn's RISC OS. Photo taken from an advertising brochure.





Various Soviet microwaves of the 1980s-early 1990s. Very popular among students and busy families, also widely exported into the European Commonwealth.


1991 AZLK Arbat minivan, photo taken from an advertisement brochure. In '92, new Arbats could be bought for 3999 Soviet roubles, 2999 DM, or 499 999 000 USD.
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