Photos from Alternate Worlds II

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War trophy vest sporting the regimental insignia of British units captured in whole by Republican forces during the Fall of Ladysmith in the South African War of 1899-1904

In October 2018, a Luftwaffe fighter crashed onto a a highway in Florida, USA. There were no casualties and the pilot was taken into custody with no resistance. The Chancellor of the Greater German Reich, Heinrich Bormann, has denied charges that the pilot was conducting espionage and demanded that both the pilot and the plane be returned to the Reich, claiming that the pilot strayed into American airspace by accident. Experts have been quick to point out that the plane neither possess the fuel capacity or the engine power to reach the continental US under it's own power, leading to speculation that the pilot was transported to US territory by a aircraft carrier for purposes of surveillance on American dockyards in Florida.

New Japan Pro Wrestling Head Booker and Promoter Vince McMahon instructing Jyushin Thunder Liger ahead of his IWGP Jr Heavyweight Title match - circa 1989.

On the morning of January 30th in 1909, it was a quiet day at Princeton University and many students and staff were still on campus. It was especially quiet at Nassau Hall where the offices were located, where President Woodrow Wilson sat in his office going over paperwork with one of the professors. As they look over the paper, they hear a commotion outside before the door practically burst open and in walked in a young man. Wilson stood up demanding an explanation for the interruption. As a staff member behind the young man was apologizing and saying that she tried to stop him, the man reached into his pocket, pulled out a gun, and shot Wilson in the chest. The staff woman screamed in horror. Her scream was loud enough to be slightly heard over the two gun shots that killed the professor. As she ran away, she tried to warn everyone else but was gunned down herself by the shooter. Two more people were killed as the shooter left the building.

Once outside, the shooter was now seeing red and ready to shoot anyone he saw. With so few people on campus, his dead wasn't fully known yet. He walked down a path until he saw a group of students and opened fire, killing two of the students. Two of the students in the group were wounded as they ran away. Unlike when he was in the building, the shooter's deed was now being heard in other parts of the campus, causing some people to run away and others to come running toward his location. As the shooter reloaded his pistol, several police officers found his location and shouted for him to drop the gun. The shooter refused and opened fire wounding an officer before fleeing. As they ran to the edge of the campus, the shooter turned again and shot and killed one of the officers before ducking behind a corner. The shooter went to fire the weapon again, only for the pistol to jam, giving the officers an opportunity to shoot the shooter in the arm. As he ducked behind the corner again, the shooter took a moment to think about his options. Finally, the shooter came around the corner...

...with another gun.

In total, nine people were killed, including the shooter, and three people were wounded. The shooter was identified as Peter Courtney, a student who was previously expelled for cheating. When his body was searched, it is discovered he had a pocket full of ammunition, a pocket knife, and a small journal. The journal described, from Peter's point of view, when he was expelled several months previous, how he had trouble finding work, falling out with his family, and how he blamed Woodrow Wilson and his professors for what happened, along with the students who were killed/wounded, who Peter also blamed for "framing" him for cheating.

In response to the shooting, many people showed their support for the victims and the victims' families. Several politicians such as President Theodore Roosevelt, President-Elect William Howard Taft, and former Democratic Candidate William Jennings Bryan all came to the university to offer their condolences at the memorial service. After Byran led a prayer vigil, he made a speech calling for Americans to love one another and not allow this act of violence to happen again, with both Roosevelt and Taft in full agreement.
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IC: In its 50th (1990) Iusse, the famous military magazine "La Triplice", published a deep and long reportage on the conference of San Remo and the war against Hungary
"La Triplic2 is been pubblishied since 1920, and it is the most longeve and read military and foreign politics magazine in Italy.
Many important politicians, journalists and opinionist write in there.
La triplice.png
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Taoiseach Tony Blair (FF) addressing the Dail after being elected - July 1997

Production photo of Arnold Schwarzenegger after the Robert E Howard estate gave Universal studios and Marvel Comics the OK on the Red Sonja Spinoff
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