Photos from Alternate Worlds II (read FAQ first)

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    @Mr.Gatsby had originally posted an image where one of the building in the background had large cyrillic lettering (probably from the conflict on the Ukraine) as part of his American Rebels post. That’s what I was joking about
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    Ah, I see. May as well post something while I'm here:


    One of the more well-known pictures of infamous New York gangster Winnie 'The Bulldog' Churchill in hiding in the Tiflis Clique, located in the former Russian Tsardom, sitting with his right-hand man 'Slick' Frank Roosevelt and local strongman/dictator Koba Jughashvilli at a military parade in honour of a recent successful battle.
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    Annual midnight swearing-in of SS troops at Feldherrnhalle, Munich, 1938..jpg
    A rare photo of SS troops being sworn in at Feldherrnhalle in World Capital Germania (1977) Taken by American journalist Howard Franklin.

    Korean_War_in_pictures (22).jpg
    An American Internment and Labour Camp in Dakota (1975).

    marilyn_monroe_korea (1).jpg
    American Singer Dorothy Audrey performing for the troops in Mexico during the Mexican Civil War (1962 - 1978).

    League of German Girls dancing during the 1938 Reich Party Congress, Nuremberg, Germany..jpg
    Reich Party Congress (1969) the official debut of Charlotte Vogel, whom was six at the time.
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    Brigitte Nielsen on the set of the short lived Incredible Hulk spinoff series SHE-HULK (1990 - 1991). The show has since gained a cult following, though many fans agreeing the show was not without it flaws, even Nielsen herself would joke about the experience in interviews.
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    Pro-communist demonstration in the Korean Sector of the Greater East Asia Co-Prosperity Sphere is seen above, violently shut down (1953). The Empire was extremely secretive when it came to casualty rates in demonstration shut downs, some even calling their record keeping "Purposely sloppy".
    A behind the scenes image of a navy recruitment film for the Imperial Japanese Navy, among the strongest of the post war world at the time (1953).
    Controversially (Between fellow Axis nations), post war the Empire allowed women into their military and self defence force ranks in 1955, before making military service mandatory for nearly all citizens of the Empire, men and women alike, though limited in some regions. There is still the controversy of sexual assault.
    Special forces agents practice bayonet tactics at the Kokubu Army Camp (1956). Many of these men would go onto serve within the Kenpeitai.
    The iconic British Union band The Beatles gained some popularity with the youth of Japan and the Co-Prosperity Sphere, especially those based on the Australian coast. They are seen above in 1966, performing in the Nippon Budokan Hall. The majority of the audience were soldiers on leave.
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    A House Divided
    The White Death
    (People being treated for ZX-15)​
    The ZX-15 virus It was first found in Vancouver in 2006 and was highly infectious and extremely deadly. Nick name the white death due to the white plague boils. It had similar symptoms to small pox the Black Death and Ebola which lead many to believe it was a bio weapon got loose. The US and Canadian governments came together to produce a vaccine which along with isolating the infection help end the outbreak with minimum lost of life.
    Example of the “plague boils” which would completely cover large parts of the human body near the end.
    In late 2019 their were a few minor cases in. New York link to the “anti vaxx” movement, but this wasn’t covered by the media due to the bombing of the Statue of Liberty. As the second American civil war began to happen the virus spread nearly unchecked first through just anti vaccine circles then it mutated to infect People who had the vaccine. The President finally order that people must be froced to be vaccinated two weeks before war torn Washington DC who be attacked with a nuclear device.
    View attachment 471556
    (CDC doctors getting ready to clear a house in the Southwest United States two days after the order.
    The order would be to little to late and it would spread around the country during the war then around the world on the backs of American refugees killing untold millions upon millions.
    (Rebel control towns likes this one would be completely empty due to the plague.)

    In 2026 the UK would find a cure working from notes from the Doctor Mendall who was the original doctor who headed up the efforts back in 2006. The cure would be known as Mendall’s Blessing. Although in places like the Holy Mormon Republic (HMR) would ban it. Australia would be rumored to use the cure as a carrot weapon against the right wing rebels.

    (HMR Anti cure propaganda)

    In the Americas The Republic of Texas, the New Orleans Free state, Arcadia and the NUSA would receive the cure.
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    A Stronger Loving World. The Old Lions Sleep.
    British and American troops cheer on the day of the Armistice, marking the end of The Great War at 10:00am on October 10th, 1917. Kaiser Wilhelm II was allowed to stay in power of Germany, but his nations size and reach was greatly diminished by neighbouring Russia, whose provisional government would stay in power, even allowing the monarchy to stay, though like Wilhelm, with greatly diminished power of their people and government.
    Armistice_Day (7).jpg
    American Troops, seen above marching celebrating the end of The Great War in the streets of New York's Fifth Avenue just past the Arch of Victory in 1917.
    The League of Nations, founded in early 1918 was, and still remains to this day to be the first worldwide intergovernmental organisation whose principal mission was to maintain World Peace. Many critics, including Woodrow Wilson would criticise the organisation and the United States backing peacekeeping organisation with military power. The organisations main headquarters are located within Geneva and the United States, New York City to be exact, not too far from Roosevelt's home.
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    No More Nowheres. Kings and Queens of New York.
    Screen Shot 2019-07-11 at 5.56.04 pm.png
    John Gotti: The self proclaimed "King of Queens" who rules the borough of Queens with an iron fist as an unopposed leader. Under the rule of Gotti, Queens would get into battles and even what can be described as wars with the surrounding boroughs and smaller communities, forcing those under his control to supply Queens with resources, weaponry, and even people for slave labour purposes.
    Afrika Bambaataa: The leader of the Zulu Nation and among the more powerful organisations controlling The Bronx. Even before the war, gangs controlled large areas of the borough, and after the war, would quickly organise what could best be described as a government, even holding elections, though many elections would be occasionally rigged, and the outcomes would be argued. Bambaataa would unite many of the smaller gangs in The Bronx, and would be a voice of unity between the boroughs.
    Rudy Giuliani: A prosecutor and one of the first and controversial leaders of Brooklyn post war. Despite his "Anti Mob" image and message, Brooklyn forced to act as the go between with the neighbouring boroughs and Queens, even being forced to work with and give up parts of Brooklyn to appease the "King of Queens". His successor "RBG" would lead a more militaristic campaign against Queens, and would become a more well loved leader whilst Rudy is mostly seen as an embarrassment.
    Ruth Bader Ginsburg: The second leader of Brooklyn, and among the more well loved leaders. She would be well known for for her fiery liberal dissents, her refusal to step down, as well as a strong women's rights figure, and is also loved for her strong stance against Gotti and the hostile actions of Queens. Under her control, Brooklyn would become increasingly liberal, even allowing gay marriage, making her an icon to the LGBT community.
    Screen Shot 2019-07-11 at 7.48.49 pm.png
    Colin Powell: Nicknamed "The Colonel", Powell was the third elected leader of Manhattan post war. The Vietnam War vet would lead a small group of survivors in Harlem before eventually finding himself rising up the ranks of Manhattans leadership, first as the head of security and defence, using his military training to assist what remained of the police force, before he was eventually elected the boroughs leader. He is well known for strengthening ties with communities and boroughs.
    Screen Shot 2019-07-11 at 8.16.57 pm.png
    Sophie The Ogre: Among the other names chosen for her include "The Ogre of Staten". Not much is known about her pre war, what is known is that she is among the more feared gang lords in New York, mostly for her ruthlessness, her army of crazed followers, and the image she and her gang has gained overtime, sparing no one, not even children. She and her gang is among the few gangs which all the boroughs and organisations in New York can unite against, besides from Queens.
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    The future where Aku's evil is law, babe.
    A team of extraterrestrial botanists starting to board their craft somewhere in a forest in the United States in a rush to leave the planet ASAP as an international organisation gets notified of their whereabouts – this organisation is something they’d like to avoid meeting (top). The spacecraft begins its ascent and leaves the planet (centre). Agents R and S of the North American branch of the Global Organisation for the Documentation and Monitoring of Extraterrestrials, or GODME, witness the alien spacecraft leaving (bottom).

    One of the botanists, who was left behind in the rush to leave Earth (top). Agent R aims his Buzzing Hornet, a weapon of GODME’s, at the alien (bottom).​
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    Who here has noticed this is basically The Walking Dead?
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    The_North_African_Campaign_in_pictures (2).jpg
    Erwin Rommel, seen above not too long before his mysterious disappearance on 1974 in Egypt, part of the Neo Roman Empire. He would go for a swim around the Nile, never returning. Since then, there has been a multitude of conspiracy theories, including some such as him being kidnapped by the Soviets, or that he had converted to Islam and was secretly the founder of the infamous United Arab Militia.
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    Sex Pistols. God Save Mosely.png
    The controversial album God Save Mosely by British band and Anarchist group the Sex Pistols, released in 1976, not long before the death of Supreme Prime Minister Oswald Mosley was announced to the public. Despite being banned throughout the UK, it would still find itself distributed throughout both the commonwealth and fellow allied countries.
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    German Battlecruiser SMS Derfflinger in 1924 following her first refit.
    USS Kentucky leaving Scapa Flow to take part in NATO Naval Maneuvers in the North Sea, circa 1989.
    USS Lexington at Pearl Harbor, circa 1939.
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    Photo of Michael James Rider a high school football star and son of a African dictator of the nuclear armed Azganda Camren Abioye. The nation is often called the North Korea of Africa. Rider were sent to America in secret for education. The photo was taken monuments before he was to be called off the game to be told the news that his dad had died and he would now be the head of state.
    Him meeting his uncle once he came back to his home country. He would later have his uncle killed for plotting a coup against him.

    Photo of the a Azganda missile being tested shortly before Abioye death in 2010.
    A military parade to celebrate the missile.
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    WISH UPON. Arabian Nights...
    The wealthy and surprisingly liberal arabic nation of Agrabah, among the most powerful countries in the region, located between Syria and Turkey.
    Screen Shot 2019-07-14 at 1.24.16 pm.png
    Sultan Hamed Bobolonius II, The countries monarch and leader. Well known and loved for his progressive stance on the countries issues, though is known to be incredibly stubborn and strict in some cases. Many have called him out on being powerless, and even selling out his nation to powerful western countries, even one of his top and trusted advisors would attempt to stage a coup, which would ultimately be stomped out after getting leaked by an infamous hacker.
    Heir Apparent Jasmine Bobolonius, the only child of Hamed II. She has gained a reputation globally as a free-spirited, intelligent and at times seductive figure, and for a while, her refusal to take a husband had lead many to speculate that she was a homosexual (Mostly from her friendship with the then Princess Elsa of Arendelle), though she would deny this, and eventually marry a man, but the theory still persist.
    Jafar Freeman Khan, formerly a trusted advisor to Hamed II. Underneath his calm, levelheaded and loyal, commanding if need be image, he was described as being an amoral psychopath, a sadist, and even speculated to have had sexual feelings for Hameds daughter (Whom he had known since her early childhood). He is well known for his attempted coup which failed after two hackers whom he had hired betrayed the operation. It is unknown what became of Jafar...
    The Syrian refugee and hacker Aladdin (Known as STR33T_R@t), one of the two hackers who would reveal the plot. As payment for his betrayal of Jafar and leaking the plans, he would be given free citizenship in Agrabah, and would even start a romantic relationship with Jasmine...
    Gene Robins (Also known as GEN1EBLUE), an America hacker, con-man and whistleblower whom would reveal the plot alongside Aladdin. As a reward, he and Aladdin would both be given free citizenship in Agrabah, Robins also requesting diplomatic immunity whenever he'd visit western countries. Robins would speak frequently off his involvement in saving Agrabah, and would become a well loved figure in the country, making frequent appearances of talk shows.
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    You just gave me and idea.
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    I'm worried yet intrigued.
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    Most people didn’t know what a Wakanda was let alone where it was un the map. It’s turns out even the people who thought they knew didn’t.


    It started back in 2025 with the death of king T’chaka death.
    His son T’challa soon took his place a day after his death a week after he was crown king T’challa announced he would began to reform the hermit kingdom.
    The very same day a US spy drone was shot down just on the inside of the Wakandan border after being warned serval times. This shocked many in US military Wakanda wasn’t known to have any weapons to shot down the drown from that height.The President quickly tweeted that Wakanda would pay for shooting down the drone, but the post would be soon taken down. Two days later the King addressed the UN. Many thought it would just be over the drone...they were wrong.
    The king would tell the world the truth that in fact Wakanda was not just some isolated third nation, but instead the most technologically advanced nation on the planet and had huge stock piles of Vibranium the rarest metals and along with they had a large stock pile of nuclear weapons as well. It didn’t need the world’s help if anything the world needed their’s. He ended his speech by making a X over his chest and saying


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    Republican President Walt Elias Disney
    of the United States of America (2004-) seen above greeting a BBC interview. He is an incredibly divisive leader, with more than half of the country loving him, whilst many find his administrations removal of presidential term limits quite controversial and imperialistic, not helped by his strengthening of Americas military might and power abroad.
    Vice President Mick MacDonald (2004-2012) Formerly the governor of Pennsylvania before joining the Disney Administration as Vice President. He would choose to not seek reelection in the 2012 race, sighting health problems, which would ultimately lead to his death in 2014.
    From 2012 up until 2020, former Navy Admiral and Secretary of Defence Donald "Ducky" Nash would find himself chosen for the position of Vice President of the United States. He gained some controversy during his time as vice president, and his actions in Greece during the Second Greek Civil War, and would eventually be forced into resigning from his position.
    The wife of the late Mick MacDonald, Marcellite MacDonald would soon find herself picked as Vice President by Disney, of which she is continuing to serve. There had been rumours of an affair between her and Disney, though both have adamantly denied this, stating that they are simply coworkers and friends, nothing more.

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    All HAIL Disney