Photos from Alternate Worlds II (read FAQ first)

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    The future where Aku's evil is law, babe.
    It really does, doesn’t it?
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    Former President Douglas Dillman (1972-1976) helping out Senator James Marshall on his speech at the 1996 Republican National convention helping him win in the primaries and become the 43rd President (1996-2004)
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    Screen Shot 2019-07-05 at 1.59.55 pm.png
    January 26th, 1989. The photo above is among the last taken of Caroll Spinney before arriving at NASA for the shuttle launch. As part of the Space Flight Participant Program, Spinney and his iconic character Big Bird would be given the opportunity to go into space via a space shuttle, and would bring their own unique perspective to the human (And in his case bird) space flight experience as a passenger. There would be some difficulties in getting the suit into the shuttle, but in the end, they managed to fit it in. The original plan was to have a live feed where Spinney as Big Bird would teach the kids watching at home about space. This would not be the case, cancelled for production reasons and due to the time it would take for him to get into the suit, and it was settled to scrap the live feed.
    The Space Shuttle Challenger would launch two days after the taking of this photo...
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    Here's some Kaiserreich shit.
    German stormtroopers having a meal at the Chestnut Tree Cafe after the siege of London, the workers made their best food in the cafe's history.
    A Pro-Monarchy insurgent chokes a UoB Thought Police officer to death.
    Porcelain Room Prisoners toasting after the Liberation of the Love Pyramid.
    CSA Soldiers taken hostage by Canadian forces.
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    Nov 13, 2010
    17 year old Gunter Schloss of the Hitler Jugend division cheerfully guards US POWs near Cardiff after the Allies failed attempt to liberate the United Kingdom

    Gunter .jpg
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    Sep 12, 2018
    Dispite positive reviews in press screening Paramount pictures got cold feet after the disaster that was the Motion picture and released Wrath of Khan as the first of many made for TV movies
    Search for Spock (1984)
    Dark Reflections (1985)
    The Encounter at far point (1987)
    Tomorrow's Enterprise (1988) pilot for spinoff
    Final Frontier (1989)
    Romulan trap (1990)
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    'The Nerk Twins', or childhood friends John Lennon and Keith Richards, respectively, made up the creative backbone of their band Flaming Pie, which also featured guitarist Eric Clapton and drummer Mitch Mitchell. They are responsible for many seminal 60s hits (among them "Hello Little Girl", "The Last Time", "Stupid Girl", "Candy and Taffy" and "Yer Blues") and are credited with being the primary instigators of the punk movement
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    American “Patriot” Rebels takes control of British airport under the command of ex United Kingdom General Washington.
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    Nov 10, 2018
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    Nov 10, 2018
    British American Riot Police seen above approaching the riot in King Street, Boston Massachusetts. During the riot, a sentry, along with eight additional officers would open fire upon the crowd, killing seven of the protestors. The incident, along with the trial which followed would strengthen anti Monarchy sentiment...

    Screen Shot 2019-07-07 at 2.09.58 pm.png
    Seen above is the laywer political activist John Adams, who defended the officers, six of whom were acquitted, whilst the others controversially received light sentences.
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    Interesting signage those Americans have got there. A local dialect perhaps?;)
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    Left wing activist and tube video personality Benjamin Franklin he would have a YouTube channel with showing off his inventions which mostly involved electricity. He would on a second channel make a videos talking about politics.
    Owner of the online website and home rule activist Thomas Paine.
    British east India cargo ship carrying tea in Boston Harbor which would be dump in the harbor the night of the photo
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    Thanks I didn’t see the signs from some reason I changed it.
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    God I just thought about how crazy the French Revolution would be in this world. I mean I could see the live stream of the French revolutionary chopping off heads...
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    Screen Shot 2019-07-07 at 2.45.27 pm.png
    Activist, and prolific blogger Alexander Hamilton, seen above publishing a piece against the accusations of author A.W. Farmer.

    Screen Shot 2019-07-07 at 2.55.19 pm.png
    Civil rights activist John Laurens, a close friend/roommate of Hamilton.
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    This would make an awesome timeline
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    Yeah, I had an idea like this recently. @Mr.Gatsby just so happened to have shot first.
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    Dibs on making Aaron Burr!
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    US Patriot Rebel militia takes control of small city.
    Photo of militia at valley forge
    “Green Mountain Boys” Militiaman getting ready to ambush a British petrol.
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    TBF an early enough POD would probably bring with it a different Anglicisation of the word 'Cafe'.
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