That reminds me of Fringe, where the big reveal of Agent Dunham being on the other side involved a panning reveal shot of the Twin Towers that had survived that world's 9/11.

World Class Championship Wrestling, better known as WCCW is one of the biggest wrestling promotions in the Republic of Texas, practically ran by the Von Erich Dynasty, seen above are the forefathers of the dynasty, Fritz Von Erich in the centre and four of his sons, Kerry, David, Kevin and Mike, their youngest brother being off camera, though Chris Von Erich rarely wrestled, he would go on to become the owner and CEO of WCCW, succeeding his brother Kevin Von Erich , who retired in 2005 to spend time with his family, though said time would occasionally see him stepping back in the ring, or leading them into the ring, his two sons Marshall and Ross Von Erich both fighting for WCCW.​


On the left is an image of David Von Erich, once the "The Yellow Rose of Texas", seen in a 2023 Interview outside the church his grand-daughter Natosha was being baptised in; Having retired from Wrestling in the late 90s, he did so with grace and dignity, happy to pass the torch, meanwhile on the right is Chris Von Erich, the CEO of WCCW, known for his electric, enthusiastic presence and at times abrasive attitude, which has, along with his height, lead to him being given the nickname of "Napoleon Von Erich", with many of the fans either loving or hating him, though whatever their opinion is of Chris Von Erich, he's not going anywhere anytime soon, having fought off many attempts to oust him.

Mike Von Erich, though older than Chris and not wanting to wrestle like his older brothers still wanted a role in the family business, having originally wanted to work as either a cameraman or as a musician, though over time he would be brought into WCCW's writing staff, scripting out events and stories with a keen eye on detail and pathos, which would carry over to his son, seen next to him in the image, Jake Barton Von Erich, named after his fathers real name (Fritz Von Erich's real name was Jack Barton Adkisson Sr.).​


Rick Von Erich, named after Kerry Von Erich's friend from Canada, "Rowdy" Roddy Piper (Roderick George Toombs), was the youngest son of "The Modern Day Warrior", whose ring name he would adopt after joining WCCW in the mid 2010s, though his appearances have been a tad infrequent, mainly due to him also being a successful actor in Texas, having first starred in teen dramas (Going under Adkisson) before moving up to action movies, though the bulk of his action movie career came after his signing with WCCW.

Ricks father, Kerry Von Erich, having lost their right foot in an accident in 1986 retired from wrestling in 1993, though he still makes appearances on WCCW as a commentator.​
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Portland-based pop band the Seven Chicks, as seen in 1989.
(in order, top to bottom, left to right:
Abby Gallagher [Bailee Madison], Lucy Wyman [Alexandra Kyle],
Peyton Lowe [Brittany Curran], Olivia Hamilton [Hallea Jones],
Bethany Pearson [Mckenna Grace], Madeline Leigh [Ashley Benson], Molly Byrne [Julia Roth])

part of the continuity of @RyderWest's Shared Worlds game With the Lights Out

This was considered as an ASB in TTL, the comments belows weren't very friendly.

To me, OTL 1989 revolution is the greatest, most beautiful moment in human history, it was nothing but a miracle, it happened at the right time, in the right place and with right people

1989 revolution makes me believe nothing is impossible
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The title card to "Littlest Pet Shop" in an alternate universe.
In this timeline the 2012 LPS TV series was the LPS TV series that came out in 1995. Hasbro also never revived LPS after Kenner stopped making it in 1996.
Phantomstrider hates the character of Zoe Trent, saying that she'd "be the worst cartoon dog ever if it wasn't for that green mutt who knocks over block towers"
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