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Soviet Union celebrates the 100th year anniversary of the founding of the USSR at Red Square, Moscow, 2022.
nice,kinda weirdly 20s looking vehicals for the soviets but if thats the price of servival lol

unrelated but imiges from a colabritive world bilding

It was a day that will live in infamy. On May 10th, 2003, Spanish fascists sympathizing terrorists launched a devastating attack on the Soviet Union, the United States, and the United Nations free city of Berlin. The attacks began in Moscow, where the terrorists bombed Lenin's Mausoleum and the Revolution Memorial in Leningrad. In an attempt to assassinate the US President Hathaway, they bombed the senate bilding while he was giving a adress and wounded his wife and killing or ingering a great deal of the senete tho miraculessly hathaway himself was mostly un harmed,with a chamichal atack in the newyourk harbor. The attacks then spread to other targets around the world. In Rome, the terrorists bombed the Vatican. In La Plata, , they dirty bombed a soccer field. In Berlin, they launched a suicide bombing at the United Nations headquarters and in London a mass shooting outside Westminster during one of the first asemblys of the provisinal royal comenwelth of england (this atack was hevily adid by remanent I.F saporters it was later found out). The death toll of the attacks was staggering in perhaps the most well coordinated. Hundreds were killed and thousands more were injured. The attacks were a direct result of the ongoing civil conflict in Spain. Many countries called for an immediate united nations taskforce to end the Spanish civl war and for the terrorists to be held accountable for their actions. The nations aflicted by this atack where in uprore vering from full blown nato intervention in the iberian conflict and a total hunt of all brotherhood and spanish reqonqista cells globaly to the warsaw pact outraged and poring troops in, america and the ussr having to be talked down from deploying orbital wepons platform use, the renual of religiuse conflict betwean the vatican papacy and the anti pope in bilbao

presadent james hathaway of the united states of america and presadent alfonso mesi of argentina, later supreme commander the federated scholiast state of laplata, the 2 most importent men in the western hemispher and larger then life perecenalitys,eratic charasmtic geniuses,2 men that cant stand the others guts

"Good evening, I'm larry king reporting live from the heart of Washington DC on this historic day of protest. Today, millions of Americans have taken to the streets to mark the 50th anniversary of the Vietnam War, demanding an end to the senseless violence and destruction that has plagued our nation for far too long. In some parts of the day, the atmosphere has been electric. Concerts and celebrity appearances have boosted the morale of the protesters, and the passion and energy of the younger generation have been truly inspiring. However, in other parts of the day, the mood has been somber and reflective. For many, this anniversary is a painful reminder of the loved ones lost and the suffering endured during this dark chapter in our history. And it was during the final speech of the day, delivered by an unexpected duo, that the full weight of this tragedy was brought to bear. An older man and his grandson, both visibly wounded veterans of the war, shared their painful personal story with the crowd. The older man's son was killed in Vietnam, and as a result, the grandfather lost his legs in the same war. And now, the grandson has lost his arms as well. Four generations have been sacrificed to this war, and for what? Nothing to show for it. Their poignant words have left an indelible mark on this day of protest, and their powerful message will surely echo across the nation for years to come. For CNN, I'm larry king in Washington DC."

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