Brandon Lee as James Suzuki (Blast From The Past, 1998)

A poster for Goldfinger, but it’s in the Craig era.

MI6 sends James Bond on a mission to infiltrate a Mexican drug laboratory, after which he vacations in Miami Beach. While he is there, Felix Leiter tells Bond that M has orders for him to spy on one particular man at the hotel he is staying at: the millionaire Auric Goldfinger (Ian McKellen). He finds Goldfinger cheating at a gin rummy game with the help of his assistant, Jill Masterson (Sasha Alexander). He interrupts the game before blackmailing Goldfinger into losing. Bond sleeps with Jill, just before Goldfinger’s bodyguard Oddjob (Sung Kang) barges into the room and knocks Bond out. Bond wakes up to find Jill dead from being covered with toxic gold paint all over.

The Governor of the Bank of England tells Bond that gold prices have been varying in recent years, allowing for someone to easily sell gold internationally. He suspects Goldfinger to be doing the same thing, and orders Bond to find out how Goldfinger is smuggling gold across international borders, so he goes off on a mission to find out. Q supplies him with an Aston Martin DB5 and 2 tracking devices.

Bond meets Goldfinger again at a country club in Kent, where they play some golf. Goldfinger tries to cheat but Bond catches him in the act. Goldfinger catches onto Bond and sternly warns him not to interfere, with Oddjob demonstrating his strength and a hat with a hidden blade in the rim. Before Goldfinger leaves, Bond attaches a tracking device to his car, and tracks him to Switzerland. There, he meets Tilly Masterson, sister of Jill, who is also trying to kill Goldfinger for what he did to her sister.

Bond sneaks into a refinery after seeing some of Goldfinger’s cars entering it. He overhears a conversation with Goldfinger telling Chinese nuclear physicist Ling that he adds gold to his Rolls-Royce Silver Seraph vehicles to smuggle it out of England and get it past authorities. He also hears Goldfinger mention something about an “Operation Grand Slam”. He sees Tilly, and chases after her to warn her about Goldfinger’s presence. In the process, he trips an alarm, and Oddjob chases them both. Ultimately, Tilly is killed by Oddjob’s hat, while Bond is captured and strapped to a table with a laser slowly moving towards him, to slice him in half.
BOND: Do you expect me to talk?
GOLDFINGER: No, Mr. Bond. I expect you to die.
Bond tells Goldfinger that he has reported to MI6 all about Grand Slam. Goldfinger decides to spare him, leaving him alive for MI6 to see and think he is safe.

Bond, still captive, is flown to Goldfinger’s estate by the pilot Pussy Galore (Gina Carano). He escapes his cell, and overhears more about Operation Grand Slam from a conversation with some conspirators. Goldfinger plans to breach the gold reserve at Fort Knox by releasing a poisonous gas which will kill the military personnel. The conspirators mock Goldfinger’s scheme, and one demands more payment. This conspirator manages to escape before the other conspirators are killed via the poisonous gas. Bond is recaptured by Galore, but slips a tracking device in the conspirator’s pockets to alert the CIA. Oddjob catches up to the conspirator, kills him, and crushes his body, along with the tracker, in a compactor.

Bond tells Goldfinger it would be impossible to move the gold away from Fort Knox before the military intervenes, at which point Goldfinger unveils his true plan: using a cobalt bomb, he will irradiate the gold reserve at Fort Knox, rendering it unusable and increasing the value of his own gold. He warns that there is another bomb in the Federal Reserve Bank in New York in case Bond tries to interfere.

The CIA catches wind of Operation Grand Slam after an anonymous tip from Goldfinger’s estate, and makes preparations for an ambush in case of an attack on Fort Knox. Just as they arrive, Galore uses her Flying Circus to spray the poisonous gas, “killing” everybody present, including Felix Leiter. Leiter then receives a call… from James Bond. A flashback reveals that Bond had managed to seduce Galore and persuaded her to alert the CIA using an anonymous tip. The ambush continues as both the US military and Goldfinger’s henchmen storm Fort Knox, engaging in a confrontation with each other. Bond tells Leiter about the bomb in the Federal Reserve, resulting in its de-activation concurrently with the events at Fort Knox. Bond enters the vault to personally stop Goldfinger, but he is handcuffed to the bomb by the henchman, Kisch. Goldfinger locks the vault and leaves in his private jet.

Bond, Oddjob, and Kisch are trapped within the vault. Kisch tries to defuse the bomb, but is killed by a still-loyal Oddjob. Bond frees himself, resulting in a duel with Oddjob. Bond manages to electrocute Oddjob using his metal hat, but is unable to defuse the bomb himself. US troops enter after killing all of Goldfinger’s henchmen outside. With only 7 seconds left on the clock, an atomic specialist manages to deactivate the cobalt bomb.

Days later, Bond is being flown to Washington, DC, to have lunch with the US President. Goldfinger’s private plane catches up to them, and Goldfinger is able to hijack Bond’s plane. A scuffle ensues, resulting in Goldfinger falling from the plane wing to his death. Bond manages to land the plane at a nearby US Army facility.

The movie ends with Bond and Galore on their way to Washington, DC via an armored military vehicle.
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A poster for Thunderball, but it’s in the Craig era.

Bond visits the funeral of SPECTRE agent Jacques Bouvar, only to realize that he is in disguise as a woman attending the funeral. A fight ensues, with Bond strangling Bouvar to death and escaping via a getaway vehicle.

SPECTRE operative Emilio Largo (Jonathan Pryce) devises a plan to hold NATO ransom, recruiting Count Lippe (Adam Driver) to oversee the operation. Lippe recruits Angelo Palazzi to participate in the plan, and, with the help of SPECTRE agent Fiona "Volpe" Renard (Olga Kurylenko), has his face surgically altered to match that of French pilot Francesco Vitali, who they murder. Palazzi demands more money, which Renard accepts.

SPECTRE agents enter North Korea and recover a few nuclear weapons. Palazzi hijacks an Avro Vulcan en route to the United States, deliberately crashing it just off of New York City, and replaces the missiles on the plane with nuclear ones, to be later discovered by a cursory investigation. Palazzi is murdered by Largo for demanding more money than SPECTRE initially accepted. Later on, the investigation takes place, and the nukes are discovered. Realizing that they are North Korean nukes, the UN immediately calls an emergency council (at Geneva, due to the risk posed by the nukes in New York), which threatens to spiral into an international war. The meeting is disrupted as major billboards and TV networks in NATO and US-affiliated nations are interrupted by a rogue signal. The signal claims to be from a criminal organization called SPECTRE, and broadcasts a ransom: the nukes near New York City will be detonated, as well as other nukes in another unknown location, unless $1 billion is paid to SPECTRE within a week from broadcast.

James Bond is staying at the Shrublands Health Clinic after a recommendation by M, and uncovers the corpse of Vitali. He also meets Lippe, who begins to become suspicious of Bond when Bond notices a gang tattoo on Lippe’s arm. Lippe attempts to kill Bond using a traction machine, but Bond’s nurse, Patricia Fearing, helps save his life. Bond soon traps Lippe in a steam bath, but he escapes.

The Secret Service convenes an emergency meeting to discuss the Avro Vulcan incident and the ongoing international crisis with SPECTRE’s demands. Bond realizes that the pilot in the downed plane, “Francesco Vitali”, looks similar to the corpse he found at the Shrublands clinic, and asks M to be assigned to his last known relative: his sister Dominetta (Sarah Paxton), affectionately nicknamed Domino.

On the way to Nassau, where Domino lives, Bond is targeted by Lippe again. He fights him off, but Lippe is ultimately killed by Renard, who blames him for jeopardizing the mission. Once Bond arrives at Nassau in the Bahamas, Bond realizes that Domino is Largo’s mistress once he visits her at a casino. He uses this connection to investigate him, both unaware of each other’s true status. Bond meets up with Felix Leiter, agent Paula Caplan, and Q, who offers him an infrared camera and an underwater breathing apparatus. Bond chooses to investigate Largo’s boat, finding a mysterious hatch on the bottom, which arouses his suspicion. He visits Largo the next night, only to find that Paula had been abducted, but committed suicide before she could be interrogated. Largo catches him, and Bond is forced to escape into a Junkanoo celebration, pursued by Renard and more of Largo’s henchmen. Renard catches up to Bond, but she is killed when another henchman tries to shoot Bond.

From intel he gathered at Largo’s house, Bond begins to suspect that the other missing nukes may be in the vicinity. With the help of Leiter, he discovers a camouflaged seaplane holding the other missing bombs. Bond reveals to Domino that her brother was killed by SPECTRE, persuading her to help investigate Largo’s boat, the Disco Volante. Domino is captured by Largo in the process, while Bond infiltrates a SPECTRE meeting and learns where they are planning to move the nukes in the seaplane. Bond and Leiter contact the US Navy to apprehend the Disco Volante and recover the bombs. Bond pursues Largo, who escapes on the Disco Volante. Bond hijacks the ship, causing it to run out of control, while he fights Largo. Largo gets the upper hand, and is about to shoot Bond, but is ultimately stabbed with a harpoon by Domino, who has freed herself. They take a lifeboat and jump off the boat, just as it runs aground and explodes.

One year after the mission, codenamed Operation Thunderball, world governments are still hellbent on trying to find and eliminate SPECTRE’s top leadership, including the evasive “Number One” (Christoph Waltz, face not visible), but they are proving more and more elusive to find. Meanwhile, MI6 gets a mysterious tip from Japan, and Bond is sent to investigate.
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The Beatles perform together for the first time in 7 years on Saturday Night Live (November 20th, 1976)

On the night of November 20th, 1976, Americans tuned into popular late-night television show Saturday Night Live unaware they were about to witness musical history. George Harrison was the scheduled performer of the night, but what was unknown to the public was that the fab four had been plotting their reunion for months, seeing SNL as the perfect opportunity to do so. As the stage lights hit the band, the audience exploded with a roar of shock and awe. The legendary performance would help relaunch the band's career, and within a year they would have a new album out and a world tour soon to be underway.