Part 1
Photos from @kspence92's Mask of the Red Death - Crossed TL


Massachusetts Army National Guard prior to deployment for the defense of Boston from the Crossed.

A family attempting to defend their home from the Crossed in Cambridge, Massachusetts.

Boston police officers engaging the Crossed in the streets of the city.​

17th President of the United States of America Hannibal Hamlin (1863-1869). Hamlin, who was elected Vice President in 1860 on the Republican ticket. assumed the office of the United States when, only two days after making his legendary Gettysburg Address, Abraham Lincoln was assassinated by a southern sympathiser while in D.C, shot in the back of the head and later dying in bed. Hamlin, assuming control over a nation in civil war, would use this opportunity to push the Radical Republican’s agenda, while comforting a nation which had just witnessed its first presidential assassination during a civil war, he would command the nation against the South, winning several successful battles against the Confederate forces, he would go on to win the election of 1864 against General McClellan, picking the highly controversial running partner of Thaddeus Stevens, which terrified the south, as now it was basically confirmed that not only would they have their slaves taken away from them, that there would also be no compromise made with the radicals in power. In 1865 the civil war would come to an end, with General Lee of Virginia surrendering to General Grant of Ohio on a March morning. Most of the Confederate leadership, fearing retribution, fled to parts of South America, with only a few of the least egregious agitators staying behind to face trial, while the more zealous would go on to form the Klu Klux Klan and other hate terror groups. Hamlin’s administration would oversee the begging of Reconstruction, which continued under the Grant Administration (1869-1877), then the Hayes Administration (1877-1881), and came to an end with the Garfield Administration (1881-1881), when he was assassinated in September of 1881 by a crazed gunman, to which his successor of Chester A. Arthur (1881-1885), would lax down on the reconstruction, and then finally officially came to an end with the election of Democrat Grover Cleveland (1885-1889, 1893-1897) in 1884, who would officially end Reconstruction in his first year in office, believing enough time had past for bygones to be bygones, or something like that, although the following 80 years of US History would show that not everything had been done yet, as racist laws, lost cause revisionism, and just general white supremacy, reaching its peak between the 1890s and 1920s. Hamlin would pass away on July 4th, 1891 in his home state of Maine in the town of Bangor. Hamlin is ranked highly amongst US Presidents, being credited alongside Lincoln as the man who saved and mended the Union back together again, while guaranteeing the rights of the newly freed slaves of the south. Fredrick Douglass would praise Hamlin and the radical Republicans as the black man’s party.


36th President of the United States of America Lyndon B. Johnson (1965-1969). As the Vice President to Democrat John F. Kennedy (1961-1965), upon JFK’s assassination on April 14th, 1965, while visiting LBJ’s homestate of Texas by a Marxist, communist and Soviet and Cuban sympathiser, he assumed office right afterwards inside of Air Force One, an hour or so after the assassination. As president Johnson oversaw the civil rights movement, which President Kennedy was a mix of ambivalent to supportive of, with Johnson, while having some opinions of the day that have not aged well today, still met and allied with many civil rights leaders, to strengthen and coordinate the civil rights movement, which was going stronger than ever before in the 1960s. Alongside this, Johnson oversaw his Great Society plan, which was to eliminate poverty and racism in America. Where Johnson faltered however was in conflict, as while JFK was no dove, he did manage to somewhat bring events in Vietnam to an uncertain standstill, hoping at the very least to keep South Vietnam alive, but only 5 days after South Vietnam successfully managed to propel a major North Vietnamese attack and secure their independence, Kennedy was assassinated. Johnson used this as an excuse to push further into North Vietnam, while the war was not popular with too many people, especially as the North Vietnamese seemed to be unexpectedly and exceptionally good at fighting the US soldiers inside the jungles, Johnson was still popular enough to be renominated and to win a second term as president in 1968, but his successor, Hubert H. Humphrey would not be so lucky, being defeated by Republican Vice President and 1960 nominee Richard M. Nixon (1973-1977). LBJ, two days after Nixon’s inauguration, would pass away in his home in Texas, a shockingly short amount of time after leaving office, his funeral was held three days later on the 25th. Johnson is ranked highly amongst US Presidents, with his commitment to civil rights and social justice praised, whilst his intervention in Vietnam is often controversial and criticised, especially since North & South Vietnam would remain divided until the 2020s, to which it was reunified under the Southern government, after it became pretty clear to most people that the North was embracing capitalism full force onwards, holding a vote on the 80th anniversary of the founding of North Vietnam whenever to join South Vietnam or not, with 63% of the population voting yes.


Jodie Foster as Clarice Starling (top), alias Clarissa Sturnia (bottom), in The Silence of the Lambs (1991). Clarice is selected for a time travel mission to interview famed Carthaginian general Hannibal Barca (Anthony Hopkins) and help in solving a mysterious series of murders in modern day Carthage, Tunisia.

And here is Hannibal himself.
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Cover of the 1991 issue of Cosmopolitan Kim Basinger shows off her new look as she had to dye her hair in order to play Morticia Adams in Addams Family

A revised poster for "Dr. No, but it's in the Craig era".

As a former British colony, Jamaica has connections with the British MI6. When John Strangways, a MI6 agent stationed in Jamaica, along with his secretary are killed, MI6 head "M" (Jesper Christensen) sends intelligence officer and agent 007, James Bond (Daniel Craig), to investigate the issue, and whether it is connected to a series of investigations into mysterious satellite hijackings.

Upon arriving in Jamaica, Bond is assisted by a chauffeur, who he uncovers as an enemy agent. The agent bites on a cyanide pill before he could be interrogated, so Bond proceeds to the house of one of Strangways.

He finds a fisherman named Quarrel there, who is a CIA assistant, and introduces Bond to Felix Leiter (Josh Lucas), who tells him that before Strangways died, he had collected a mineral sample from a remote island near Jamaica called Crab Key.

Bond visits local geologist R.J. Dent, but becomes suspicious when he claims the samples are normal. Dent visits Crab Key to inform his boss, who orders him to kill Bond. He uses a tarantula to do so, but Bond kills the tarantula, and sets a trap for Dent. Bond holds Dent at gunpoint, saying he believes that Dent checked Strangways' samples if they were radioactive, before killing him.

He then checks Quarrel's fishing boat for radioactivity, and realizes that Strangways must have thought the hijackings originated from Crab Key. With Felix's and Quarrel's help, Bond visits Crab Key, with Felix departing afterwards. Bond encounters a local shell-diver named Honey Ryder (Caterina Murino), and the 3 move further inland after an ambush by armed men. Just after dusk, the trio encounter a swamp with a flamethrower tank, revered by the natives as a "dragon". While investigating further, Quarrel is killed by the flames from the tank, leaving both Bond and Ryder to be captured by the men operating the tank.

After being decontaminated from the radioactivity in the swamp, they are led into a military base's private quarters and drugged with laced coffee. When they wake up, they are invited for dinner by the base's owner: Dr. No (Chow Yun-fat). No has metallic prosthetic hands due to injuries sustained over his years working near radioactive material. He was a former member of a Chinese tong, before escaping after stealing $10 million from them. He is now part of SPECTRE, a secret organization with agents around the world. The satellite hijackings were meant as a method of causing fear between the United States and its enemies, including Russia and China. No invites Bond to join SPECTRE, but he refuses, so he is imprisoned, and Ryder is taken away.

Bond escapes his cell, and locates the source of the hijackings, which is being powered by a nuclear pool reactor. He overloads it to try and stop the hijacking of another overhead satellite, but Dr. No attempts to stop him. A fistfight occurs, which leads to No falling into the pool. Unable to get out due to his slippery metal prosthetics, No is boiled alive, freeing Bond to locate Ryder. He frees her, and they both escape the island as the Crab Key base undergoes a meltdown and explodes. Felix locates them after their boat runs out of fuel, and has the boat towed to safety. The film ends with Bond and Ryder on the boat, overlooking the smoldering remains of Crab Key.
Sneakpeek for a future installment in the poster series...


A 2013 photo of Melina Havelock, daughter of the deceased British Service agents Iona Havelock and Sir Timothy Havelock. The events leading up to her parents' deaths, and her encounter with the MI6 agent James Bond "007", are covered in her auto-biography: Only For You: My Personal Vendetta, which would be adapted into the 2014 James Bond film For Your Eyes Only, starring Daniel Craig as James Bond.

Man reading the newspaper in a cafe on November 23, 1963, 1 day after the assassination of US President John F. Kennedy. The news rapidly broke the Internet, and former president Eisenhower paid his respects on Aviary (TTL's Twitter). Just hours after the President was killed, vice president Lyndon B. Johnson was inaugurated.

24-year old Lee Harvey Oswald was charged after the crime, for killing another police officer. The motive for Oswald's assassination of Kennedy remains unclear.


Notes: Social media coverage of the event would disprove the "grassy knoll" theory; only Zapruder could be seen in bystander footage standing on the hill. A lone gunman (Oswald) could be seen on the 6th floor of the Texas School Book Depository in one Friendtalk (Facebook equivalent) Live video of the motorcade.
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US vehicle number plates in a world where the US adopted the Vienna Road Convention.

Some backstory: IOTL during the 1970s, the US attempted to make its road signage more similar to the Vienna Road Convention's (although the US was not a signatory to it). The attempts were unpopular and later reverted after the 1970s. In this universe, the US went all out, going beyond what it did OTL and signed/adopted the Vienna Road Convention outright.

Made 3 versions, the one on the top is for West Virginia and is inspired by the EU's number plates, specifically Germany's. It uses the seal of the Organization of American States (the Americas' equivalent of the EU) on the left side of the plate, where the EU's circle of stars would be. Since the US is a federative state (like Germany), in the middle is the corporate seal of the issuing region (similar to how Germany and France issue their number plates). WV2 stands for "West Virginia, 2-axle". The plate in the middle is for Montana and uses the national flag instead of the OAS seal (similar to how non-EU states like Norway do their plates). MV2 stands for "Motor Vehicle, 2-axle" here.

The one on the bottom is for Maryland and is based on France's plate design. The first two letters of the plate number denote the county (in this case "PG" stands for "Prince George's") and the last two letters denote the plate type (in this case "PC" stands for "Passenger Car"). "07" is the plate's state code for Maryland, since it is the seventh state admitted to the Union (Hawaii's code would be "50", since it's the 50th). Also I guess in this universe, the OAS has a bigger role in the governance of its member states (like the EU does) than it does IOTL, hence why its seal is featured so prominently on the plate. In that case, I guess the OAS would probably have to come up with a simpler logo for mass usage in corporate branding applications like this as the formal seal might be too intricate or complicated for this kind of thing. In that vein, I decided to use Maryland's 21st century corporate logo rather than its formal 19th century seal since a lot of the French departments (which this plate is based on) choose to do it that way.

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US vehicle number plates in a world where it adopted the Vienna Road Convention. During the 1970s, the US attempted to make its road signage more similar to the Vienna Road Convention's (although the US was not a signatory to it). The attempts were unpopular and later reverted after the 1970s. In this universe, the US went all out and signed/adopted the Vienna Road Convention outright. These are from West Virginia as an example and there are two versions, the one on the top is inspired by the EU's number plates and uses seal of the Organization of American States (the Americas' equivalent of the EU), whereas the one on the bottom just uses the national flag instead. Since the US is a federative state, in the middle is the state seal of the issuing state (similar to how Germany and France issue their number plates, though the latter puts them on the far-right side of the plate).

I like this license plate.

Victorious US Marines posing with a captured Confederate Flag following Operation Excalibur, in Northern Virginia during the Invasion of the nearly 150 year old breakaway CSA. Circa December 2020.
Ertl Warrior and Hercules from Tugs


An Ertl model of Warrior from Tugs.


An Ertl model of Hercules from Tugs.

From a world where the Ertl toy company made more of the Tugs characters instead of just Ten Cents and Sunshine.

Note: Photos are not mine, taken from @en2_free (EN2) on Twitter.
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Based on Odinson's In Search of Redemption: A Red Dead Redemption ISOT to the Fallout Universe TL

Part I


A photograph of President Jean Marc Mercier's second inauguration in 2286, with the partially complete US Capital Building in Blackwater, West Elizabeth. Architects tried to make the Capital Building as identical to the original as much as possible, construction on the Capital Building began in late 2282, initially construction was rather slower and on a smaller scale, although things were made easier with the US Government getting their hands on a Garden of Eden Creation Kit (GECK), which was also used to help expand and modernize Blackwater. Despite this however, they were unable to find blueprints for the Capital Building, thus people's memories and photographs were needed. The Capital Building was later completed in late 2287, with the building's exterior greatly resembling the original, with the exterior somewhat differing.

Jean Marc Mercier.JPG

A photograph of President Mercier in 2283 during a visit to Saint Denis. He was seen as a syncretic pragmatist to many, and helped implement a strong, well-financed national government. He also implemented a economic, infrastructural, and industrial initiatives to help modernize the country through the use of wasteland technologies. He also made some strides in the advancements for civil rights, healthcare, and welfare due to his domestic policies, reducing homelessness, protecting African and Wastelander, and Ghoul rights, and allowing Women to vote. Him along with Vice-President Drew MacFarlane were seen as some as the leaders of the progressive movement in the United States, promising the average citizen fairness, breaking of trusts, enacting Universal Healthcare, and pure food and drugs. Also, due to the environmental damages brought on by the Great War of 2077, he prioritized conservation and established national parks, forests, and monument to preserve the nation's surviving natural resources. On the foreign side of politics, he modernized the country's armed forces, adopting early-mid 20th century and some limited amounts of 21st Century vehicles and weaponry. He also played the role in the annexation of Nuevo Paraíso, which would result in an assassination attempt on him in Early 2284 by a Mexican Nationalist, leaving paralyzed from the waist down. The biggest achievement for Mercier was his visit to the New California Republic in 2285 which led to diplomatic relations being established between the two nations. By 2286, President Mercier has already been reelected with his approval ratings always in the mid-50s to early-mid 60s.

Marko Dragic.JPG

A photograph of inventor, electrical engineer, mechanical engineer, roboticist, futurist and Co-founder and leader of the Dragic Innovations Marko Dragic at his Saint Denis Home in Spring 2284. Within a few years Dragic had went from a fincancially struggling inventor to a household name and a leading voice of the futurist movement in the United States along with Andrew Bell III. After the rump US and Mexico appeared in the new world, he was one of many scientists to study Wasteland technology, and after meeting Jacob Barclay, a Wastelander technician with experience in the fields of robotics, he saw this as the potential to help expand upon his work, him and Barclay would prove themselves worthy after showing a work drone known as a Protectron to impressed investors and Government officials, they would later establish Dragic Innovations in Saint Denis where they would be receive contracts from the Government to help modernize the country for various means. A notable device Dragic Innovations created were radio-controlled boats placed in Flat Iron Lake that were used to study radiation levels in the lake and keep out pirates, which are still currently in use albeit occasionally modified. With Dragic Innovations rise came concern that robots would replace humans in the workforce, in which Dragic states that machines should be used to certain extant not to put humans out of buisness.

(I took some liberties and added my own stuff into this. I might rework some stuff in this post)
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