Sean Connery as Sybok in Star Trek V the final Frontier

(Michael J Jackson, Congressman in 2001.)
Michael J Jackson, Former King Of Pop, become the first celebrity to serve in Congress, as Democratic Congressman since Sonny Bono​
Trolburgo, SC: A Collection of Illustrations and, Occasionally, Photos Showing the Transportation of Trolburgo and Its Consequences for Brazil and the World
By Hjalmar Haraldson


A remastered still frame of one of the Jornal Nacional editions broadcasted during the immediate days after the Event. Along with other, less prominent news shows, the Jornal Nacional had a fundamental contribution to keeping the Brazilian public away from panic, mainly its Catarinense viewers, in the aftermath of the Transportation, while also serving as an important asset of the Brazilian government, as the latter entity used news media to show how it was dealing with the Trolburgo problem.


A reproduction of one of the many now lost broadcasts of Hoje em Trolburgo, namely the city's local news show, made while Ahlberg and his aides negotiated the integration of Trolburgo into Brazil. They would play a similar role as their Brazilian counterparts, namely tranquilizing the population and letting the Trolburguense government explain their goals and achievements to the population.

Inside a Soviet Grocery Store in 1990 | Dusty Old Thing

A supermarket in Trolburgo, 8 days after the Event. Due to suddenly having its supply lines cut off, the city suffered with gradually larger food shortages, to the point its supermarkets' shelves were practically empty a week after the Transportation. To avoid a famine in Trolburgo, one of the first things its government negotiated with Santa Catarina was access to its food supplies, what would both work to improve relations between the city and Brazil and also result in the former's food supply being filled up again a week after the deal was made, avoiding the feared catastrophe.
Pre-Transport Trolburgo, Trolls and São João Batista
The Governments React
Dutch Republic Navy submarine in New Amsterdam; the twin towers of the East India Company headquarters can be seen in the background.

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Canadian troops on maneuvers in the Superior province.

Canada 02.jpg

Canadian troops in Detroit, Lower Superior Province, following heightened border tensions with the US

Doctor Alex Lifeson visits a patient in a hospital in Toronto. Doctor Lifeson was a member of the progressive rock band Rush before he decided to go to medical school after the band broke up in the late 1970s. With him is former bandmate Geddy Lee, also a surgeon.