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A Trailer Poster of Tim Burton's Hydrozagadka
Hydrozagadka is a 2012 American superhero film directed by Tim Burton'. It is a remake of the 1971 polish film of the same name​
Now back to the Secretaries!:
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Secretary of General Affairs Hugh S. Johnson giving a speech to the Board. (1939)

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Secretary of General Affairs J. Edgar Hoover giving a speech to congress an hour prior to the Purge. (1947)

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Secretary of General Affairs Joseph McCarthy showing a map of Communist rebel organizations. (1950)

President Prescott Bush announces to the nation that Kennedy's death will be avenged. (1946)


President Jack B. Tenney (far right) with three congressmen investigating rebel influence in California. (1949)


Senator William Dudley Pelley shortly before the "Purification of Congress", and eventual installation of him as President. (1950)

The Embracing Couple

One of the iconic images taken during the first day of the Killer Pandemic of 2018, dated October 17, 2018, shows a young man and a young woman holding each other in a tight embrace on a roof deck as fires and smoke cloud the Los Angeles skyline behind them. The woman can be seen weeping as the couple embrace. A LAPD helicopter is seen in the foreground while further right, one can see UH-60 Blackhawks (possibly from Company C, 1st Battalion, 168th Regiment of the California National Guard). Below them is a backpack, a tomahawk, and a Glock 17 with a spent 9 mm bullet casing which may imply some struggle occurred. The identities of the couple and the photographer, as well as their fates, may never be known. This has been designated as one of the most impactful photographs of the outbreak.​
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A map of the Caesarian Empire on the world of T75. Born from a very different world where Caesar survived his ill fated date with death and reformed the Empire, building a unified law code and judiciary, and a new bureaucracy which would help form the backbone of Empire and began the cementing of the Emperor as a Deified Figure. This Empire has surrvived into the Modern Ages, past multiple collapses and dynasties, keeping its essential culture and empire, but a different one than many might expect... Under the influence of Cleopatra and continued by his heirs by her, the Empire would be a melding of cultures and religions from the Hellenistic Egyptian East and Rome into a united culture which would endure for centuries and create the lasting framework for a United Empire instead of the constant division of west and east. Though the Empire has fallen to invasions before, lost territory (the Empire which once included all of North America and South America for instance) and has indeed been divided among warring lords, it has constantly been reunited and is now on its fifth iteration after the Great War. With with the invention of travel to other dimensions, the Empire has hope that it can spread and last forever, even as it is brought into conflict with the United States from Ameriwank and other radically culturally different powers...
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A Imperial Mandated Staute Of Isis in a Caeserian Home.

The Cult of Isis has been the official religion of the Empire since 776 AUC (23 AD). The Cult had always had anextensive following in Egypt, representing as it did the benevolent Goddess of the Nile who provided the waters so necessary to life in Egypt. She would soon becomeoverwhelmingly popular in the Roman and Latin Worlds as a benevolentOver-Godess who cared for all, including the poor and underclasses. Originally the heavily conservative Roman Senate cracked down on this cult as Un-Roman and an attack on traditional Piety but with the rule of Caesar and his unoffical consort the Queen Cleopatra came official sponsorship. Then, following the death of Caesar and the rise of Caesarion, official state status was granted. The struggle resulting from that decision would be the final event which ended the Roman Senate as an effective political body that could oppose the Imperator and the Dynasty, along with marking the introduction of a unifying religion which lasts to this day. The Cult soon became the majority religion of the Empire and brought a new legitimacy to the Emperor as the divine part of the Sun and Moon, Chosen of Isis something which continues to this day. The religion is still used to enforce the class structure and ideology of Rome too (Slaves shall get their divine reward at the hands of Isis and Rome is the bringer of Holiness and a greater understanding) as well as becomingmore public (instead of secret rituals, the worship seems to have gone more along the lines of a public worship). However their is some noise toward reform, drawing on the themes of Equality for all within its teachings and the like.


Empress Cleopatra XXII (the 32nd) of the Petronius Dynasty, Imperator of Rome, Pharaoh Of the Nile, Queen of Queens, Ruler Of the Tera Nova*.Princeps India*, Ivory Coast Princeps Aurea, Ora, Holy Daughter Of Isis, pictured here in traditional garb for a state event.

The rule of Cleopatra and the Cult of Isis has lead to a increased role for women and the like, who have opportunities that would make their counterparts in many alternate Romesenvious. They also can be just as if not more ruthless than the Male sex and the latest Empress has most certainly proven that. Cleopatra, rising to power after the death of her father, is very much set on bringing Rome into the new world as a secure united state and to establish Rome as the dominant power of the multiverse after the humiliating loss of Terra Nova and India, during the Great War . She is very popular with the Plebians for her welfare progams and the expansion of settlements, but also maintains a very active and violent secret police force and is currently pursuing the "Final Civilising" of the Eastern European Provinces and the south of Africa. She is also an avowed Orthodox Isisiac, who wishes to impose more devout regulations on the people and crush any heresy (or heathenry coming about as well as preserving the social classes of the Empire...
Second installment in the Multiverse setting. Thanks to @theg*ddam*hoi2fan for editing and thanks again to Socttish Mongol on SV for giving me this brain

Marvel Tails’ earliest attempt at the big screen was Roger Cormorant’s Fantastic Fur! But this version of Ducktor Doom, The Thang, The Invisible Gorilla, the Simian Torch, and Mooster Fantastic would not manage to survive their perilous journey into the theater!

Following the success of the X-BUGS animated series, Marvel Tails fans really got to pig out starting in November 1994! Running on the Saturday morning FOX Kits Network, SPIDER-HAM would take viewers through Spider-Ham’s action-packed history, running until 1998 with 65 episodes.

The Dynamic Daredoll, Batgirlilla! Played by the glamorous Yvonne Kong!


Premiering in 1966, and running for 120 episodes, BATMOUSE starred Edam West as the Caped Crusader and Burt Warbler as Boyd, the Robin Wonder!

BATMOUSE quickly becomes a national sensation!

A Canadian soldier prepares to mount an armored vehicle after the Red Army mounts an invasion of Vancouver Island in conjunction with the invasion of Seattle, November 8, 1989.
(This is from World in Conflict. I know the story of the game is unrealistic)

The 131-foot tall statue of the Immortal Genghis Khan, in the city of New Karakorum on Earth T19 - the capital of what used to be the Khanate of the Golden Mountain, but is now simply The Great Khanate, this vast and sprawling city sits upon the Golden Gate itself.

The origins of the Great Khanate were forged in the Mongol Conquest of Japan, under the Great Kublai Khan. With the addition of the islands to the Mongol Empire, as well as the later conquests of Java and other islands, over time the thought was raised: could the Western lands be reached by sailing directly due East from Japan? Thus, in a somewhat haphazard fashion, exploration to the East was gradually conducted, as ships found first vast archipelagoes of smaller islands, then finally - during the late 1200s by the Christian calendar - making landfall on a vast continent.

Conquest of the continent, initially named Golden Mountain and later Fusang, proceeded methodically over the coming decades, with armies of Mongols, Chinese and Korean vassal-soldiers being landed together with settlers - though the Chinese were not settlers by temperament, Mongol families had traditionally travelled in the wake of the armies and this was no different...and some Chinese and Koreans saw opportunities in the East, as did others within the wider Mongol world as news spread. Between disease and comparative backwardness, local tribes and powers were either forced to pay tribute to the Khans or were utterly destroyed. The city-states of the lands south of the Great River, for instance, were broken entirely...and one, whose rulers sacrificed Mongolian emissaries on their stepped pyramids, was so thoroughly destroyed that no trace a city ever existed may be found where once it lay.

While the Yuan dynasty and the wider Mongol Empire in Asia would fall, the lands across the seas remained a bastion of Mongol power. One that would only grow, as great armies marched north, and south, and due East. Territories that other worlds would call California, Nevada, Oregon, Washington, Mexico, Central America, Colombia, Ecuador and the year 1500, all of these were either occupied by or within the orbit of what was now the Great Khanate. It was also during this time that an awareness grew of European exploration of and presence on the continent, which would see a growth of trade...and the ground being lain for wars.

Today, the Great Khanate extends across the the Western half of Northern Fusang and all of Southern Fusang - and, with the Global War, has managed to lay claim as far as the Great Lakes, wresting that land from the hands of its French and Italian-descended rulers and inhabitants - and the islands of what in other worlds would be the Pacific, and has compelled into tribute Aotearoa, the islands of the Indonesian Archipelago, the Sultans of Sulu and Korea, while Manchuria and the Mongol homeland are reckoned part of the Great Khanate. However, while in the 1700s the Great Khans had managed to yoke their older conquests back into 'the Mongol World', the Global War saw the Southern Chinese ruling dynasty and the Nipponese firmly and decisively throw off Mongol influence. However, the Great Khanate remains one of the dominant powers of its world, and leads the world in space development, having established settlements on its Moon and sending explorers beyond, as well as having constructed the 'Mirrors of Heaven', which supply power to the Great Khanate via solar collection (and could also theoretically burn enemy cities...). Its armies are the largest in the world, and among the most technologically-advanced...though the creation of sunbombs means that size alone is not a deciding factor anymore.

The Great Khanate remains culturally Mongolian, and the greater part of the population of Fusang consider themselves Mongol, though it should be noted that biologically many also are descended from the continent's original population - many tribes intermarried with and were culturally assimilated by the Mongol conquerors, as well as absorbing other aspects of culture from Chinese, Korean and other sources.

The Great Khanate has possibly reached the limits of its power on its own Earth. But with the discovery of inter-dimensional travel, it has many empty worlds to expand to...and other worlds to trade with, to draw into its orbit...maybe even conquer.


A Buddhist monastery in Northern Fusang. The Great Khanate, for all its bloody and conquering origins, is an incredibly religiously-diverse and tolerant nation. Across the length of Fusang, monasteries, Christian churches and mosques may be found, while the mountains are held to be sacred places to Tengri. In addition, many ancestral religions of those peoples who became tributaries of the Mongols are still practiced, while a large Jewish community exists in the coastal cities of Northern Fusang (this began to emerge in the 1600s as Jews fled Europe under another round of persecution). All religions are permitted, but inter-religious strife is vigorously curbed.

For their part, the ruling dynasty are a mix of Tengriist and Buddhist, though also honouring various regional traditions.


Bayarmaa, Khatun of the Great Khanate, here pictured attending the wedding of a cousin. As the oldest of several daughters and the child of her father's seniormost wife, Bayarmaa took power following the death of her father Togrul Khan, who led the country in the Global War. Since taking power, she has worked strongly to restore the Great Khanate, as well as intensifying efforts to expand Mongol power in the areas of trade and economic development - in particular, investing in poorer nations in exchange for alliance and resources - and with a renewed interest in space travel. Bayarmaa is a realist - another Global War could break the Great Khanate even if they do win, sunbombs being a great equaliser in those terms. Thus, she seeks to grow her empire's power in other ways...and the opportunities offered by inter-dimensional travel are practically limitless.

Bayarmaa is also representative of the ethnic diversity of the Great Khanate. Though her 'dominant' ethnicity is Mongolian, and culturally she identifies as a Mongol and a Tengriist, her grandmother was a Japanese noblewoman, and she also descends from Chinese and from the Taos peoples who have dwelt in Northern Fusang since before the Mongols came - they rapidly became tributaries of the Mongols, and particularly trustworthy ones at that, still existing as an autonomous realm within the Great Khanate to this day.

Though Bayarmaa is the first woman to rule the Great Khanate, she is not the first woman to hold authority in it. Even in the past, Mongol culture both respected and afforded power to women, and through the history of the Great Khanate women have held positions of power in various parts of the empire, as well as fighting in war - initially in times of necessity, and in later times holding military rank. By the present day, it is a roughly egalitarian society in that area, though remaining traditional.
A/N: Thought this crazy idea might fit into your multiverse, @President Earl Warren , since you'd mentioned the idea of providing something :p
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A/N: Thought this crazy idea might fit into your multiverse, @President Earl Warren , since you'd mentioned the idea of providing something :p
And it works absolutely wonderful!!! Needless to say totally approved and I can’t wait to see more. For the record: if anyone on the thread feels like putting down a idea for this, please do so! I’d love to see what you guys have!

Karp Busiek and Alex Roach’s groundbreaking mini series TAILS is published! The cover to issue 4, featuring Spider-Ham and his tragic confrontation with the Green Gobbler and the death of Hen Stacy.

Poster from THE PUNISHARK, starring Dolphin Lundgren and Louis Goshawk Jr. Never released in U.S. theaters, this early attempt at getting Marveltails to the big screen is generally considered a failure, though it has a cult following. Casting the swedish dolphin to play a shark has become controversial over time, but Lundgren had proven his ability to play predators as Ivan Dragon in Rockchuck III, and other movies.

The Batmouse: The Longtail Halloween!