Dixie My Love
Veterans of the Dixie Revolution (1935) during the 65th anniversary of the start of the revolution.

photo of the feared terror group the KKK and anti Dixie, racist, pro US, group which operated in Dixie.


Famous Dixie writer and play write Abraham Lincoln. He would go own to write one of the first example of modern alternate history known as “House Divided” that retold the civil war casting Dixie as a slave holding Confederacy in an alternate civil war of 1860-1870.

Dixie “Good Old Boys” stand next to child near Warsaw after freeing it from the Russian Empire 1944.

A group of Dixie soldier during the first Great War soon after the start of hostilities. It was believed they would be home by Christmas.
MJF-125 other wise known as the dragon the first working jet fighter developed in the last day of the second Great War.


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That's not a jet.
Its a Mig-15 isn't it?

I take it you are making some kind of reference that I don't get since visually it clearly IS a jet. Not having had a TV since 2005 or so I often miss pop culture references. Care to clue me in?
Its a Mig-15 isn't it?

I take it you are making some kind of reference that I don't get since visually it clearly IS a jet. Not having had a TV since 2005 or so I often miss pop culture references. Care to clue me in?
As in the MJF-125 is a jet (Mig-15?). I just noticed the tiny attachment, haven't opened it. I am now assuming that is what you are referring to.

Am I right this time?

Off the coast of Vietnam. Tonkin Gulf. July 29, 1967. Navy crewmen try to put out a fire aboard the USS Forrestal after an F-4 Phantom accidentally fired a zuni rocket into an A-4 Skyhawk, which caused massive explosions on the aft end of the flight deck. This tragic accidental claimed 135 lives including a young lieutenant commander known as John McCain.

Cover of the hit tv show Twilight that take place in the “Dallas verse” . The show take place in a small the north western town and follows the drama, back bitting and power struggles within of the fictional vampire ruling clan. The story mainly follows Miss Swan played by the vampire Arch Queen of Alabama Isabella twin sister as she struggles with being a new (at least on the show) vampire.
Monrovia the capital city of the Greater Liberian Republic the second richest country in Africa behind only the Ethiopian Empire and followed by South Africa. While one of the richest countries in Africa there is great wealth gap between the ruling Afro Liberian and the native African population which the country has be accused of committing crimes against the native population as well as being accused of having around 80 nuclear weapons , but the USA has blocked any UN action against the its “son” calling them one of the only stable ally in a unstable region.
Photo of Kurds celebrating after the third gulf war after “king” Uday Hussein death. Iraq would be carved up following the war with kurdistan social republic being founded. While viewing both the USSR and USA in a positive light they decided to join the “neutral pack” making it the second nation in the Middle East to do so, the other one being the Holy Land Federation.

Ex and first president of the People Republic of China during a 60’s minutes interview asking if he would run again admits rumors of his return to politics after his step down from office in 1950’s. When asked he simply responded

Two vampire Americans protesting for civil rights for all people no matter supernatural or not during supernatural Olympics games. The man not holding his hand or is Allen Gear and Australian werewolf who gave his gloves to the two protesters and was stripped of all metals when he returned back to Australia. The metals was given back to his family in 2015 three years after Allen.

photo of the People’s Imperial Red Army during a North Japan military drill after a series of border fight with the Republic of Japan. The People’s Empire Of Japan is one the key military powers in East Asia and are the founder of the Neutral Pack.

Photo of the General Secretary of Romania Vlad Tepes other wise known as Dracula.

A city streets in down town Shizuoka Capital city of the Republic of Japan. The southern half of Japan is often called a dark parody of America a land of corruption, mafias, lawless bikers, and extreme wealth disparities it was created during the joint US/USSR occupation of Japan. After the public execution of the Emperor by the US the south and to a limited degree the north as well has been locked in a permanent state of emergency due to the “Japanese Home Army” insurgencies.

Photo of a poster for the hit 80’s tv hard hitting HBO TV show the Lost Boys, about two gangs of kids one vampire and the other human bumping heads and learning how to depend on each other while trying to get over there past trauma. The show handle things from gang violence to racism to sexuality to even controversy sexual abuse. The show is scheduled to be rebooted this fall by HBO.
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Cover of the hit tv show Twilight that take place in the “Dallas verse” . The show take place in a small the north western town and follows the drama, back bitting and power struggles within of the fictional vampire ruling clan. The story mainly follows Miss Swan played by the vampire Arch Queen of Alabama Isabella twin sister as she struggles with being a new (at least on the show) vampire.​
What Twilight not sucking (pun intended) this is oddly the most ASB part of this word. :)

Production photo of the 1987 made for TV movie
Amazing Spiderman vs The Incredible Hulk
Directed by Bill Bixby
Nicolas Hammond as Peter Parker/Spiderman
Bill Bixby as Dr. Dr. David Banner
Lou Forengo as Hulk
John Rey Davis as Kingpin
Diana Mulder as Jennifer Banner
Kathy Ireland as Mary Watson​
The movie was supposed to be a comeback for both the Spiderman and Hulk series from the 70s
Spiderman's Black costume was explained as him changing his look after the death of a girl, unfortunately Bixbys illness prevented a revival, the film was dedicated to his memory
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After credits scene from 2015s Avengers: age of Ultron with Wanda Maximoff (Elisabeth Olsen] at the Barton farm suiting up as Scarlet Witch for the first time

Russian military engineers clearing the route, Western Military District, Ca 2014, ten years after the second great Ice Age (Day After Timeline).
Blood Rights
Liberian troops during the neutral pact intervention in Yugoslavia.
Photo of the historical novel Werewolves of the Third Reich (In America while in the Warsaw Pact it is known as “Ghost Wolves” or the Wolves of “East Berlin” in China) detailing a Soviet vampire and his accounts of the of werewolf terror cells in East Germany and how for many years the USSR was powerless to stop it. Published in 2005 it cause some controversy in the Soviet Union after it criticized Stalin repression of information that lead to the cells lasting much longer. It was nearly banned, but after much public backlash it was allowed after being edited by the government.


Emperor Bokassa II during a 60 minutes interview in 2006.
Crossover-Anomalous Media

Cartidge of the infamous anomalous "MAJORA" game in which resides the entity known as "BEN"

Title screen of the visual novel game known as Doki Doki Literature Club, in which received attention for an incident involving an anomalous copy of the visual novel game itself by a hardcore gamer who reported that there were anomalous glitches in the game along with death scenes of the three fictional characters in the game as well

One of the book covers of Sutter Cane's books in which in the 1990's had a anomalous effect on whoever reads it and causes them to go paranoid and schizophrenic

Page of the anomalous first issue of Creepshow in which upon being read causes the characters (usually the antagonists) to come to life and sometimes even the events itself as well

Reproduction of the genre defining western Red Head Redemption starring Lucille Ball. Born out of the glut of low budget campy tv westerns of the 1950s and early 60s, Red Head Redemption aimed to set itself apart by attempting to portray a grittier, more "realistic" version of the old west. Ball had originally been approached to play a Madam of a Brothel inspired secondary character but initially passed on the role. However, discussion between Ball and the producers proved extremely fruitful, leading to the main character being completely reworked and offered to Lucille Ball. Ball, intrigued by the female lead in a traditionally male genre and eager to play against usual Ditzy archetype, accepted and a franchise was born

James Earl Ray, 1974
James Earl Ray was a former electrician and Civil Rights advocate in the United States. In 1965 while working as an electrician in Knoxville, TN James Earl Ray was approached by two FBI agents. According to Ray they coerced him into a nearby building where he was told of Operation: Shoe Shine, the FBI's plan to assassinate Civil Rights leader Martin Luther King Jr. Ray initially refused due to not being a political man and not wanting to commit a crime. However after being offered $900,000 and assurances of him never being caught Ray reluctantly agreed. He was trained in the use of a sniper rifle at a local gun range by undercover FBI agents and after a year of waiting MLK was finally in Knoxville for a planned rally. Ray took his rifle, a Remington provided to him by the FBI through a go-between, and was booked in a room in the same hotel as Dr King, across the parking lot and a bit to the right. Ray set up his rifle and waited for King to leave. When King did however, he came out with his two of his kids, oldest daughter Bernice and eldest son MLK III. Ray, who had kids of his own lost his nerve and immedeatly packed up his rifle and turned himself in. While being interrogated Ray revealed the existence of Shoe Shine and the FBI's plot. At first he was not listened to as the government painted him as a lone wolf racist who was in it for himself. Dr King himself urged calm in the wake of the arrest keeping rioting to a minimum. Ray's trial went on for the next two years before two reporters with the Associated Press, Bob Woodward and Carl Bernstein received a stack of papers from a leaker in the FBI. The documents proved Ray right and rocked the nation when they were published in the New York Times. The FBI was turned on its head by the resultant Congressional Investigation which led to 187 firings and seven indictments including then head of the FBI J Edgar Hoover, even though he would die of heart failure soon after. For Ray, after being acquitted and testifying before Congress, became a friend of MLK and his family, joining them on their March of the Poor in 1976. Ray quickly tired of the spotlight however and return to his home in Knoxville to be an electrician. In 1982 Ray was killed in a car crash when a semi T-boned his car, killing him instantly. MLK would attend the small, private funeral held two weeks later.

The Van der Linde Gang, 1899
The Dutch Van der Linde Gang, otherwise known as just the Van der Linde Gang was a outlaw gang operational from 1874 - 1899. Originally founded in 1874 by petty criminal Dutch Van der Linde when he himself was swindled by fellow hustler Hosea Matthews. The gang robbed and stole for three years gaining fame as Robin Hood's, stealing from the rich and giving to the poor. They gained new members steadily as the years went on eventually reaching a height of 11 'working' members and 17 associates by its height in 1895. The Van der Linde Gang is known to have committed hundreds of petty robberies and rackets along with dozens of now infamous robberies like the Blackwater and Rhodes Massacres. The beginning of the end came in late 1898 when, as the gang robbed a ferry in Blackwater they were ambushed by cops and detectives from the Pinkerton Detective Agency. In the firefight 17 police officers, 10 civilians and three of Dutch's gang were killed before the outlaws were able to escape. The Pinkertons, now hired by the US Government to hunt down the Gang, chased them west then North into the Grizzly Mountains where the trail went cold. The next six months was host to a flurry of violence perpetrated by the Gang. The entire town of Strawberry was slaughtered, Rhodes was also attacked along with many operations of industrialist Leviticus Cornwall and even Fort Wallace in support of the local Native American tribe. As the summer of 1899 came to an end the Pinkertons closed in on Dutch and his gang near Annesburg. In a last burst of desperation Dutch and his gang attacked Cornwall as he visited his mines in the city, killing him and dozens of others in the resulting shootout. This however was the final nail in Dutch's coffin. Soon after gang member Abigail Roberts was apprehended but the gang broke her out, killing Detective Andrew Milton. This was followed by a joint Pinkerton/US Army assault on the gangs last hideout. The shootout killed two gang members, 19 Pinkerton agents and finally ended the gang. Its legacy however lived on however with former gang member John Marston being hired by the Pinkertons to hunt down and kill Dutch, which he did in 1911.

Notable Suspected Members:
  • Leslie DuPont (author)
  • Father Orville Swanson (Bishop of New York City)
  • Simon Peterson (Store Owner, founder of Peterson's Cuts)
  • Josiah Trelawny (Conman)

Russian and American troops take a break while repairing a vehicle near Qamalishi, Syria during the joint Russian-NATO Intervention into Syria, 2011
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