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Northrop B-49 and T-33 during the Nuclear Bombing of LA during the 1953 war in order to stop Martians progression in California.
USS Wisconsin begins bombardment of South African emplacements on Table Mountain, during the 1992 intervention to overthrow the rogue nuclear-armed Kruger regime:

Small town Pennsylvanians watch with horrified awe a scene that was all too familiar to many Americans on July 4th, 1917: The rise of a mushroom cloud from a city destroying atomic blast, the city in this case being doomed Pittsburgh. The nuclear attack on Pittsburgh led to the instant or soon-after death of 190,000, the fourth largest individual city death toll on the "Day of the Kaiser's Wrath," along with perhaps a quarter million more in the year to come from injuries and radiation sickness ("Der Kaiserflu" in the dark humor of that summer). The eventual destruction of the German people and scouring of that Empire with chemical, biological, and nuclear weapons by the Russo-Anglo-American Crusade of 1931-1939 was cold comfort to the survivors. It remains a mystery to this day how the Satanic Kaiser both acquired atomic technology, and delivered a dozen of the weighty weapons throughout America, Europe, and Russia, decades before the Vengeance Weapon program replicated them in far more powerful form.

(Meta note: this picture is from OTL 1917 America, and completely unedited).
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Blood Rights
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BR add1.PNG

1965 add for vampire blood soda company encouraging vampires to drink from their product.

Anti vampire rights propaganda from the group Fellowship Of The Sun
make up add.PNG

Makeup advisement aimed at younger vampires with the lead singer of the band Black Rose Aura
tIme Dracula.PNG

Photo of 1995 Man Of The Year General Security of Romania Vlad Dracula
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A rare colored photo of a Cherokee Nuclear Bomb from a B-36 detonating above Moscow during the Third World War, circa 1953.

In response to the bombing of Moscow, a Soviet Tu-4 would drop an Atomic Bomb on Washington D.C. in July of 1953.

An aerial photograph of the ruins of Washington D.C. taken days after the atomic blast.

Soviet Premier Svetlana Alliluyeva announcing the loosening of market restrictions and the withdrawal of Soviet troops from Afghanistan, Pakistan, and Mongolia...


Former President Jesse Jackson (D-SC) with Hawaiian Governor Barry Obama (D-HI) at the 2004 DNC...

images (5).jpg

1992/14/4: Air Force Two at the Baton Rouge Metropolitan Airport, where its crew and surviving US Army soldiers await the arrival of Vice President Holtzman for an emergency departure. This picture was taken at the airport on the first night of the "Troubles"...
Blood Rights

Democratic candidate for mayor of New York City Donald Trump celebrate after a hard fault political battle.

Photo from the 1991 Soviet coup which installed Vladimir Putin as head of the Soviet Union

The vampire gangster rap crew N.W.A cover for their new album.

Photo of the Ward Company logo the first company to pioneer artifice blood in 1955 it has large stakes in most of the world blood banks as well as being one of the word largest mega company.

Jerusalem capitol of the Abrahamic Federation

Celebration as Twain is welcome back to mainland China after two policies one nation deal was negotiated by ex PRC president Mao along with the UN.

Greater Liberian bullet train completed in 2009 making one of five African nation to have a bullet train. As of now it along with the Ethiopian Empire, the EAF, Rhodesia and South Africa are sponsoring effort for a trans Africa high speed rail road system.

President Rockish next to Vice President Ronald Reagan 1985.​
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Former Congressman Clarence Darrow at a campaign event in Toldeo, Ohio 1932. In addition to serving two terms in Congress, Darrow was also a defense attorney, Mayor of Chicago for a single term, and the 1920 Socialist party Vice Presidential candidate.


Soviet Ambassador Nikolai Khrushchev (left) and California Governor Arthur Nixon (right) having a friendly conversation at a burger joint in Disneyland. This was taking shortly before the infamous attack by Frank Capone...


A representative of the governor of Louisiana communicating with the senior US Army officer at the Arkansas-Louisiana border. This impromptu summit last a total of eight minutes before both parties began cursing each other and departed. Later that night, the Governor of Louisiana would address the nation...

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Another piece of TL-191 From Me:

Zachary Foster Burke, a former Freedom Party Guard and minor administrator at Camp Dependable during the Second Great War and the Population Reduction on trial in 1962.​

As the end of the war approached and the Yankees got closer to the camps, Burke and other Freedom Party Guards fled Texas and went their separate ways. Many fled to Brazil or other parts of South America, Burke though fled to the Second Mexican Empire – believing that the Mexican government would protect him (Burke also fled with many valuables belonging to the victims of the Population Reduction).

He was both right and wrong as the Mexican authorities only looked for and apprehended high ranking or really infamous Confederate fugitives and turned them over to the U.S. government to stand trial for their crimes against humanity. But men like Burke, who were only small cogs in the monstrous machine that was the Freedomite CSA, were able to slip past the net so to speak.

In Spring 1945, Burke settled down in the city of Orizaba, Veracruz, Mexico, fell in love and married a local woman there, started a family (all the while living under the alias of “Tyler Lynch”), and acquired a job as a foreman for the local factory. As Lynch, Burke was very well loved by the community as he was a fair foreman and was very good with the children of the town, often appearing at many birthday parties and quinceañera and showering the celebrated child or children with expensive gifts (and took on many customs and traditions of Mexican society even converting to Roman Catholicism). Though the townspeople, and his family, always found it odd that Lynch never joined them in celebrating Día de Muertos and avoided contact with Orizaba's Afro-Mexican community (though most chalked it up being from the Confederacy). When Lynch’s wife asked him about why he abstained from the holiday, he said, “Celebrating the dead brings up too many bad memories of comrades lost in the war”. For you see Lynch had disclosed to the people of Orizaba that he had be a sergeant in the Confederate Army during the Second Great War (in actuality he stole the uniform of a fallen Confederate soldier as he made his way from Texas to Mexico, this soldier’s name being Tyler Lynch).

Throughout the remainder of the 1940s all the way up to early 1960s, Burke lived a quiet and peaceful life. On the night of August 9, 1962, Burke was home in his study enjoying a glass of Mexican whiskey when reporters and camera crews from Mexico’s state-run news service descended on his quiet home, being tipped off by the concerned father of a child who had snuck in and seen Freedomite memorabilia, and more importantly his Freedom Party Guard uniform, in one of Burke’s rooms (this room being secret and Burke not letting anyone see what was inside).

Burke’s house in 2019, some of his descendants still live there.​

It seemed that Burke’s past had finally caught up with him. As he attempted to flee, the former Freedom Party Guardsman was arrested by Mexican police and transported to Mexico City to stand trial for his crimes. During the proceeding, when survivors of the Population Reduction were brought in to testify, Burke remained calm and collected but when the witnesses started to detail their experiences — with some of them breaking down — he laughed cruelly and hysterically. The judge having to stop the proceeding many times to tell him to stop and that it wasn’t funny.

In the end, Zachary Foster Burke would be sentenced to death by hanging, he was only 56 years old.

Zachary Foster Burke in 1949.​

Mars Climate Orbiter during assembly in North American Aeronautical and Space Agency (NAASA) Astronautics facility in Denver, Colorado in January 1998. Due to the recent transition to the metric system into the North American Federation (NAF), mission was a sucess and has enabled the federation to catch up on its technological backwardness on the Western Union and the Free Republic of Cape Town.
Blood Rights
(Gangsta Gangsta: Part One)


Photo of the aftermath of a battle between vampires and werwolves belonging to the black and Irish mob Queens 1959. While rare among actual organize crimes due to low population and average higher income vampires are not unheard of in the criminal underworld.

Lewis Carmichael dubbed one of the most dangerous men in America by the papers after his 1966 arrest for over the 700 murders, 360 counts of racketeering, and tax envision over the course of his 47 years of working for the mob. Becoming a vampire in 1920 he would become one of the mobs top bosses.
Charles James Blake one of the og members and founders of what would be the Black Mob after his arrest in Los Vegas after a shoot out in which he was alleged to have killed over thirty five. He would be the oldest man up to get the death penalty at 1,500.

Vampires would make a impact in gangster films like the God farther. Wise Gals, Blood Pact, Armed and Dangerous. Seen above is the photo taken from the 1965 movie Wise Gals famous valentine day’s massacre scene. It was cut out by some movie theaters while others refuse to show the movie at all due to the graphic and sexual scenes.