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    Fire in the North XII


    Saint Michael’s Golden-Domed Monastery in Kiev, capital of the Grand Duchy of Kiev, taken c. 1769. Comprising a large chunk of the Ukraine - both Right and Left-Bank Ukraine, but not including the Easternmost parts or Crimea - the Grand Duchy was founded following Russia’s defeat in the Second Russian War of 1735-1737. While the Russian army had been outclassed technologically and in terms of training by the Swedish, matters were not helped by the defection of a number of Cossack hosts. This was thanks largely to Swedish spies providing up-time historical records to the Hetmans, showing Russian historical intent to centralise their rule...a prospect that had already seen several Cossack leaders elsewhere turn on the Tsar since the Displacement (along with the triumph of more conservative leaders following Peter the Great’s death against Sweden, both of which served to weaken Russia). While many had stayed loyal, albeit at the cost of concessions from the Tsar, this was the final straw for many, and as such Zaporozhian Host on the Left-Bank would rebel against Russia, while Swedish victories against Poland saw Right-Bank Ukraine occupied by Swedish forces, with many of the Cossacks either defeated or changing sides.

    Following negotiations with the pro-Swedish Hetmans, and with other leading figures who’d seen which way the wind was blowing, the Grand Duchy was created. Princess Erika of Sweden would be the first Grand Duchess, while she would be assisted in this role by a Parliament of Estates, comprising representatives from the nobility, merchant classes and rural peasantry...and seats set aside specifically for Cossack representatives. This, coupled with continued regional autonomy for the Left Bank and continued prominence in other areas, would secure Cossack support for the realm.

    The Grand Duchy is a major ally of the Northern Commonwealth, and squarely within its ‘Sphere of Influence’, with close trade and economic links as well as dynastic and military.

    Added to based on up-time images of its expansion, St Michael’s is a major landmark of Kiev.


    Erika I, Grand Duchess of Kiev 1737-1789. The youngest daughter of King Charles XII and Queen Linda, Erika was chosen as Grand Duchess on the basis of strong political intelligence, youth, and the fact she wasn’t married yet. This latter allowed her to marry Ilya Mazepa, a young man from a prominent family in the Zaporozhian Host, and so ensure that the dynasty was not seen as a foreign one.

    Thanks to her own political acumen and to Swedish development aid, Grand Duchess Erika oversaw a gradual but definite growth in the Grand Duchy, with new farming methods turning it into a regional breadbasket together with the gradual development of new industries and infrastructure.

    On her death, rule over the Grand Duchy would pass to her son Grand Duke Mikhail I, who had previously been elected Hetman of Zaporozhian Host. He would hold both offices until his own death thirty years later.


    Cossacks of Zaporozhian Host, c. 1744. Incensed by the prospect of losing their historic power and autonomy, as well as the realisation that their Hetman Ivan Mazepa had been assassinated by the Russians on the basis that he might rebel thanks to readings of up-time histories, the entire Host would turn on Russia in 1735, helped by Swedish arms being smuggled to them. Those Cossacks who remained loyal to Russia, meanwhile, soon found out why cavalry charges against Gatling Guns or not scattering when strayed by airships were terrible ideas...

    Since the formation of the Grand Duchy, the Host has played a prominent part in its rule. The consort of the first Grand Duchess was one of theirs, they continue to maintain autonomy as part of the Grand Duchy, they have influence in government, and they provide a large part of the Grand Duchy’s military forces.
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    Greater Afrika

    Haile Selassie denounces Egypt for its invasion of Sudan, a fellow member of the Greater East Africa Union, pledging support to the Sudanese in Parliament, 1955.
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    Someone should make a series akin to Blood Rights, but about other things like Witches and Reptiles.
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    Blood Rights 2: The Reptilian boogaloo!
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    Witches do exist it just most of the world don’t really know how magic works and label it’s a religion or treat it as unexplained science.
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    Wonder how would Humanity would react to the discovery of a sapient Reptilian race
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    Depend how easy is it to kill them/how useful they can be. One of the reason vampires where not just killed of were that a lot of them were pretty hard to kill and they were pretty useful. Vampires could also be useful for war, and example would be Victor being one of the major reason of the Soviet winning in Afghanistan. It could also depend on if they have already in trench themselves in government and society. Mao was a vampire since his 20’s in this timeline before they cam out of the coffin To use the Soviet Union as am example again Victor and Putin were key figure in the early revolution and Second World War even to the point where Elena (agents Victor’s partner)having a relationship with young Stalin. In the US a lot of older vampires were very rich and use there money and powers to influence the government before 59. So it’s depends if they have nothing to add and can be killed off easily coming out into the world might not be a good idea in the 50’s. Although it could work in a modern setting.
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    The Boyd-verse: Part 14
    I was going to retcon my TL's France to have Maurice Pujo be their emperor, but I preferred not to rip off @Murica1776.

    From the day that the Second Great War broke out, it was agreed that if Hitler continued to let Czechia be independent, he could absorb Austria into Germany. A native Austrian personally, Hitler was keen to oblige, and almost immediately after the Austrian surrender, he drove into Vienna on September 4, 1949.

    Hungarian soldiers fire at mainly Commonwealth forces in the Austro-Hungarian invasion of Romania.

    While they are still depised by the hardcore anti-Monarchist of France, many did consider Vichy Emperor René Aldebert Pineton de Chambrun and Empress Josée Laval improvements over the latter's father Pierre (right). Namely due to the fact they elected representatives from the colonies to serve as their personal advisors in colonial affairs.

    Ngo Dinh Diem was one of the people elected to serve as the personal advisor of Vichy Emperor René Aldebert Pineton de Chambrun and Empress Josée Laval in Indochinese affairs. However, many in Indochina disliked him, believing the fact he was Catholic meant he was not a true representative of them.

    Tuyen Bui Dang, portrayed by Elly Tran Ha in this Vietnamese language film, had been the grand-daughter of one of Laval's closest allies in Vietnam. This in turn led to a relationship with the Third Vichy Emperor Jean Claude Laval in the 1970s.
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    Profile:Hannah Hellfire
    “It’s never how you start the race it’s how you end it” -Hannah HellFire

    One of the most inspirational yet highly controversial characters of the 21th . Hannah HellFire’s story is like that of an Phoenix from the fire and ashes of abuse to the rebirth of one of the best military minds in history.
    born Hannah Christian in a small town in Illinois. Her father was the preacher mayor and cult leader of the town. The town itself was enclave of extreme Christian fundamental and was under investigation by the fbi at the time of it being destroyed. Hannah father was a extremely abusive to his children both physical mental and in Hannah case sexual abusive as well. Over the course of the winter of 2018 into 2019 Hannah would slowly discovered her powers until one night while being attacked by her father she would snapped killing him, but in a uncontrollable state she would slaughter all of the town burning it to the ground by the early hours of the morning.

    “I was reborn a new I was no longer Hannah Christian I was fire, anger, rage, rebellion I was mad as the fire of hell and that’s where I got my name I was now Hellfire”
    (Hellfire seen during mid transformation)​
    Hannah would find her self walking the roads until she made it to Chicago. Where in she would make a name for herself by robbing banks along with grocery, and clothing stores to find and cloth herself. After running into the hero known as BlackPower managing to actually put up a got fight she would come on the radar of the meta human known as Zero. Ironically Blue (the nick name given to Zero by Hellfire) who powers was link to ice and Hellfire who was the opposite of that became actually close friends although Zero didn’t really show that emotions towards her it is said that she did care about her. After a few months on the run she would meet up with Emilio’s gang and join in with them for a few weeks meeting her future husband and future director of the NSS Glitch along with the girl who she would become mortal enemies and with Banshee.

    photo of Glitch some time in early 2019​
    (General Hannah Hellfire soon after the week war)

    After the merger of the Emilio gang^1 as well as other of the first supervillains into legion. Hannah would become a rising star with in the group and would help come up with the idea of “Simba War” or “Lion War” which was the main doctrine of the Legion during the week war. By the time she was sixteen and legion had invaded Somali after the mall of Legion terror attacks, Hannah had all ready made a name for herself due to her actions with the pink brigade^2 in Syria south east Asia and the parts of Mexico. Her work in both Somalia and other conflict zones in the middle east would earn her the nick name “The Second Desert Fox”. Hannah would soon develop a farther daughter relationship with the High Chancellor calling him
    “The only real dad I every had”
    Many thought she would take over after his death, but instead she declined saying

    “Crow is a bit of a Joker but he is a fine leader”
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    huh I wonder who is this Crow fella is?
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    Emilios Gang
    Emilio Jackson, born and raised on the streets of Northern Ireland, where he would quickly find himself on the wrong side of the law. After becoming an international criminal, he would find himself arrested and imprisoned in the United States, where his metahuman powers would manifest. He would escape prison, quickly forming a gang of metahuman runaways, whom would make an alliance with criminals like the terrorist Jim Crow, the criminals HellFire and Zero, and eventually join Legion.

    Lola, a quiet girl and an extremely powerful teleporter. Among the first members of Emilios gang.

    Screen Shot 2019-11-09 at 3.29.47 pm.png
    Emilio's right hand man Jinx. Much like Emilio, Jinx was raised on the streets, where he would become a petty criminal and con man. Not long after his powers (Telekinesis) manifested, he would meet and fall in love with the metahuman known as Oracle. Not long after they met, they would join Emilios gang.

    The blind but powerful psychic known as Oracle. She became a teenage runaway after discovering her powers, and would meet Jinx not long afterwards.
    Among her powers, she has the ability to read minds, see the future, and even mind control people. She and Jinx would go on to have three children.

    Pyro, who as his name suggest, possessed fire powers. He lived a tough and harsh life in a poor part of Atlanta, which would see him accidentally killing his sister using his powers in a fight with a gang he was involved with. He is well known for idolising and looking up to Jim Crow.

    An artist depiction of the metahuman known as Golem, a large being made of stone who would be among the three to join Emilios gang when they were in Los Angeles. Golem is known to be childlike, and a close friend of Lola.

    Glitch, also among the three who would join Emilios gang during their time in Los Angeles. Glitch is known for his ability to duplicate himself, eventually leading the NSS, and his relationship with Hannah HellFire, the ladder would cause a rift between him and his long time friend. Speaking of the devil...

    Banshee (Named so for her abilities), among the more controversial members of the group, well known for her heated rivalry with Hannah Hellfire, her at times psychotic nature, her promiscuous love life, and her friendship with the controversial metahuman supremacist known as Omega...​
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    The World of the Lone Star

    American and Texan soldiers move to new positions in a clearing in Guatemala, while helicopters watch from the sky during the brutal Guatemala War
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    Republic of Texas
    Also, the Guatemala War is basically TTL's version of the Vietnam War, if you couldn't tell. Because China doesn't fall to communism, it instead moves to Central and South America, and this would be the first of many conflicts in Central America, leading to the Mexican annexation of these territories, so Mexico, who had helped a lot in these wars, could pacify them without the US or Texas straining itself too much
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    Profile:Thomas Herr BlackHeart born some time in the early 1880’s Prussia. BlackHeart was born into a family of both military men and politicians. He was first briefly mention in Otto Von Bismarck memoirs as a curious young man with bright mind. After his schooling he would join up with German colonial forces in east Africa. During his stay in Africa BlackHeart saw first hand racism a massacre of a native population.
    “It was the most disgusting display of needless bloodshed” -BlackHeart. In his second year in the colonies he would meet the dark witch Nakie who would become Legionary general and hero"General Naked". After making an unknown deal with the woman BlackHeart would receive training in the dark art along some tools meant to transcribe the writing of the old ones.

    (painting done by BlackHeart 1920)
    BlackHeart would soon be called up to serve in the western front as the First World War broke out. It was here where BlackHeart would encountered the vampires Adze and Angelique for the first time.
    (Photo of BlackHeart 1938)​

    After the war BlackHeart would fine himself doing odd jobs along with “projects” that dealt with the supernatural. He first came to the attention of the Nazis in the 1920’s. At first BlackHeart laughed in there faces but as they became more powerful he in his words

    “Joined for my on survival and the survival of my work”


    BlackHeart by the late 1930’s would fine himself as the head of the SS occult devision the Ahnenerbe. It is reported that he was wildly hated or feared among other high ranking Nazis.
    “He is sickly tall man, a dark and cold disposition, his shadow seemed to hang over you even if you are in another room as it is spying on you for him. His eyes hold a deep well of information that most wish to never know and are the things that even the worst nightmares seemed not to bare” -Himmler
    BlackHeart would began work on project Valkyrie that sought to make a man made half vampire half human super soldier. In 1941 when the Reich invaded Russia BlackHeart soon made plans to kill Hitler or flee after the war.

    (photo of “King Solomon)​

    BlackHeart would go missing in 1945 as the war began to end only to resurface in South Africa in 1960 where he found himself working with the apartheid and then the ANC government before helping King Solomon rise to power. After the fall of the kingdom. BlackHeart would create legion along with the world first supervillains.
    (Photo of Emma BlackHeart)
    Shortly before the week war BlackHeart would reconnect with his long lost love Emma. The two would shortly marry after the war.
    But there is another side to BlackHeart one that’s reflects his name very well. People disappear in Legion, activist, church leaders, teachers, writers, poets and journalists. No one in Legion ask awkward questions for they all know what the answer would be...the knock on the door.​
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    From my timeline Multipolar Space Race (my signature):

    Urban Life

    Detroit, circa 2020 (by

    Space industry helped to shape cities landscapes worldwide. Its huge demand kept tens of millions people directly employed, from the manufacturing belts to the research centres, while their wages flood the whole economy.

    In the United States, most components were built on the Manufacturing Belt (Detroit, Cleveland, St. Louis, etc.) while research was conducted mainly on the coasts. The British space industry was centered in Britain (all over England, Scottish Lowlands, Belfast) and Quebec.

    In Germany, from Hamburg to the Ruhr, from Stuttgart to Breslau, from Vienna to Danzing, pretty much the whole country watched the boost promoted by the industry requirements. The Urals got most of Russian space industry as it was perceived by their authorities as a place safer from attacks or western intrusions.

    As the world was under a full employment economy, cities managed to dodge urban decay and were very desirable places to live, to work and raise a family. As they remained dense and thriving, arts and all other creative industries also flourished. In the British Federation, London was naturally the biggest cultural magnet and youngsters from all the parts of the federation flocked there. Despite London's primacy, the largest Home Islands urban areas, Montreal, Toronto, Johannesburg, Sydney and Melbourne remained effervescent cultural centres on their own.

    United States - Most Populated Metro Areas (2000)
    New York -------- 22,502,000
    Los Angeles ----- 16,374,000
    Chicago --------- 10,466,000
    San Francisco ---- 7,120,000
    Philadelphia ----- 6,989,000
    Detroit ---------- 6,457,000
    Boston ----------- 6,247,000
    Dallas ----------- 5,157,000
    Miami ------------ 5,008,000
    Washington ------- 4,850,000
    Houston ---------- 4,694,000
    Atlanta ---------- 4,263,000
    Cleveland -------- 3,994,000
    St. Louis -------- 3,273,000
    Phoenix ---------- 3,252,000
    Pittsburgh ------- 3,247,000
    Seattle ---------- 3,044,000
    Minneapolis ------ 3,017,000
    San Diego -------- 2,814,000
    Baltimore -------- 2,753,000

    British Federation - Most Populated Metro Areas (2000)
    London ---------- 16,076,000
    Hong Kong -------- 6,659,000
    Johannesburg ----- 6,544,000
    Toronto ---------- 4,979,000
    Montreal --------- 4,226,000
    Singapore -------- 4,037,000
    Sydney ----------- 3,767,000
    Manchester ------- 3,489,000
    Birmingham ------- 3,439,000
    Melbourne -------- 3,383,000
    Cape Town -------- 3,145,000
    Durban ----------- 3,118,000
    Leeds-Bradford --- 2,429,000
    Glasgow ---------- 2,356,000
    Pretoria --------- 2,319,000
    Vancouver -------- 1,987,000
    Liverpool -------- 1,952,000
    Salisbury -------- 1,945,000
    Sheffield -------- 1,792,000
    Newcastle -------- 1,643,000
    Brisbane --------- 1,637,000

    Germany - Most Populated Metro Areas (2000)
    Rhein-Ruhr ------ 12,279,000
    Berlin ----------- 7,036,000
    Hamburg ---------- 3,387,000
    Frankfurt -------- 3,243,000
    Vienna ----------- 2,592,000
    Stuttgart -------- 2,427,000
    München ---------- 2,323,000
    Mannheim --------- 1,608,000
    Breslau ---------- 1,392,000
    Nürnberg --------- 1,223,000
    Hannover --------- 1,186,000
    Leipzig ---------- 1,172,000
    Dresden ---------- 1,151,000
    Bremen ----------- 1,043,000
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    Heh, 10x the population of OTL Cleveland...wait...2000? How is that possible?
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    Kids Of America
    a group of young WLA “soldiers” getting ready to upon fire on NRBLA civilians and troops.
    Texas Confederation soldiers during a meeting before a battle with the WLA. While the TC is seems a moderate force it has been accused of letting militias recruit or conscript kids as young as eight.
    Members of the NFPLA dreaded “Neverland Battalion” known for being lead by a child known as “Penny Pan” and war crimes such as the flooding of New Orleans or the Green bowl massacre.
    photo taken just after the Green Bowl Mississippi massacre where over 1,000 children woman babies and elderly were rounded up and shot or some cases hacked to death by the neverland battalion. In the middle was Sargent “Spoon” who was known to be a cannibal and scooped the victim brains out after there death. He was killed towards the end of the war most likely by the battalion second in command “Wendell Green”. ​
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    James, I used metro areas. 1 million more than OTL. Maybe 750k-800k on city proper. It would definitely be a very exciting city.
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    Hobbiton, The Shire, Eriador, Middle-Earth
    Produced my Marvel Studios and lasting from September 1980 to october 1981, Globe Warriors was produced as part of a deal with Japanese film company Toei in which Marvel would use footage from the Tokusatsu show Battle Fever J mixed with new dialogue and footage starring American Actors to create a show which would be more accessible to American audiences. The show was aimed toward children, and quickly took off, spawning multiple toy lines and even a limited comic series. The series itself was more well known though for the cheesy and very child friendly nature characterized by the writing and acting, leaving the show with very mixed reviews by critics. The show would come to an end in 1981, and it would not be for another three years until Marvel brought a much more serious toned adaption of the series Dynaman to American televisions under the name Battle Man, and with it bring in the first series to be officially marketed under the Power Soldiers franchise.