Photos from Alternate Worlds II (read FAQ first)

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    Well a bunch of cities states, pre war law makers, and generals got together during the war declare a semi loose economic and political confederation. Their military is actually pretty powerful making the cities and some medium size small towns actually pretty safe while outside of that it’s kinda the Wild West where you will have a law man and some deputies along local militia but that’s it for protection against raiders.
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    Also they are working with the Georgian republic who control a lot of pre war Georgia and Alabama along with South Carolina to create a southern union. Although Macon (was moved after Atlanta got hit with a nuke and chemical attacks) and Dallas about trade and such.
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    The future where Aku's evil is law, babe.
    (This is what I have so far :/)
    The Red Star Rises Once More: Part Two

    2003 Time Magazine cover chronicling the surreal summit between Soviet Premier Leonid Brezhnev and U.S. President George W. Bush.​

    After the re-establishment of ties over the Washington–Moscow Direct Communications Link after having avoided conflict with the West, Soviet Premier Leonid Brezhnev brushed up on world history with the help of the 2002 Russian Embassy staff in Washington. What he discovered was not to his liking; releasing that not a decade after his death the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics would collapse along with the fall of the Berlin Wall and the dissolution of the Warsaw Pact. Brezhnev decided that this was not allowed to happen and looked at the 2002 People’s Republic of China for inspiration and started to adopt China-style economic reforms, after stifling opposition to said reforms, by the year 2007 these reforms (known as the Brezhnevian Reforms) were doing wonders for the Soviet economy (though the USSR still had a lot of catching up to doing in terms of technology).
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    “I say you let him in so what if he used to be a criminal! Shit I’m wanted for war crimes and starting coups in...well name a third country”

    Captain Slaughter the ex nam vet turn un kill able soldier. Often drunk or smoking he described by Zetaman “as the best asshole you probably don’t want to meet”. Cap has been veteran mental health advocate in recent years. Although he is highly controversial due to his brass un cut way of speaking, as well as serval incident involving protesters like a video showing him punching a female protesters in the face.

    His partner Miss America and ex cheerleader who got involved in the super soldier program after a car crash in 1959 and would go own to work with Cap in Nam, bust went missing in 1975 only to come back in 2021.
    “legion’s calfs” practicing after school.
    Photo of Dick Manson star of the hit Legion Science Fiction Show “Voyage” which lunch a huge following around the world and had several spin offs. What the public didn’t know he was a word class spy.

    Photo of Raymond a New Orleans detective and best friend to Huey Long (who is a vampire in this universe and still alive and is running for Governor)
    Photo of Legion Commander Kimmy Soul during her own murder trial after she was brought back to life after being killed by Captain “tank” who was charged and shot in public soon after this photo was taken.
    photo of Beverly Macy aka Warlord who after having a brief relationship with Captain Slaughter would go insane and become a follower of omega before leaving and starting a gang of her own. (I might do a whole supervillain profile on her. Bev story is pretty sad and heart breaking)

    the anti villain known as jaguar.

    Detective Lisa Monroe mother of Destiny Master who is the longer term friend of billionaire Ace Ward. Detective Monroe as well as agent Keller and Yin would have a secret special relationship with the hero known as the Reaper evening creating the Grave Symbol to call Reaper in a time of need.

    Faithful British butler to Ace Ward and the Ward family Simon Bolivar.​
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    Yes yes she is James Gordon and with all these Batman references you have to wonder if there is a Joker....
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    Model and Actress Miranda Kumiko (Showa 58) from the District of Australia. Born Miranda Kerr before she would legally changed her last name, she is well renowned for her looks, and has frequently been said to be one of the sexiest women in the world. Many women would even have surgery done to better replicate her appearance.

    Actor, Singer, Comedian and Producer Hugh Jackman (Showa 43) of the District of Australia. Using his wit, charm and talent, Jackman would receive many roles, mostly supporting roles, though his most iconic roles include that of Wolverine in the X-Men, a role in Takeshi's Castle, and as a host and eventual judge on Got Talent.

    Comedian, singer, rapper, songwriter, and record producer PSY (Showa 52) of the District of Korea. Growing up in Korea, PSY's life was a tough one, but he managed to overcome the obstacles and gain popularity on the mainland of Japan. He is well known for his humorous videos and stage performances. Judged on Got Talent.
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    seen from the 1948 horror classic “mamuwalde” based off of Bram Stroker’s best selling novel of the same name about a young real estate agent how travel from England to Africa to sell a estate to a black prince only it turns out this prince is ancient vampire with the help of Dr.Vanderhall a German American who parents died at the hands of a vampire and together with a group of men along with the woman known as Mina they set out to kill the dark prince.
    Eddie Murphy in the 92 remake although the movie had been remade before, but the 1992 remake is seen the most lore and book loyal.
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    Does anybody have questions on syndicate.
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    More please
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    (I’m trying something new with this, please let me know how it went”
    (In her full armor)​
    Born 1999 Heather Winters along with her younger sister Kristal Winter (who herself would become the villain known as Blizzard) would suffer from a little known disease known as B.L.H.T syndrome ice syndrome as it commonly known which gave them blue skin and a extreme heat allergy.
    (Heather as seen before the accident that would completely turn her from human to meta human)​
    Although it was more pronounced with Heather rather than with Kristal. The two would go up in a near broken home with there two scientists parents who resented them. The two girls reacted in different ways one being Heather who throw herself into books and studies while Kristal would become a wild child partying to the early hours and drinking. Heather would in time her self interning in the Cyrogen company while college.

    (photo of Heather ex fiancé)​

    Zero when asked about her love life before she met her current husband, she mentions only one man by the name of Nathan who was her first love, but was diagnosed with a brain tumor and given only a months to live Heather would attempt to freeze Nate until there was a cure for his condition under the guise of an experimental project, but the project was ended when Eric Spader bought out the company. After refusing to kill her lover and threatening to go public with damning information she was “killed” by her once boss Darrell Mathew. He tried to destroy her body with chemicals, but unknown to him while Heather Winters did die Zero had just been born.

    (Note: Picture taken after HellFire joining Legion)
    After serval run ins with the hero known as BlackPower she would team up with the meta human known as HellFire and eventual joining Legion and becoming a general within the legion military.

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    The best way I can describe their friendship is Harley Quinn and Poison Ivy.
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    Willy Wonka, the eccentric owner of the Wonka Chocolate Factory, seen posing for a photograph with his "Successor" Charlie Bucket in 1971. Once Willy Wonka had stepped down, Charlie would famously branch out the Wonka brand, not before changing his name to Wilfred Wonka, using the once minor and underused technology of his mentor to better the lives of those around the world. Wonka would become a pioneer in transportation, with one of his crowning achievements being a cross continental railway and train known as the Snowpiercer...​
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    Oh God. You know the conspiracy... Dear lord...
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    A night view of Osaka burning after 173 American B-29 bombers dropped incendiary bombs on the city. This would follow the Americans implementing a tactic similar to the Blitzkrieg used in Europe by their enemies. This tactic would now be used by the Americans as they made the harrowing journey to Tokyo.

    A US Marine rifleman views the result of the American bombardment of Osaka.

    Hiroshima_before_after_atomic_bomb (12).jpg
    US and British Commonwealth forces would face heavy combat from the Japanese civilian forces, many of whom would fight on.

    Images of the damage caused to Tokyo by American bombers, which would level the capital.

    A Japanese prisoner of war covers his face as he hears Japanese Emperor Hirohito making the announcement of Japan’s unconditional surrender. The war is over...

    After_World_War_2 (42).jpg
    U.S. General George S. Patton acknowledges the cheers of thousands during a parade through Time Square in 1947.

    Though the war in Japan was over, it was not over for the US Military Governor of Japan Douglas MacArthur (1946 - 1950), whose life in charge of Japan would take an odd path, and would see him at odds with his old friend Patton... And the very nation he once called his own.​
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    Blood Rights

    title card of law and order special victims unit. The show is a spin off of the show Law and Order. SVU mainly dealt with both sex crimes along with crimes that involved “supernaturals”.

    (Taken from ep 3 season 2 “Camp” where the unit has to investigate a summer camp suspect of abuse placing Danielle undercover)
    One of the most controversial aspect of the show was detective Danielle played by vampire actor Morgan black who was best known for playing Wednesday Addams in both the sixties and late 90’s along with her dark comedy stand up. Her story of an 210 year old woman trap in a child body was seen as heart breaking and helped raise awareness for “child vampires”. She would leave the show after the 20th season to star in the Addams family remake after being killed off in the season finial “remember me”


    a warning sign planted by American soldier after attacks by vampire Vietcong in the area. The tactics with dealing with pro communist vampires nest and areas like this was to evacuate all people in the area and napalm the suspected sight of the nest. Although this had little effect due vampire using underground tunnels to hide area from fire.

    Tanks in the streets Bucharest after being sent by Stalin in 1959 after the news of vampires existence became public knowledge the riots quickly became a bloody attempted up rising but was put down after a week. Soviet never gave a official numbers of dead but it is believed over ten thousand died in the fighting on both side.
    soviet troops celebrating victory in Afghanistan (1980) the rebellion of hardcore fundamentalist rebel ended with the spilling of the country after a peace agreement was sign but rebel groups still operate and most of the August 10th terrorist cane from those rebel groups.
    (Photo of what to be live to be police hunting down vampires as well as other political opposition)
    The Soviet ambassador to the country at the time accused the Brazilian government of supporting the riots and even genocide of vampires. While the Batista said that he wad proud of the Brazilians who are fighting “the fang menace” ironically enough Batista would be overthrown by a rebel group who leader was mostly made up of mostly vampires.
    Photo from the Soviet TV show “the office”​
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    Movie poster for Mel Brooks Blazing Saddles 1974
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    Liked for the Duke!
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    The Man From Texas
    President Rockish
    born on a west Texas Ranch in 1961 George John Rockish learn how to use a gun before he could write or read and learn how to ride a horse before he could ride a bike. Almost every male member of his family had fought in a war or at lest join the military.

    “My family been fighting for this damn country since my great great great great grandpa stole is master gun and fought for the union”
    Rockish followed this path joining the military and becoming a general by the time of the first gulf war. After the 9/11 Rockish would become a critic of the war in Iraq saying “you are opening up a hornet nest with no plans to deal with hornets”. In the 2004 race he decided to primary the current Republican President a move that was laughed off at first until he actually won the race and go on to win the election.

    (Rockish during the raid by the meta human super soldier Captain Slaughter that would kill bin Laden)​
    Rockish would over see the rebuilding both Iraq and Afghanistan military and civilian forces as well as ending the occupation and leaving only a 1,000 US soldiers as a support role in both nations. Rockish would shock the world in 2008 when he would refuse to run saying that “I did the shit I needed to do it’s time for the young guard to have a chance” Rockish would go on to advise Obama and then Mansfield on military matters.

    (President Mansfield who got his start as a cable news show talking head)​

    Rockish still would often be called the voice of reason and even a shadow President in the Mansfield administration often actually overriding Mansfield most notably stoping him from using nukes during both the failed alien invasion of and the week war. After Mansfield failed coup many thought Rockish would step in to fill the void instead he let Vice President Hudson fill the role of president until Jerry Reeves was elected in November after Hudson refused to run. As of today Rockish generally remains on his ranch in Texas or if needed advises the Reeves on military matters.