Photos from 1983: Doomsday


Odigitrievsky Cathedral in Ulan-Ude, Siberia
Philippine army paratroopers have their equipment checked by a jumpmaster prior to boarding the 374th Tactical Airlift Wing C-130 aircraft, Clark Air Base, Philippines, December 29, 1980. (Source: NARA)


Ypolochagos, Greek Infantry; barrack dress

The uniform is basically the same for all ranks. Officers and WOs wear dark green collar patches; on the right patch a yellow stitched branch badge, on the left yellow or white rank badges. Professional NCOs wear rank chevrons on the left collar, conscripts have chevrons on the right upper sleeve. No other insignia is worn. The field-cap is identical for all ranks.
Lochias, Greek Commando Regiment; field uniform

The camouflage uniform is restricted to paratroopers, commandos and marines; other branches wear the olive drab version. The beret is green for commandos and paratroopers, blue for the ’Evzones’ Presidential Guard, black for armor, red for Army aviation, olive drab for other branches. This beret badge replaced the 1968-1973 and 1973-1975 versions, both of which featured the respective peaked cap badge without the wreath. In combat the US M1 helmet is worn with a camouflage cover. Rank and branch insignia are as for barrack dress. The shoulder title and formation patch are apparently also worn by paratroopers; but marines have a classical sailing ship badge below a differently worded title. The printed parachute wings with star indicate the second of three grades. The automatic rifle is the Belgian FN FAL, folding stock model.

Grounds-crew service a Polish Lim-6bis, a domestically produced light attack aircraft using the MiG-17 design, of the 62nd Fighter Regiment, located on the Poznań-Krzesiny Airport, West Poland

A Portuguese soldier armed with, as his Spanish counterpart, an CETME Model C.

The 63,000 man military of Portugal was one of the smaller in NATO, but Portugal’s Azores possessions made her one the NATO’s most important components. Through the 1980s, the small Portuguese Army numbered only about 40,000, with 16 month conscripts supplying three quarters of its strength, being reduced after Doomsday
Joe Manchin.jpg

Joe Manchin, President, Virginia Republic
Elected in 2016, Mr. Manchin was elected to a second term on a program of continued economic expansion and reclamation of coastal areas along the Eastern seaboard; he has also proposed an alliance with the United States government in the West, citing the success of the alliance with Kentucky, Manchin is known for easing many of the post-Doomsday restrictions of the former military government of Virginia during the transition to democracy.

A Norwegian Lieutenant.

During the 1980s, the Norwegian Army numbered only around 20,000, slightly over half of which were draftees, serving a twelve month term of service, even after Doomsday