Photos from 1983: Doomsday


Frisian soldiers on a former dutch truck that works by woodgas helping people trapped on flooded areas. Friesland, 2020

Mende Cathedral, on former Lozère department, now on the Regroupement des Gévaudan territory
The alliance was formed in 1990 to combat the bandits forming the area, but as has been fighting with separatist and life there it´s like on Middle Ages, few information it´s known. Auvergne could invade them
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Kramatorsk airport, on Donetsk region, Ukrainian Military Administration (Russian Confederation) . The airport has become a basw for the Russian Confederation troops, but the URA wants to make the russians to retreat to the pre-Doomsday border of the Russian-Ukrainian SSR, as they think that Russian had invaded their territory

Olivier Vanneste, the governor of the West Flanders province (In Belgium) during Doomsday, relocated himself to Nieuwpoort as the northern part of the province was irradiated and overpopulated by raiders. After meeting Lille and wanting to avoid more attacks, Nord-Pas de Calais goverment annexed the flemish territories to Lille, creating the country of Lille-et-Terres-Flamands

Jerma Palace Hotel, on Malta, became a refugee/tourist camp from Doomsday. Later, the rooftop was used as a farm, while one of the pools became a fish farming plant for 2 years
A VHS tape of the Israeli Channel 1 of Eurovision 1983, that appeared on the first Eurovision Song Contest (Liverpool 2009) after Doomsday, as a tribute to the fallen