Photos from 1983: Doomsday


The monument of the Bulgarian revolutioneer and military leader Chardafon The Great (Prodan Tishkov) in Gabrovo, Rhodope.
Celtic Union soldier, probably a former IRA member with his M60 guarding a Refugee camp in Northern Ireland following the atomic bombing of Belfast.

The Celtic Alliance takes its roots directly after the nuclear attacks of the Cold War, when the Republic of Eire and the Northern Ireland Counties agreed to co-operate after Belfast was destroyed, bringing unrest to the area. Within the next few weeks the Co-operative government had determined that almost all other nations in Europe had been destroyed, exceptions coming from radio signals from Lewis Island, Scotland, where they came into contact with what effectively was the de facto government of the United Kingdom in the form of five Parliament members who had been on the island.

Watertaxi on the Spree River, near Postdam, Prussia, This transport has been used since DD with woodgas to cross people and as a training for the Prussian Navy after they captured the West Polish naval bases on Pomerania with old ORP ships which were salvaged from Gdynia and Szczecin