Photos from 1983: Doomsday

Some of the pre-DD West German Marine boats that survived Doomsday, now repaired for the North German Marine, or became floating houses for refugees after Doomsday.

A1443 FGS Rhön, a type 704A Rhön class tanker / fleet replenishment oiler of the North German Navy. Being housed in Wilhemshaven, North Germany, it survived as a floating gas station for the survivors there.

A starboard bow view of the West German frigate Köln (F 220) underway in 1984, patrolling the waters of the North Sea. In 2005, it was renamed as the North Germany frigate Helmut Kohl (F 220), in honour to the former West Germany president that survived Doomsday and was a governor of the survivor country.

Former West German training boat of the Bundesmarine, the Deutschland (A 59) at anchor in Lustrafjord near Skjolden, Norway, in a visit of the North German chancellor Rainer Maaß to Trondheim. It survived Doomsday as was being docked in Flensburg.
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Some vidinite Aero L-29 in Gabrovnitsa Air Base, near Mihaylovgrad, Vidin. (that city was renamed as Montana after the conquest of Vidin by Rhodope) Some of those planes, which were repaired after Doomsday with help of scrapped metal and scavanged materials, had been destroyed after the war with Rhodope, except 2 which were housed at the air base when Rhodope caught it.