Photos from 1983: Doomsday


Larry Rubin (born August 31, 1974) is an American-Mexican businessman and political activist, the president of The American Society of Mexico

An overhead view of Plänterwald Cultural Park in Berlin, Prussia (c. 1996). The park opened in 1969, it was the only constant entertainment park in East Germany and all of Berlin, it was dubbed the "socialist Disney Land". It closed following Doomsday but reopened a few years later in 1986 to help boost morale. In later the years the park would see renovations and expansions.​

Joe Torre is a former baseball player and manager currently living in the restored United States, where he has taken a prominent role in organizing post-Doomsday baseball. Torre's charitable efforts have focused on helping people cope with the PTSD and other traumas that many have suffered from since Doomsday.

John Gavin was an American actor, union official, and political figure who was the incumbent United States Ambassador to Mexico on Doomsday. Gavin's status as the highest-ranking US official in Mexico led to his becoming a major leader of the Americano population in Mexico and a rallying point among the American diaspora.

The famous Thames Television bumper featuring many of London's landmarks. It was used from its launch in 1968 up until Doomsday. As London was destroyed by several nuclear bombs in the early morning hours of September 26, 1983, Thames Television went off the air permanently.

NOTE: While the video says 1984, this bumper in OTL was used up until 1989, so it's fine.

"The end of Tokyo", an artist's rendering of what Tokyo might have looked like when it was attacked., during Doomsday.

NOTE: the image is a sci-fi Nuclear explosion over Tokyo (for NHK's "Earth After Nuclear War"), 1984. Created by Shusei Nagaoka