New York City during the Northeastern Blackout of August 2003
Tony Hawks Underground Logo (2003)

Once Again without the rise of emo culture and post 9/11 street culture (ie mcbling, glam, crunk, ghetto streetwear) etc, tony hawks underground is essentially THPS 4.5 (with many of the Y2K era elements still being a part of skate culture)

this game is the first tony hawk game with the ability to ride bmx bikes and motocross alongside skateboarding and the ability to get off your skateboard, explore the level and do graphiti similar to jet set radio
(the AU version of this game is more like an HD version of the DS version of tony hawk skateland with its cel shading rather than the realistic gritty feel of underground OTL)

(Logo Based on OTLs Tony Hawks Boom Boom HuckJam 2002 Tour) (The First One)
also added the alternate ps3 logo (inspired by the alternate ps3 design from the geronimo timeline)

tony hawks underground logo (pre 9-11 AU version).png

A YouTube video showing American-style tractor trailer trucks operating on the roads of Russia.

American trucks (mostly second hand) have been imported to Russia since the mid 1990s and would continue well into the 2000s and early 2010s.

In some areas of Russia, they have become just as common as the European and Asian brand trucks.

President George W. Bush delivers his second inaugural address, January 20, 2005

President Bush, who had suffered from mediocre approval ratings throughout his first term and hovered around 48% at the time of this address, emphasized his domestic agenda and how he hoped to pass more of his agenda now that the Democratic majorities in Congress were much slimmer than they were following the 2002 midterms. House Speaker Dick Gephardt (D-MO) criticized the speech as too partisan and polarizing, a similar description to Bush's 2005 State of the Union address later in February and the rebuttal delivered by freshman senator Barack Obama (D-IL) and representative Nancy Pelosi (D-CA).
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Rotten tomatoes of Gump & Co. (2003), a sequel of the classic films Forrest Gump (1994). However, it wasn't as good as its predecessor...

From Iwanh Geromino
As for the poster, I saved the image which Iwanh posted on the page 2 of this thread
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Two Scenes from Disney Movies

The scene from the 2001 Disney-Pixar film Monsters, Inc where Mike and Sully run away with Boo from the Harryhausen's restaurant before the CDA blowns it up to decontaminate it.


The climax scene from the 2002 Disney animated feature Lilo & Stitch, where Stitch, Jumba, Nani and Pleakley commandeer a 747 airliner to chase after Jumba in order to save Lilo.

EDIT: Ignore the unfinished animation that is shown in some parts of the video!
Another version of the Lilo & Stitch scene where Stitch, Jumba, Nani and Pleakley commandeer a 747 airliner to chase after Jumba in order to save Lilo.

NOTE: While the regular animation in mostly complete here, there are some scenes in this video that are still only in either the storyboard or animatic process.