Peshawar Lancers Redux: North America

The President met with the companies which were working on aircraft designs and manufacturing. He was encouraging their work as he believed that it would improve transportation .. The president was pushing to increase the electrification of the nation. He wanted to insure that electric power reached ore of the American people. He had put money in the budget to expanded the reach of the Grid.
The President proposed legislation to overhaul the banking system he believed that some banks were speculating with the depositors funds which had lead to some bank failures. The Nationalist had opposed the legislation but the Republicans had joined the American reform Party to press the issue. In September 1933 the measure past both the Senate and the House and was sent to the President to sign.A Social Security Bill was introduced but died at the end of 1933. The President reintroduced a new version of the bill in January 1934. A much retooled bill was passed in September and the President signed the bill into law.
The President prepared for the Midterm elections. The American Reform Party looked like it would gain some seats mainly by cutting into the Social Democratic Party and taking a few Nationalist seats in the area that had heavily supported the President. However, the Nationalist had managed to limit the loses to just a few seats.
The Gleason Presidency saw Irish-American relations continue to improve and in July of 1935 the American-Irish Security Treaty was approved by both countries.It was followed by an American-Canadian Security Treaty and an American-Portugesse Security treatywhich granted the US a base in the Azores.
President Edward J Gleason announced that he would seek another term. He also let his wife and daughter know that he would retire from Politics after the second term.But this was to be a closely guard secret. The President was a firm believer that no person should serve more than 2 terms.
The President Traveled to Guam where he met with the Japanese Prime Minister to try to iron out some of the problems that existed between the Japanese Empire and the United States> The Meeting did help to resolve several issues between the two Nations. The President thanked the Hawaiian Kingdom for the use of its facilities on the Island.
President Gleason announced that he would be running for re-election. Jimmy Cagney had a fund raiser for the President in New York.
President Gleason was running for re-election. He was unsure who he would face in the fall. The former Nationalist President had remained out of the public eye for a year and then had run for the senate seat from Virginia. He had declined to run for President again and had been elected as the Senate Majority Leader. He was running for another term as a senator.
Governor James Murrieta ran for President as the Nationalist Party Candidate losing to President Gleason. He was nearing the end of his term when the Senior Senator from California died of a Heart attack and after consulting with party leaders he appointed himself to the vacancy. Thus he returned to the nations capital 15 years after he was last there.
The former California Governor was warmly greeted by the Nationalist Part members of the Senate including the former President. James had decided to complete the term and he was undecided on whether he would run for a full term to the senate.His daughter was running the household since the death of her mother. Her older Brother was a lawman with the California Bureau of Investigation. He had made a choice to stay out of politics.
In an interview Senator Longstreet Nat-Va made it clear that he was not interested in running for President. He would support President Gleason on those items that he could but was not looking for a fight. He welcomed the former California Governor and President Boone's VP to the Senate.
President Gleason was now about to start his second term as President. He had a few more things that he wished to accomplish. He had spoken to his Vice President but he had already indicated that he would be retiring from Politics at the end of this term. President Gleason had already made it clear to his wife and daughter that he would not seek another term. The President would have to seek a candidate to run in 1940 but that was the future.. He would be meeting with the Latin American leaders to seek an agreement on issues. He would latter in 1937 travel to Europe stopping in Ireland Britain, Austria,Germany and Portugal as well as a brief stop in Rome.
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President Gleason was facing a Congress that was Controlled by the Nationalist Party. Unfortunately the President saw the defeat of some Republicans who had supported him and their replacement by Nationalist. While former President Longstreet seemed to be open to compromise some of the newly elected Nationalist members of the Senate and House were not as open.
President Gleason was looking at the US Army and US Navy and looking at a modernization. His budget would look at funding a light and medium tank design, new field guns and replacing the Springfield rifle with a better designed weapon. The Navy would see the beginnings of a major modernization
Mexico was seeking to build a high speed rail across southern Mexico which would allow the transporting of freight quickly from Mexico's Pacific coast port to the Gulf of Mexico as a means of competing with both the Panama Canal and the America's Canal