Peshawar Lancers Redux: North America

President Pedro Castillo of the Commonwealth of Sonora arrived in the American Capital. He was quite eager to met with the American President and hold talks with the Congressional Leadership.. He was just elected President and was only 34 years old. His country was stable and had dealt with the problems of corruption. He knew that the people of his country were opposed to reunification with Mexico.
President Castillo Address a joint session of the American Congress speaking in perfect English. He pointed to the progress that his country had made. Crime along the border had dropped to low levels The Sonoran Federal Police had cracked down on criminals and smugglers. There was co=operation beween US and the SFP. Treade was up 75% and joint American-Sonoran Companies were drilling for oil and mining for Minerals.
President Castillo was lobbying the American Government for Most Favored trade status and he was also asking to buy weapons to equip his country's military from the US. American businesses were eager to gain the contracts so there was a lot of pressure on both the new administration and the congress to pass the bills.
The Congress passed a most favorite nation trade bill with Sonora. It also approved an arm sale to that nation thus the Sonoran Army would finally be able to standarize it's small arms rathere than having a mix of weapons from Germany France Spain and the former Mexican Federal Army. The country would be buying 18,000 Springfield rifles,800 Browning Automatic Rifles.,400 Thompson SMGs,100 30 caliber LMG,75x50caliber MG, 18x75mm howitzers,18x105mm Howitzers
Mexico was not happy with the arms sales to Sonora by the US but its President understood the reason behind it. The US provided Mexico with a 49 million dollar loan to fund some critical public works projects.
The airplane had yet to make the breakthrough. The aviation Bureau of the Army and the Navy was dominated by airship pilots,copilots and Navigators. There were only a handful of people that had volunteered to learn about powered flight.
President George Longstreet considered himself the first President who was not having to deal with The Fall. The weather had returned to a more or less normal pattern and the days of massive recovery projects seemed to be over... The rail connection had been restored and there was a lot of paved roads. A lot of people had died during the Fall and its aftermath but there was once again a flow of Immigrants into the country. George had just completed his first year as President and was unsure if he would run for another term> He felt he had calmed things with Mexico.
In a shocking turn of events the opposition parties had managed to block government funding for research on military aircraft. Opposition came not only from the two opposition parties but from some Republicans and Nationalist members of the Congress. It appeared that the administration wasn't convincing enough to get the funding.
President Longstreet and the Secretary of War and Secretary of the Navy met with members of the Republican and Nationalist Party to work out a deal to allow the government to fund research on aircraft for the military. With the mid term elections coming up none of them wanted the President campaigning and supporting someone running against them. Thus a deal was reached
Patrick E Smith ran for Governor in 1926 and barely won the election to be New York's Governor. Secretary of Commerce Edward J Gleason resigned his post in 1927 and announced that he would run for President as the Candidate. of the American Reform Party. President Longstreet announced he was running for re-election.
The former Secretary of Commerce began his serious campaign to win the nomination of the American Reform Party and then the election. He had become more widely known due to his having been the Secretary of Commerce. He was well liked within the party and was taken by many professionals as a serious candidate for the office. The remains of the Democrat Party that had not gone over to the Socialist Party were expected to support him> Former President King was toying with running but stood little chance of winning but it could take away enough votes to swing some states to Mr Gleason.
Former President King was running as an independent for President.The Republicans had nominated Vice President Calvin Coolidge for President,President George Longstreet was certain to win the nomination of the Nationalist and Edward J Gleason was winning the American Reform Party's nomination. It appeared that the public was ready for a change. The man to benefit from that call was Mr Gleason. a former soldier, stockbroker,cabinet Secretary. It was now his time in the sun, He campaigned across the nation sometimes joined by his wife and daughter.
Election Night 1932 was a nail bitter. No one was sure who won.It appeared the the former President King had stood no chance of winning he just allowed the American Reform Party to win more states. Indeed Mr Gleason was ahead in the electoral vote count.. The vote count went on for a week before Mr Gleason was declared the winner. President Longstreet called him and congratulated him.
The President Elect had a lot of decisions to make. He needed to choose a whole new cabinet and select a new Army Chief of Staff and new Chief of Naval operations. Robert O Dwayer was nominated to be Attorney Gerneral,William Casey was nominated to be Secretary of State,John Gleason,the brother of the President was named Chief of Staff, Kathleen O'Leary was named as Secretary of Commerice,William T Magnum as Secretary of the Treasury,Admiral Richardson was named as the new Chief of Naval Operations,
Theodore Roosevelt Jr was recalled to the Army and named as Chief of Staff,James C West was named as Secretary of the Interior.
The Vice President had been an actor before convinced by the President Elect to be his running mate. J Carrol Nash was going to be playing an important role in the new administration. .While the American Reform Party had gain some seats in the Congress they Congress they did hold seats in the House and the Senate. The President would have to win vote in the Republican and Nationalist held seats. His selection of the late Presidents son was popular with both the Republicans and Nationalist and Secretary of State William Casey was highly regarded. William Cagney came aboard as the press secretary
The New President and Vice President were sworn in. The former President attended the ceremony and shock the hand of the man who replaced him. It was a strange experience for many in the capital as this was the first time in a long time that the Nationalist had not controlled the Presidency.The Nationalist controlled the Congress The American Reform Party was in the Minority but the Nationalist and the Republicans promised to give the President's proposals a fair shake.
The Gleason Era Begins: An so the Presidency of Edward J Gleason began. The President proposed some changes. He pushed for some food safety legislation. He proposed some changes to he US Postal Service and called for the Federal Bureau of Investigation to tackle Organized Crime. On Foreign Affairs he moved to improve relations with the other nations of the western Hemisphere.
President Edward Gleason made his first visit to a foreign Country with a visit to the Kingdom of Ireland. He received a Royal welcome from the Government and the people.
For President Gleason was regarded as a Son of Ireland returned to the land that his ancestors came from. His wife and teenage daughter had come on the trip.
The President submitted an agreement granting Most Favored Nation status regarding Ireland, Sweden and Portugal to the Senate. He also submitted a Mutual Security Security Treaty between the US and Ireland to the Senate
President Gleason mediated an agreement between Mexico and Sonora which seemed to at last eased the tensions between the two nation. The agreement allowed a resumption of trade and would allow travel through Sonora to the US. The President next traveled to Neuva Granada ,Empire of Brazil, Argentina and Chile and he became the first President to visit the Falkland Islands.