Peshawar Lancers Redux: North America

March 30,1909 Former President Roosevelt and his two sons left by air ship for Ireland as part of his trip to see how Europe had recovered. The ship landed at the giant field in Ireland od which part was a joint Irish-Hawaiian Military Base and the other part a Irish Civilian airport. He traveled by train to Dublin and then stayed in Ireland for a week long tour of all of the improvements. He then traveled by ship to a British port where he was greeted by British officals and wisked away by train to the rebuilt capital of London
Teddy arrived at the British Reconstruction HQ in London. There he was briefed and shown pictures of what the capital looked like when they arrived and photos of what had been done. There was a model of what was planned. The foremer US President saw photos taken by airship of various parts of the British Isle. He was taken to Buckingham Palace where he would be a guest of the crown.
President Leonard Wood had addressed the congress and had est his legislative priorities. The economy was in good shape. The President was continuing to build the fleet but at a slower pace than Teddy. He was looking at spending with an eye to controlling the Federal Budget