Peshawar Lancers Redux: North America

March 30,1909 Former President Roosevelt and his two sons left by air ship for Ireland as part of his trip to see how Europe had recovered. The ship landed at the giant field in Ireland od which part was a joint Irish-Hawaiian Military Base and the other part a Irish Civilian airport. He traveled by train to Dublin and then stayed in Ireland for a week long tour of all of the improvements. He then traveled by ship to a British port where he was greeted by British officals and wisked away by train to the rebuilt capital of London
Teddy arrived at the British Reconstruction HQ in London. There he was briefed and shown pictures of what the capital looked like when they arrived and photos of what had been done. There was a model of what was planned. The foremer US President saw photos taken by airship of various parts of the British Isle. He was taken to Buckingham Palace where he would be a guest of the crown.
President Leonard Wood had addressed the congress and had est his legislative priorities. The economy was in good shape. The President was continuing to build the fleet but at a slower pace than Teddy. He was looking at spending with an eye to controlling the Federal Budget
President Wood proposed that the Federal Government work with the states to insure that building stards address the Problem of earthquakes and Hurricanes.. He also wanted to revisit some other probles like not allowing people to build in Flood plains or in areas where there might be volcanic activity.
President Wood now faced having to deal with problems along the border with Mexico. As a result the President had ordered additional Federal troops along the border and had had a complaint delivered to the Mexican government .
President Wood now called up the small Army reserve that had been created during the final term of President Roosevelt. The reserve had been expanded from 18,000 to 24,000 and the President had also called up some elements of the California,Arizona,New Mexico and Texas National Guard. Two squadrons of airships moved to the border region and the 2nd Bombardment Squadron began to fly recon Missions over Northern Mexico.
Former President Roosevelt cut short his visit to Europe to return to the United States.
President Wood had 50,000 troops on the border and he had informed the Mexican Government that they had better restore order to the border region or he would be forced to take action. When a Mexican gang attacked a US town in New Mexico and robbed the bank. The US Army followed the Bandits by the Use of airships and then struck bombing the Bandits encampment> Two ships landed and50 US Army soldiers then reached the site recovering stolen gold and weapons.
Cuban and American Interest were now Lobbying the Congress to allow Cuba to become a US territory and then a state. President Wood had so far not taken a position but some members of the Congress had been pushing to make it happen. The Sugar Industry and the Gambling Industry were both joining the Lobbying. TR had not supported the measure when he was President.
The current President believed that the nation needed to deal with the current Mexican lack of control of the border region Major General John Pershing had assumed command of forces in Texas.
The former President called the current President on the phone from the Roosevelt estate in New York. They discussed the current problem with Mexico and Teddy offered to raise a unit of Volunteers but President Wood tried to discouraging Teddy saying that they were too old to take the field where Teddy brought up that Jack Pershing was in Texas with the Regulars. President Wood changed th topic to Cuba and they had a frnak discussion.
The former President had not taken a position regarding Cuba becoming part of the United States when he was President.It had been considered by him to be not of major importance. His advise was to take it slow and to investigate the parties involved. He would give the matter some thought and look into the matter and let the President Know what he found out. He would not make any public statement regarding Cuba until they spoke again.
President Wood heard from the US Embassy in Mexico City that the current government had collapsed. It appeared that No one was in charge and chaos was spreading. The government of Neuva Granada had dispatched troops to Vera Cruz to help restore order. Britain had dispatched forces to evacuate British citizens from Mexico. The President ordered the evacuation of Americans from Mexico and prepared to send forces into Mexico to stabilize the country. General Pershing believed that he would need 150-200,000 troops to create a zone of stability.
With a collapse of the central Government of Mexico President Wood ordered US forces into Northern Mexico to establish a zone of Stability. The US Army moved against any gangs and moved to quickly restore order The US carried out some construction and improvement within the zone. The Hope was to restore control to local authorities.. The US hoped for an occupation of 6-12 months.
President Wood made it clear to General Pershing that this was not to be an open ended Occupation he wanted the area stabilized and a Northern Mexican Force organized to allow withdrawal by the US. At the outside it would be 12 months but he wanted it to not go on forever. The Liberal Party was expected to oppose the operation. The Operation started in 1910 and the President reduced the Occupation force from 250,000 to 170,000 at the start of 1912 and the plan was to draw down another 70,000 by the end of the year.
President Wood was re-elected in 1912 and he announced that he planned to have the number of US troops in Northern Mexico down to 4,00 by the spring of 1914 and down to a few hundred before the end of that year. The Confederation of Northern Mexican states was ready to take over a larger part of the responsibility for their region. The Chaos in the rest of Mexico had finally begun to come to an end. Neuva Granada,Brazil. Peru had all supplied troops to the Peace Keeping force which totaled 100,000.
A Bill to make Cuba a US territory with eventual admission to the Union as a state passed out of a House of Representatives committee a similar bill was in the Senate. After talking with President Wood former President Roosevelt expressed opposition to the Bill in its current form. This resulted in some Opposition to the bill and things began to slow down Rep Daniel W Ponder L-CT expressed opposition to the former Presidents position and urged the Liberal Party members to join him..
President Wood announced that he was opposed to the current Bill that would annex Cuba and make it a US Territory. He called for changes in the bill so that he and the former President could support it. He announced that he would not run for a third term after the mid term Congressional elections. US forces had fallen to under 3,000 in Northern Mexico.
Mexico had held elections under the watchful eyes of the Peacekeepers and President Jorge Sanchez had been elected President. The Confederation of Sonora as the Northern Mexican states now refereed to themselves decided not to participate but agreed to hold talks with the new Mexican government.
Bower Boone was the current Governor of Missouri. He had been born after the end of the Civil War and was related to the Late Great Daniel Boone. He had survived the Fall and the Battle between the Corrupt officials of the Federal Government and James Longstreet's Nationalist. He had joined the Nationalist Party and had been made the candidate for Governor in 1908. Re-elected in 1912.He was asked by President Wood to become Secretary of the Interior in 1914. He was Popular in his state and well regarded by the Nationalist Party Leadership.
Secretary Boone found himself drafted to be the Nationalist Party Candidate for President The Secretary's son used his contacts to help support his father's campaign... The Nationalist Party pushed the son of a man who had raised Hispanic Californians to fight against the forces of the Mexican dictator 30 years ago.
Bower Boone was sworn in as President of the United States . His Vice President was the son of a man who had raised volunteers to fight the Mexican invaders with General Mosby.James Murrieta had graduated from the University of Califoria and had served as the attorney General of the state He was married to an AngloCalifornian and was 37 years old.. Bower Boone had a very well known ancestor Daniel Boone.