Peshawar Lancers Redux: North America

Governor Roosevelt was approached by both the Republican and Nationalist Parties and urged to run for President in 1896. Teddy agreed to consider it and would give an answer in 2 weeks.
Governor Theodore Roosevelt notified the Nationalist and Republican Parties that he would accept the nomination of both parties to run for President in 1896. He had some idea as to who he would like to run with and both parties would have to nominate the same person for Vice President.
Among the Candidates was a young army officer who happen to be a doctor and who Teddy had met. He was impressed with the 36 year old who had shown intelligence and courage under fire..He was Captain Leonard Woods. Another Officer was Major Richard Masters late of the 5th US Cavalry who had served with Teddy in his detachment,
Captain Woods expressed a desire to remain in the Army as he thought that he could make a bigger impact than running for Vice President. So as a result Richard Masters became the choice. He had served 30 years in the army and had retired as a Major of Cavalry. He had been detached to serve with the Department of the Interior and had lead the expedition which had mapped the boundaries of of of the exclusion zones. He had served with Colonel Roosevelt during the March west to California and had remained with General Pershing as Commander of a troop of Cavalry.
Governor Roosevelt and his running mate were endorse by both the Nationalist and Republican Parties and the immediately began an aggressiive campaign to win the election of 1896. Teddy promised to make more progress in rebuilding the country and pointed to his actions as both Federal Administrator for the Northeast and latter as governor of the state of New York. The election results showed a landslide for the Roosevelt-Masters Ticket and on January 2oth 1897 he was sworn in as the new President and the Lt Governor of New York became Governor. Teddy had now become the President a job which he had dreamed of holding. He received a congradulations call from James Longstreet.
President Rosevelt proposed the creation of the Yellowstone National Park.. He also proposed to spend more money restoring the United States of America. He pushed through his Military modernization which would more than double the size of the US Navy. His administration signed trade agreements with the Kingdom of Hawaii, Empire of Brazil, Neuva Granada, Australia, British Empire and Canada.
President Roosevelt directed the Secretary of the Interior to survey the Northern reaches of the United States with a possibility of restricting resettlement into areas that could be considered DANGEROUS. He proposed to Congress having the US Government Inspect animals to insure that the food supply was safe and no contaiminated meat was being sold. He proposed that the Department of the Navy and the War Department purchase airships to allow the transportation of troops and goods anywhere.
May 1897 President Roosevelt was traveling out west.. He planned to look at Colorado.Utah, Nevada and California. He would look at conditions in California and meet with the Hawaiian Prime Minister on Catalina.. He wanted to discuss issues of concern to him and wanted to exchange views getting a clear perspective of the Hawaiian Position.
The American President and the Hawaiian Prime Minister had much in common. They both had a desire to make the world a better place . The Hawaiian Leader had struggled to improve conditions for Hawaii. He had done what Teddy had desired to build a canal which had allowed Hawaii to reach the resources that it needed. Hawaii's airships were now allowing Americans to travel much further in a shorter period of time than a sea voyage would take
The Meeting between the two leaders showed both men that they had much in common . They had developed a bond that would grow in time. They spoke frankly of their views of the world and the impact of The Fall. Both pledged to work together.
President Roosevelt began his Administration with a proposal to Rebuild America. The Proposal was a multiyear plan to really make progress on reconstruction. Previous administrations had been restoring the rail and bridge connections. What the President wanted to do was to rebuild and reconnect Florida. There were plenty of rocks that had been cleared from Connecticut and New York and they would be shipped south to Florida. Another item that the President wanted to deal with is conservation and not allowing people to move into areas were they may be at risk. Congress had approved the Yellowstone National Park as a first step.
The Royal Hawaiian Airways had begun airship service between Hawaii and San Francisco and Had latter expanded service to the US Capital and Fort Wort Texas.. Pan American Airways came into being in 1897 and it purchased 5 airships from the Hawaiians for service in North America.
Pan American Airways Airships flew from the Capital to San Francisco and to San Antonio, Texas. It added Staten Island ,NY, Charleston,SC. By 1899 Pan American Airways had added ten more airships to its fleet and had another ten on order. The Airways had begun traveling to Europe with first countries added being Ireland, Portugal and Spain.
The Hawaiian provided airship service to Hawaii,Australia, New Zealand,Central America, Brazil,Falklands, India,Singapore,Canada, Ireland and Iceland. Britain provided airship service to Egypt, South Africa, Gibraltar,Hong Kong, Australasia, Parts of India, Britain,Austria.
President Roosevelt suggested that the War Department consider creating an air-mobile unit of the US Army and the Army purchase some airships to carry them. The President had been steadily rebuilding the US Navy to protect the nation.
President Roosevelt let the leadership of both the Republican and Nationalist Parties know that he would be seeking a second term as President.
Progress had been made but President Roosevelt wanted to take a giant leap forward in America's recovery from The Fall. New York City had taken steps forward. The City was smaller and more open. Its population was nearing 60,000. Philadelphia had also seen a lot of change. But the biggest improvement was what had once been Boston. The city had been destroyed but now the outpost that had taken root where it had once stood was now a small city of 6,000.
President Theodore Roosevelt won a landslide victory in the 1900 election.The Nationalist-Republicans swept into total control of the Congress. The weather had begun to move toward a return to normal. Temperatures were slowly increasing and it was believed that the effects of The Fall would begin to disappear. The President Planned to visit Portsmouth <New Hampshire, Boston, Ma, Newport Rhode Island and Buffalo, New York. He Intended to push a second reconstruction Bill through the Congress and be there for the launching of America's first Dreadnought.
Teddy continued with his rebuilding of the US Navy. The US Had acquired Base rights in Cuba. American Businesses were investing in the Cuban Economy and the economy was booming as a result. Teddy insured that the criminal element was kept in check.
Teddy became the first US President to travel by US Navy Airship to Hawaii and latter to Australia.. He thought that it was a Bully Good experience.