Peshawar Lancers Redux: North America

General Howard's Army of California's arrival had surprised the Mexican Army commander who found his forces under attack An entire Mexican Brigade collapsed and Howard pressed the attack catching the Mexicans in the Flank. The two Gatling guns chewed up a Mexican cavalry Brigade. Howard's third Division cut off the enemies line of retreat and the way to Los Angeles was open. Moseby's force plus the Irregulas went on the offensive and the Mexican command fell apart.
While General Howard had inflected a serious defeat on the Mexican forces he was not sure if it was enough to force them out of the state. Still he had captured more than 10,000 Mexican troops and a serious amount of military hardware.Bret Brigadier General Mosey Kept the pressure on the Mexicans preventing them from resting and reorganizing.
The Texas Column had finally reached Arizona. This force included Teddy Roosevelt. Black Jack Pershing,the Earps , Bat Maserson and a lot of Regulars and Volunteers that had started out from El Paso , Texas. Major General Cook was suppose to be in command. The American commander was trying to reach an agreement with the Apaches which would reopen the line of Communication with California
Crook's agreement with the Indians avoid a war between the Indians and the Americans and would allow for the reopening of the line of communications to California through Arizona. Gen Crooks column was allowed to move on and slammed into the rear of the Mexicans in California. This allowed the distruction of the Mexican forces and the pursuit into Mexico.
The destruction of the Mexican Army in California now left a door open for an American counter attack into Mexico. The two American general however were not prepared to invade Mexico nor was the US in any shape to fight a war in Mexico when. The Nationalist were battling the corrupt Federal Government and attempting to win control so as to put the nation back on a course to recovery.
In California General Moseby carried out a series of raids into Mexico which completed the destruction of the Mexican Army's abilit to threaten California.
General s Howard and Crook consulted on what to do next General Crook felt that he could only remain in California with his forces for a few months as he would have to return back the the path he came so that he could insure that the line of communication remained open as he needed to check on how the agreement was working in Arizona and he had to check on New Mexico. There were two forts in New Mexico and he wanted to make sure that they were well manned and supplied.
With the situation in California stablized General Crook prepared to return back to the Arizona Territory and then New Mexico. He once again met with the Apache Chiefs and assured them that the Government wanted to get along with them. He did estalish three military post in the territory to protect the line of communications. Then he returned to New Mexico where he carried out operations against the Mexican Army that had crossed the border. Colonel Jack Pershing had been left in command of the US Military forces in the Arizona Territory. He had 1,200 men under his command.
The Earp brothers had been left in Tombstone as US Marshals with orders to maintain law and order and ensure that the agreement with the Apache's was not violated.
Colonel Pershing was enforcing the peace agreement with the Apaches. He was restoring the telegraph line and escorting supplies from the east to California.
Lt Colonel Theodore Roosevelt was a much more experienced officer than he had been when he left El Passo. He had learned a lot about the Army and commanding men. He had returned with General Crook and had a run in with the Mexican Army.
The American Army in California had pushed the Mexican forces out of the US territory and restored control of the border Brigadier General Moseby had pressed the Mexican forces and had left them a incappable force to threaten the state. The Americans had begun building strong fortifications along the border. The General had conducted a deep penetration of Baja California and had returned with captured weapons and goods.
The Nationalist had gained the upper hand in the clash between themselves and the Federalist. Former General James Longstreet had been leading the Nationalist in there struggle to overthrow the corrupt puppet leader of the US who was in fact a traitor and a puppet of the Mexican dictator> Several Union officers had defected to the Nationalist when present with evidence which clearly showed the treason.
The struggle to restore America continued as the Nationalist were not trying to restore slavery but to end the corruption that had taken control of the Federal Government. Indeed the Nationalist were joined by people who had fought for the Union and gradually the weight shifted more and more to the Nationalist. The corrupt President was fleeing from the elite trackers who swore to bring him to justice. His protector declined as the came to the realization of how much a traitor he was selling out the country for money in his pocket.
Victory by the Nationalist saw Longstreet move to emulate Lincoln and bring the country together> There were some trials of interest as those who had betrayed their oaths to the US and had done the what the Mexican leader had wanted were dealt with. The Mexican Dictator had been proven to be weak and his fall from ofice came soon after the failure in the war.
The victory of the Nationalist in the conflict and the defeat of Mexico left the US with many problems that sill had to be resolved. The weather had still not return to anywhere near to normal. The Fall had still not loosen its grip on the world and most of the northern states were unpopulated along the border with Canada. There were a few outpost in the Northeast. James Longstreet had been named acting President but was determined to hold new elections as soon as possible. He had called Colonel Roosevelt to the Presidential Residence and had given him a mission to go North and survey New York ,Ct, Ma and NJ. He was assigned engineers and map makers as well as a detachment of troops and Naval Personnel.
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Longstreet was determined to get the nation moving. He had already decided that a new National capital would need to be built as Washington,DC was too far damaged to ever hope that it could be restored. Further he believed that it would be best if the new capital was located saw in Kansas or Oklahoma so as to create a fresh start. He directed the army to survey some sites and reort back in 120 day with a list. He wanted to hold elections for the new congress in 150 days or less and a new Presidential election no latter than 9 months from the current date. He had appointed several judges to the new Supreme Court in addition to the one survivor.
Meanwhile things had calmed down in California and Brigadier General Moseby had left the army to try his life getting started in the post war world. He had been ready to try his hand as a rancher and a lawyer but had been drafted to run for Governor. His career as a hero of the Armu of California had catapulted him into the Governorship. He pushed several reforms through the legislature and helped to fund some improvements to the states defense.
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Colonel Roosevelt Began his mission with a lot of experienced military personnel. the journals recorded the destruction of The Fall and Photos were taken as well as sketches. Despite the years that had passed there was much destruction. the Navy ferried the group to Staten Island where a settlement had been established. There was some salvage operations going on and the group moved by ship to Long Island. The wreckage made the going tough. Once again the Navy ferried the group to the mainland and the group moved through Westchester County into Connecticut. They made their way to New London,Ct and Proceeded Northward toNorwich,Ct. A decision was made to return to Staten Island for the Winter and to try to complete the mission next Spring and Summer. Dispatches were sent by ship to the President along with the Colonels report.
James Longstreet read Colonel Roosevelts report and looked at the pictures and drawing that were enclosed. He was determined to get the recovery going because the nation needed hope and to see that the government was dealing with making things better. Work had begun on the construction of a new capital . Elections would be held for the new Congress and the first Presidential election.
The Acting President had met with the railroad companies and had pressed them to repair the lines to allow a restoration of a connection with the west . Currently the railroad had managed to repair the lines only to as far west as Denver ,Colorado and were hoping to reach Salt Lake City in another year.. Currently the railroads had restored service through Texas, New Mexico and Arizona and were hoping to link up to Southern California.
Chester A Arthur was elected President of the United States in 1884 and took over from James Longstreet. His Vice President died in 1885 After suffering an injury during the construction og part of the new Capital building. President Arthur signed many bills and carried out a lot of reforms . Unfortunately he passed away in October 1886.
Speaker of the House Winfield Turner Nationalist-Ohio became President and served until the next President was elected in 1888 and sworn in in 1889.