Peshawar Lancers Redux: North America

The Hawaiian Ambassador,who had previously served as the Prime Minister of Hawaii, was quite frank in saying that the Opposition party was opposed to Hawaii's involvement in a land war in the Han Kingdom. The Nationalist Conservatives,who controlled the House were still united but there were some questions about any further involvement. Prime Minister Kao was concern with the Russian involvement and the Russian air strikes on the Republic of China. For now Hawaii stood with the United States.
The Eisenhower Administration was consulting with Japan about the conflict in the Han Kingdom. Japan had engaged Russian forces in combat but hat completed the evacuation from Peking. The Japanese Embassy was closed.
As a result of the conflict in Asia the American people decided that President Moseby should be replaced as President with Senator John F Kennedy DMA in the election of 1964. One of Moseby's last acts as President was to buy Greenland from Denmark. Thus in 1963 the treaty was signed and the US paid Denmark $325 million.
General Maxwell Taylor was appointed by President Kennedy as US Ambassador to the Central American Republic. The President Offically had the Secretary of Defense set up the CAR Military Advisory Group under Colonel Roger Morton with 36 personnel assigned to it.The US supplied 1,800 M-16 rifles plus munitions.
President Kennedy met with Ambassador Kamehameha regarding the problem in the Central American Republic to get his advise regarding the current situtation in the country. The Secretary of State had met with the Neuva Granada Ambassador, Mayan Ambassador and the Brazilian Ambassador to discuss the problem. Neeuva Granada had begun flying Maritime Patrol aircraft and was prepared to stop and merchant vessel using Naval assets.
The President order the Navy to step up patrols in the region to cut off the supply of Russian made weapons.>
Colonel Morton's CARMAG was increased in size from 36 officers and men to 350 officers and men. The Central American Republic received additional military aide including 24 T-28D counter Insurrgency aircraft 24 helicopters, 3,600 addition M-16 rifles,36 M-79 grenade launcers and some vehicles.
President Kennedy directed his Secretary of Defense to begin the deployment of combat troops to the Central American Republic. Secretary of Defense Robert McNamara anounced the Deployment of the 5th Marine Expeditionary Force, 4th US Infantry Division and the 173rd Airborne Brigade. US Navy ships would join the Brazilian and Neuva Grenadian ships
The President Knew that the Canal was an important factor in the world's economy and American Defense. Thus it was better to work with America's allies and stabilize the country and put down the insurgency. The President spoke with the Hawaiian Ambassador on a daily basis and the State and Defense Departments were working with the Central American Republic. The Royal Bank of Hawaii had stepped in and taken over the Banco Central,which had gone bankrupt. It was reorganizing the bank training its personnel and hoped to have it open again. US and Hawaiian Fiancial aid had covered the loses and the new Hawaiian-Banco Americo would be back.
James Longstreet IV was the candidate of the Nationalist-Republican Alliance for President . He had replaced his father as the Senator from Virginia and was serving his first term. He had just married the Female Governor of Oklahoma. Senator Longstreet dashed the hope that President Kennedy would get a second term.
President and Mrs Longstreet's first visit to Hawaii was to attend the Mass for the late Chief of Naval Operation of the Hawaiian Navy. He was also the brother of the man who had served as Hawaii's Ambassador to the US and the Uncle of the Prime Minister. The President was told by Katherine that she would not be running for re-election to the House and would not be Prime Minister in 1973. She introduced him to George Stephen McGarret the Majority leader and most likely the next Prime Minister if the National Conservatives kept control of the House.. Mr McGarret was 54 and a former officer of the Royal Hawaiian Constabulary. He had served 4 years in the Royal Hawaiian Navy and then 12 years in the RHC and holding the rank of Chief Inspector of the RHC's Intelligence Unit. He then ran for the House and rose to become Majority Leader.
President Longstreet had decided to approach the allies about forming an International Aeronautic and Space Administration. The Hawaiians had in the late 1960's launched a series of communication Satellites from its Midway Island Facility. After the Lunar landing in 1972 he approached Hawaii, Australia, Canada, Great Britain, and Germany in the proposal.
President Longstreet in his address to the people of the US Proposed creating of a Lunar base to help prevent another Fall Event
The US had emerged after the Administrations of President James Longstreet and Ronald Reagan the strongest ever. The US with the creation of the IASA pushed hard to for fill the Promise of never another FALL Event. When President Catherine Longstreet followed Ronald Reagan that promise began to come to light. Lunar Base One began to take shape.
Prime Minister McNamara helped to iron out some of the problems with the IASA..
In September 1987 Elizabeth Anne Longstreet and Christopher G>McNamara were married at St Catherine's Church in the US Capital District Present were the parents of the bride and those of the groom. George Michael McNamara was the best man and Mary Ellen Longstreet the bride's half sister was Maid of Honor.
In 1996 former President James Longstreet came down with an illness and despite heroic efforts by the hospital staff in Richmond Virginia he passed away.Arrangements were made to fly the body to the National capital where it would lie in state in the capital building where he had served in the congress before becoming President and latter in his return to the Senate before his retirement. His widow Catherine ,who had served as a Vice President and latter as a President would be there as well as the children :Lt Colonel James E Longstreet US Army and his wife, Congressman Richard L Longstreet and his wife, Elizabeth A Longstreet McNamara and Prime Minister Christopher G McNamara and Mary E Longstreet.President Howard Baker led a delegation from the Government. The British Prime Minister was one of 3 dozen foreigners who attended the ceremony.
In March of 2001 Christopher G McNamara was named as Chairman of the Board of Grumman Aerospace. . The company merged with some smaller Hawaiian owned companies making it the largest American-Hawaiian Defense Builder. The former Hawaiian Prime Minister helped to assure that the company was on the correct course to sell its new Tomcat 21. McNamara had served as a pilot in the Royal Hawaiian Air Force and had remained for a time in the reserve. The company was hoping to sell the totally redesigned F-14 to both the Hawaiian Air Force and Navy and to the US Navy.
In 2004 Governor William Langford the Democrat ran for President attempting to break to lock hold theat the National Conservative-Republican Alliance held on the Presidency. The Colorado Democrat finally scored an upset and won the election becoming the first Democrat to hold the office since President Kennedy made a come bace.
President Langford was on the phone to the Chinese President urging him to back off the threat of war. The US had recognized Taiwan as an Independent country and Japan would not sit back and allow the Republic of China to Invade it. China had lost control of the island more than 130 years ago. Tibet had never acknowledged being part of China.
President Langford was not exactly the most popular Democrat in the United States and he was expected to face a strong challenger.The National Coservatives had taken back control of the Senate and the House in the Midterm.
Congressman Richard L Longstreet announced that he would seek his parties nomination for President. The son of two former Presidents made it clear that he believed tha the country was on the wrong track and wanted a chance to correct things before they got worse.
Rep. Richard L Longstreet won the National Conservative-Republican Nomination for President in 2008 and he would be running against President Langford. The Congressman had several new ideas and he hit Langford on his failure to act during the China crisis.