Peshawar Lancers Redux: North America

The struggle was to restore Florida to a united land mass. The going was very slow and it would take an even greater effort.Tons of rock were dumped and a special barrier was created and then water was pumped out and rock and soil deposited.
President Woods continued the rebuilding of the United States Navy. The Battleships Arkansas, Wyoming,New York and Texas were completed . Next the Battleships Nevada and Oklahoma were ordered.The Omaha light cruiser class was also ordered as well as destroyers and other vessels. But the President decided that things needed to slow down as spending seemed to him to be too high.
American Engineers together with Hawaiian Engineers looked at the problem of restoring Florida and decided to try several ideas that might allow the project to be sped up.
By 1911 The Hawaiian and American Engineers had come up with a plan that looked like it would allow the restoration of Florida to take place and be completed within a reasonable period of time. The plan would now allow the work to be started in all three area.
President Woods was looking at the nation and seeing progress. True it wasn't as fast as everyone would like but there was a limit to how much could be done. with the mid terms rapidly approaching he was also beginning to wonder if he would run for another term. He was wondering how Teddy managed it all for 8 years. Still the earth quake that had crushed San Francisco had shown that changes were needed to prevent that disaster from happening twice. He was working with the California Governor to insure that one did not build on landfill.