Peshawar Lancers Redux: North America

By 1902 it was clear that Teddy was making lots of progress. People began to feel a lot better about the country and themselves. The result was that the Nationalist expanded their majority in the Congress The Brooklyn Naval Yard began to work on plans for a dreadnought type of Battleship. It would still be a few years before construction would begin. The US population was beginning to grow but slowly. Experts predicted that in 1904 Teddy would win a second term.
President Theodore Roosevelt had pushed through a number of laws designed to insure the safety of the American Food. Meat was inspected to insure that people would not suffer having rotten or infected food. The President went after Monopolies which tried to eliminate competition and raise prices to unbelievable highs. A lot of road and rail connections had been repaired and steel production was rising. While attention was focused on rebuilding the nation Teddy turned to restoring the military might of America. In 1904 work began on the first two American Dreadnoughts the USS Connectisut and the USS South Carolina Armed with 8x12"/45 guns in four turrets they were the largest warships ever built in the US.
While the effects of The Fall continued to loosen their grip on the world in the United States Teddy had relighted the spirit that had been sleeping. It was now clear that the country was coming back. New York City was reborn and the President campaigned for re-election all over the nation. In November Teddy won a landslide victory.
The Federal Capital was located in what hat been Lawrence ,Kansas. . It had been renamed New Washington. There had been a lot of new construction in the area and little remained of the old city> Teddy had made sure that there were lots of parks and he didn't want it to be crowed. The President continued to put his p\imprint into the city. America was changing and it was on a path that would see a lot of improvements.
In 1905 the president pushed through the Naval Act of 1905 which called for the building of new capital ships cruisers and destroyers. Federal Law now was established in the lands formerly known as the Indian Territory of Arizona. Montana was admitted as a state.
President Roosevelt had spent federal Money widening the Rio Grand River and turning it into a canal capable of allowing shipping as far west as El Paso Texas. It was a great undertaking and would not be completed until 1912. The Brooklyn Naval Yard was now planning the construction of the next generation of battle ship. Already the USS Arkansas and USS Wyoming were under construction in Virginia but the new ships would be started in the Brooklyn Naval Yard being the USS New York and her sister ship the USS Texas.
President Roosevelt had a lot of projects that he was pushing to get done. Time just seemed to be speeding by and he next knew that the mid term elections were coming up and once they took place he would have just two years left in his term as President. He had promised the family that it would be just two terms and then he would retire but there were party officials who urged him to run for a third term. He would have a meeting with the Mexican Prime Minister and latter a meeting with the Canadian Prime Minister. Hawaii's Prime Minister would arrive fora state visit and the President was expected to visit Europe to see to efforts at restoration.
In decisions between the President and the Prime Minister of Canada there had been a meeting of the minds regarding trade and co-operation on further restoration efforts that could benefit both nations. A decision was made to move up the restoration of rail links between the two nations as well as the construction of several bridges which would allow cars and trucks to travel between the two nations. The Hawaiian- Canadian agreements now became an American-Canadian Hawaiian Treaty to assist one another and share information.
In meetings with the Mexican Prime Minister the American President expressed concern that Mexico was failing to address problems along the border with the United States.
There seemed to be a growing Crime problem and Teddy explained that it was Mexico's responsibility to re-establish law and order.While the US was willing to assist if Mexico ignored the problem the US would deal with it. The result was Mexico sent 5,000 Federal Police into the border region and was prepared to send Military forces to back up the police.