Peshawar Lancers Redux: North America

In 2112 the population of the United States had declined to 150 million. The population of the world was slightly under 4 billion, China's population was 225 million.
The Terran Fleet Academy was seeing the seating of its new class and among those cadets were William G Kamehameha, Christopher McNamara and James Longstreet, Gee Lee from Alfa Centuri and many others
The Terran Fleet Academy was now taking nearly 500 applications a year from citizens of Earth as well as the colonies to go to the Academy and upon graduation to serve in the Terran Fleet. With the expansions of the fleet and the lost of personnel and retiree that allow the fllet to keep growing.
A lot of interest and research had now begun in the United States into the period of time that involved the 1880s in the United States and the clash between the new Nationalist Government in America and the Mexican Dictator. The Mexican dictator was stunned by the resistance to his attempt to seize the entire Southwest US. California showed that it would not stand for the Mexican Invasion and it gladly accepted help from Hawaii.
The Fall had changed Southern California a great deal. There had been a greal deal of rain and the body of water known as the Salton Sea was massively larger creating a fairly large barrier of Fresh water in the region. Even when the temperature was more stable in the late 1880s runoff of melting snow continued to flow into the Sea.
Californians resisted the Mexican invasion with a number of famous Civil War figures appearing. One of those people was a former Confederate Civil War cavalry officer who had commanded a regiment of Confederate Cavalry in the Valley. He had been a thorne in the side of General Sheridan but had moved to California after the war to start over. Surprisingly he became a Republican and a lawyer. The Mexican Invasion resulted in his once again volunteering his services to General Howard and the Governor of California.
With a Commission signed by the Governor and Instructions from General Howard to raise hell with the Mexican line of Communication the colonel now called for volunteers and he quickly got all that he needed and then some. He had ex-Confederate, California Militia, and Us Cavalry men. His men were all experienced horsemen and they wore the uniform of the Federal Army. His small arms included three hundred Colt .45 that came from Hawaii and 150 Spencer repeating rifles plus another 150 sharps carbines.> He had more men than weapons to arm them but General Howard promised to do his best to find him weapons and equipment.
Colonel Mosby's Raiders drove the Mexican Commander crazy. He would appear out of nowhere and destroy critical supplies for the Mexican Army in California.
Two troops of his cavalry conducted a raid into Mexico destroying supplies and the rail connection. He was very careful to treat the people of Mexico fairly and released food to the Mexican Peasants .
When the Mexican Commander Brutally burnt the homes of Californians and hung people who aided his men, He struck back and tried a brutal Mexican officer and then had him hung. He made it clear that if the Mexicans used terror tactics he would use the same against the Mexican Army.
When the Nationalist under Longstreet finally crushed the corrupt administration of the President who was in Bed with the Mexicans things began to happen which set the the nation on the road to an eventual recovery and a war with the Mexican dictator. General Pershing and Colonel Teddy Roosevelt had built up a powerful military machine in Texas. They had moved into New Mexico and recovered that territory for the US. A deal was reached with the Indians in Arizona and the two sides united against El Supremo.Mexican forces had been forced out of California and the various American forces were now pushing the forces of El Supremo back further into Mexico. The Mexican dictator found revolts breaking out in various parts of Mexico. His army had withdrawn from the Mayan regions off Mexico in a bid to save the army so he could remain in power.. Carlos Rivera announced a revolt with a goal of restoring the Mexican Federal Republic.
Things just seemed to continue to get worse for El Supremo. The fact that he didn't accept failure all that well meant that his supporters disappeared when things started to get bad. The Americans crossed the border into Northern Mexico to insure that security in the region got better. Baja California was taken by the Americans as payment for all the trouble that haad been caused. Within three months he attempted to leave Mexico for another country but he never made it dying in a port city.
Mexico then becaame a basket case as Carlos Rivera's government did not last and over the next 4 years Mexico had 12 different "Presidents" until Spain and Neuva Granada intervened with military force . The Visroy was appointed and he proceeded to have a new constitution drawn up.. Elections were held for the new Congress and it appeared that finally stability had been achived Juan Benito was chosen by the majority as the new Speaker of the House and the Visroy appointed him as the first Prime Minister of the country. The Visroy turned over some of his powers to the Prime Minister.
The United States government spent the next few years beginning what would be the great rebuilding project in the country's history. In talks between the Spanish Government and the US the Spanish assured the US that they had no desire to rebuild their empire in the New World. The Spanish Ambassador stated that Spain would remain in Mexico only until a truly stable government could be organized and stability insured. The US kept its eyes on what was happening in Mexico but in 4 years the Spanish and Neuva GraInnadan Army withdrew from the country. Spain's viceroy remained with some more power transfered to the Mexican Prime Minister.
Colonel Mosby retired from Military service and he was drafted as a candidate by the Nationalist for Governor of California.
The United States government now worked out a treaty with the Indians which would settle all of the problems. There was no longer the pressure of population movement west to cause problems.
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TR returmed from the west and became involved in the rebuilding of New York. Teddy was a war hero and became Governor of New York. In 1900 he was selected as the Nationalist Candidate for President of the United States and went on to win the National election.
Theodore Roosevelt had faced many different challenges in his life. He had survived the Fall and had served as an officer in the army on the Frontier. He had fought Mexicans and American Indians. He had learned how to make very difficult decisions and had made decisions that had both saved lives and cost them. He had served as Governor of New York during the reconstruction beginnings. Now as the new President he faced the task of continuing to rebuild and reunite the country. It was critical to rebuild the rail connection with the west. America would also need to rebuild a navy. Upon being sworn in he was adjusting to the Capital now being in Kansas. Some of the old capital in Washington,DC had been restored but it was mainly a ghost city. His family was now adjusting to the new Presidential residence. Some of his old wartime comrades had paid a visit Like Major General John J Pershing and Brigadier General Leonard Wood.
Teddy went to work making the country better than it had been. The weather was moving in the right direction and it was clear that the effects of The Fall were beginning to become only a memory of a bad nightmare now vanishing in the light of day. He had checked with the weather experts in America and the experts at the University of Hawaii
and all agreed that this summer would be 12-18 degrees warmer.. He hoped to have the rail connection restored so that it would be possible to travel by train from Pourtsmith NH to Northern Florida. The rail connection had been restored to Salt Lake City and the President wanted to see it reach California.
Among the items that the new President wanted to tackle was food safety, continued reconstruction of the country and the prevention of monopolies forming in the country. He had left the state of New York with a plan to rebuild the city and put the state back together. One of the things that he had done was to inspect the ruins of Washington,DC as well as several other places that had suffered damage. He traveled to the west during the summer and saw that the Buffalo was coming back. He met with the tribes in Arizona and reached an agreement.
IMHO, restoring ports and railroads (and other infrastructure) should go a long way to help bring people back.
Fishing is a small but safe way to create a small permanent populations by itself.
Roads, and other services in higher ground that only suffered the Fall's impact winter might be easier to repair first.