Peshawar Lancers Redux: North America

MGM was quited pleased by the rating of its The Fall tv series. It had made the media giant a lot of money and despite the fact that it had been on the air for 6 seasons it was still going strong and there were plans for another 4 seasons. Caroline Longstreet was running for re-election to the Presidency.
President Caroline Longstreet had watched parts of the MGM miniseries The Fall. She wanted to know what was being done to prevent another event like The Fall from taking place. She learned that her husband had set in motion work to prevent that from happening. Operation Crusader's Shield had begun more than 12 years ago.
Operation Crusader's Shield had continued to grow as Canada, Australia, New Zealand and Austria joined the project. There was a Ballistic Missile system in place and a laser system was being developed
The American President in an address to the American people pledged that the United States and its allies would do everything possible to prevent a Second Fall.
There were several groups working on the project and already there was some capability to defend the planet. To that end Project Ares had been given the go ahead. It would see a return to Mars.
Technology had tackled the problem that had arisen regarding traveling in space and had come up with a solution that should work. It would be tested fully with the return to Mars. A futher early warning system would be deployed both in orbit and on Mars and further defensive system would also be set in place.
Mars saw the first colony planted and it was named Catherine after the President. Catherine Longstreet was into the last two years of her Presidency. She had mixed emotions about its ending. In some ways it would be a relief but she also knew that there was so much left to be done.
In her address to the Nation President Catherine Longstreet announced that the United States and the Western alliance had begun to build a base on Mars. It had also placed into permanent orbit a system which would ensure that a second Fall would never happen. She also announced that despite pressure to run for a third term she would not run and keep with the tradition of no more than 2. Her husband, the former President and current US Senator from Virginia announced his retirement from the US Senate.
With the election eighteen months away the two major political parties were attempting to come up with candidates to run for office. There were at least 5 Nationalist prepared to seek the nomination and 4 Democrats.
It appeared that no one it the United States had really caught the attention of the American people in the Presidential Race. That was Until James Casey Gleason desided to run for President as a Nationalist. He was an Irish American and had worked for NASA. He believed that none of the other people running would continue to press ahead with the exploration of Space and the Mission to secure the safety of the earth from another event such as the Fall. He had talks with both Senator James Longstreet and President Catherine Longstreet. Both agreed to support him as he was forward thinking
For Senator James Longstreet this would be his last Political campaign. He was retiring from the Senate and wanted to spend more time with his wife. His oldest son was preparing to seek his father's seat in the senate.
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James Gleason seemed to have found his niche and had connected with a lot of the Nationalist voters. He said that it was his mission to compltete the job first started by President James Longstreet and put on its tracks to completion by President Catherine Longstreet. It was the mission of the space explorers from Earth to push the frontiers forward.
With the Official kick off of the Election season in the US James Casey Gleason came in first in the Iowa Caucus followed by James Bush. In New Hampshire Mr Gleason won with 51% of the Nationalist vote.
By the start of June it was clear that James C Gleason was going to be the Nationalist Conservative-Republican Nominee and he had selected Texas Congressman Lee Huston as his running mate.. Lee was the Great Great Grandson of Texas President Sam Huston.
The Nationalist managed to win another Presidential election thus the era of the Longstreet's came to an end with the swearing in of James C Gleason as President. Both Longstreet were retired now from politics. James had given up his senate seat and both were expected to spend time either at their estate in Virginia or the ranch in Oklahoma.
Jame's son had won the senate primary and had gone on to win the general election. His father had retired early and the Governor had appointed him to fill out the remainder of his father's term.
President Gleason in his address to the American people called for the country to reach out to the stars and to seek its new destiny by exploration of the universe. It would be an effort by the earth not just the US.
President Gleason met with the leaders in London and hammered out an agreement that put into motion the Terran Space authority.
In March 2025 an exploration satellite was launched from the Moon. It was to transmit data as it moved on its mission which would take it eventually out of the solar system. It was equipped with an advanced powered system with a nuclear battery which should keep it functioning for 50 years
James Longstreet's son was elected to the senate for a full term and eventually became the Majority Leader.He loved the senate and remained in it until he decided not to run for a fifth term. He was appointed to the Terran Space Authority and served for 9 years before retiring for health reason. He died in 2118 and was buried in the family cementary..
President Gleason met with the Terran Space Authority to discuss future plans.. The Base on Mars was growing and there were lots of applications from people to be allowed to go and settle there. There was a requirement that anyone selected must have the ability to speak and write in English. Already a family from Brazil had been approved as had a scientist from Japan and a female doctor from Germany. There was hope that the authority might be able to launch and expedition to Alfa Centuri if the new warp engine was a success
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By the end of the 21st century much had changed. Technology was improving and in 2090 an event such as The Fall was averted by the use of technology that destroyed the threat to Earth far away. . Lunar Base and the bases on Mars helped to ensure the promise made Never again.
The Population of North America and in fact the world had declined by the 22nd Century as a large amount of the population was seeking to find a better life among the Stars.. The population of the United States was now 180 million and was expected to fall somewhat over the next 20 years.