Peshawar Lancers Redux: North America

The now Senator Longstreet was supportive of the President. He would call him if he thought that the President was on the wrong track.
In 2015 members of the Nationalist-Republican National Committee approached Caroline Longstreet about running for President. It seemed tha President Cox was not interested in running for another term. She said yes
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The President announced that he would not be running for re-election.A day latter Caroline Longstreet announced that she was a candidate for President in Oklahoma. Her husband announced his support for his wife's campaign. She had the support of 6 Nationalist Republican Govern
The democrats ended up with a very weak candidate and Caroline won in a landslide. Senator Longstreet was very proud of his wife's victory.
On April 4,2021 WARGOD launched from the Lunar Base with 5 astronauts aboard bound for Mars. Already supplies had been landed on mars and there was plenty of material to start work on a base there.
The WARGOD space vessel was a giant leap into the future of space flight. It was equipped with a new engine which allowed the craft to make the journey in less than 2 months. The astronauts would be on Mars for 4 months and would connect the various buildings and take samples. Then they would return to a special area of Lunar Base and face decontamination procedures.
Reports were now coming in that the WARGOD Space Ship was not living up to expectations. WARGOD-1 had mad 3 trips back and forth to Mars and was now in a special Hanger at the Lunar base listed as nonoperational WARGOD-2 ,which was larger had made 7 trips before it was removed from operational status.
The base on Mars was operational but without a spacecraft there was a proposal to shut things down until a better and safer design could be designed and built
A decision was made by President Longstreet that the exploration of Mars was to be halted. The Base on Mars needed to be mothballed until such time as a reliable Spacecraft could be developed. The Terran Space Authority agreed with the decision.
The decision of Space Exploration was that Manned flight be limited to the Lunar station until such time as a dependable spacecraft be available that would replace the WARGOD which had proven to to unsafe. The Terran Space Authority would seek funding to come up with testing.
Indeed Jock McLean wrote a new book which looked at the crisis of 187102 in Canada as a result of the Fall. The Governor General of Canada had agreed with the Prime Minister that an all out effort needed to be made to save the Canadian Population. Thus the Canadian Pacific Railroad ran trans night and day to the west. Others had fled south into the US hoping to catch a rail connection to California.
Indeed Jock McLean's book gave Canadians the first look at what hat happen after The Fall. It was the first examination of what had happen and the heroic struggle of Canadians and Hawaiians to meet the crisis. Mr Mclean would be working with Christopher McNamara and Admiral William Kamehameha IV RHN (ret) to look at the continuing struggle in the 1870 to evacuate Vancouver and keep the population supplied with food.
MGM announced that they were working on a project which would either be a TV series or a movie based upon the event known as THE FALL.
Given the worldwide scope of The Fall, they could make a long tv series (lasting many years) and multiple spin-off (tv and cinema) just based on the USA's experience of it.
MGM had announced that they would be doing The Fall as a multiyear series on the MGM Network. The plan was to film 12x 2hour episodes a year but a 4 hour feature film would lay out the background and give a world view of the initial impact of The Fall on Europe and the United States.
Casting was something that was causing the studio headaches. They wanted capable actors but the idea was to limit any stars to keep down cost. Special effect were going to be costly to do but it was the only way that they could show everyone what it was going to be like for the people.
MGM was looking for investors as this project as going to cost a lot of money. Surprisingly the Kamehameha Foundation was willing to risk 150 million dollars on the project.
The former Hawaiian Prime Minister came aboard as a representative of the Kamehameha Foundation and as an adviser on The Fall. He had worked on several histories of the period and had contact with other experts.
After two and 1/2 years of filming and then editing the Movie The Fall aired in theaters and was a hit with the people. Six months latter the first season aired on the MGM Network.