Peshawar Lancers Redux: North America

The now Senator Longstreet was supportive of the President. He would call him if he thought that the President was on the wrong track.
In 2015 members of the Nationalist-Republican National Committee approached Caroline Longstreet about running for President. It seemed tha President Cox was not interested in running for another term. She said yes
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The President announced that he would not be running for re-election.A day latter Caroline Longstreet announced that she was a candidate for President in Oklahoma. Her husband announced his support for his wife's campaign. She had the support of 6 Nationalist Republican Govern
On April 4,2021 WARGOD launched from the Lunar Base with 5 astronauts aboard bound for Mars. Already supplies had been landed on mars and there was plenty of material to start work on a base there.
The WARGOD space vessel was a giant leap into the future of space flight. It was equipped with a new engine which allowed the craft to make the journey in less than 2 months. The astronauts would be on Mars for 4 months and would connect the various buildings and take samples. Then they would return to a special area of Lunar Base and face decontamination procedures.
Reports were now coming in that the WARGOD Space Ship was not living up to expectations. WARGOD-1 had mad 3 trips back and forth to Mars and was now in a special Hanger at the Lunar base listed as nonoperational WARGOD-2 ,which was larger had made 7 trips before it was removed from operational status.
The base on Mars was operational but without a spacecraft there was a proposal to shut things down until a better and safer design could be designed and built
A decision was made by President Longstreet that the exploration of Mars was to be halted. The Base on Mars needed to be mothballed until such time as a reliable Spacecraft could be developed. The Terran Space Authority agreed with the decision.