Peshawar Lancers Redux: North America

The race for the Presidency would be a tough one President Thompson was campaigning for David Eisenhower. With an ill wife the Vice President was out of the election.
JFKII was busy campaigning and he was clearly the favorite to win the Democrat nomination. With the support of President Thompson young Eisenower was way out in front and face littl opposition.
The CDC reported 4 cases in San Francisco and the CDC was tracking who they may have come into contact with and isolating those people. President Thompson had both candidates briefed on the threat.
While there were a few more cases reported the CDC took action to neutralize the threat and all of the infected people had been in China and had returned before Presidential action to stop travel had started. . The number of cases grew but then it was stopped and a potential crisis was averted.
The Election saw a narrow electoral Victory by the son of the former President thus final breaking the seemingly endless Nationalist-Republican Lock on the Presidency. The Nationalist managed to hold onto control of the Senate with 52 seats to 46 Democrat seats. In the House of Represenatives the Democrats made some gains but once again the Nationalist held onto power in the house. President elect John F Kennedy II would have to pick people that could be confirmed by a Senate Controlled by the opposition.
President Kennedy got the Senate to approve the appointment of Jules Bergman II as the new Director of NASA. Site Preparation began on the moon toward the construction of Lunar Base Bravo. It was estimated that it would take at least 4 years to complete but some experts believed that realisticly the project would take 10. with cost estimates of 350 billion dollars.
The Allies had helped somewhat with the cost of the Lunar Base by contributing 225 million dollars toward the cost in the first year and would up it to 325 million in the second year.
President Kennedy was asking the Commonwealth of Nations to help out with the cost of the project as it was for the security of the entire planet. The Commonwealth of Nations hope to raise at least 225 million dollars in the first year and 325 million in the second year. This meant that the US would be getting help but would have to make a lot of smart choices.
Maybe more help for the USA could be enticed by pointing out that space stations and a moonbase would help develop industry.
President Kennedy traveled to the Commonwealth of Nations and made an appeal to the General Assembly for help with the Lunar Project as it would Benefit the entire world. The President received polite applause from the Assembly but not all Nations were enthusiastic supporters. Mexico, Central American Republic and Neuva Granada now contributed as did Spain Belgium, Netherlands, Norway, Sweden, Denmark,Finland ,Poland and Italy. The Kingdom of Israel-Palestine, Kingdom of Arabia and Kurdistan also joined the list. From the Common Wealth came Australia, New Zealand,Canada and South Africa as well as India. China agreed to give as did the newly independent Republic of Korea and the Republic of Singapore and the Republic of the Philippines.. In All the US would receive 950 Million dollars the next year and 1.5 billion the following year.
Despite growing financial support from the rest of the world President Kennedy faced opposition with the Lunar base not from the Nationalist-Republicans (although some did oppose it due to cost) but from within his own party. The Democrat Party's left wing was attacking the spending and screaming that it was taking money away from Social Programs. Forget the fact that these programs were blocked by the Nationalist Majority. A lot of inventions were now coming about due to the Space Program. The US was spending $1.9billion on the Lunar base program and was receiving an addition 950million dollars from the rest of the world. The next years Budget was $2 billion with the rest of the world contributing $1.5 billion and indications were that the allies would funnel $2 billion in the next year.
The young President was determined that this space project would succeed. He met with the Senate Majority Leader and the Speaker of the House and got a promise that there would be a fair look at the spending proposal and that the program would not be cancelled. He then talked with his party's Congressional leadership and decided to follow the advice that his late father had given him Try to make a deal but if they wouldn't make one play hard ball. In some cases he moved to support Primary candidates against the left. In the election of 1998 three of the leftist Democrats lost the primary and in one Senate race the President supported a Natioalist.
The President continued to see the Lunar Project get funded in the Budget. It helped a great deal that the rest of the world was contributing near $2.75 billion now to the project and the American taxpayer was only paying $2.4 billion but there was no medial or military conflict that might drain funds. He had crushed the left in his party butt 2000 would mean re-election and he was sure that there would be another headache coming.
In 1999 Christopher Cox ,who was married to former Secretary of State Richard Nixon's youngest daughter Tracia, announced that he would seek the Nationalist -Republican nomination for President. The former Congressman and state of NY attorney General was the first candidate to enter the race..
Christopher Cox was the Nationalist Nominee for President and as expected President John F Kennedy II was the Democrat nominee. The President was popular within most of the party but the Left wing of the party had not forgotten his actions against them. Cox had gotten the former Nationalist Vice President to campaign for him and former President Thompson was also campaigning for Cox. The election was going to be very close according to the polls and the odds makers in Las Vegas seemed to be favoring the odds of a Nationalist retaking of the White House.
In 2000 the polls in the East began to close. President Kennedy took Maine, Vermont, Ma., RI, Ct, NJ but Mr Cox took New Hampshire and NY. The President took Delaware and by a squeaker Maryland. But then came reports from the South. The Nationalist turned out the vote for Cox. Va, WVa, NC,SC, Ga,Tenn<KY, Alabama,Miss,La, Texas, Arkansas. Florida went to the President by just 500 votes. Indiana went for Cox but Kennedy got Illinois and Michigan and Minn.
Poll results continued to come in with the President barely winning Wisconsin and Colorado. New Mexico was another win for the President but Arizona and California went to Cox. The President next took Oregon and Washington. Cox took Montana and Idaho. The President took Alaska and Utah. Nevada was close with Cox barely winning. Iowa went to the President but the Dakotas went to Cox. World arrived from back east tha the race inPennsylvia had been decided fro the President but there was a recount in Ohio and the President had won in Colorado.
Votes were still being counted in Ohio and Nebraska. Missouri went to the President but Oklahoma went to Cox as did Wyoming.
President Kennedy received word that he had barely won the state of Ohio while Cox had won Nebraska. Thus President Kennedy had barely won reelection unless a recount in Ohio flipped the state.
The President made no plans until he was totally sure that he had won. The election results were very close and there was some indication that Christopher Cox had won the popular vote. The Nationalist still controlled the Congress and the majority of the state Governor's position. there would be elections coming up in 2001 and 2002. Among them the elections in New Jersey and Virginia in 2001.
The President had won a second term by the skin of his teeth. Christopher Cox called the President to congratulate him. He would be taking a vacation but was already considering running for Governor of New York in 2002.