Peshawar Lancers Redux: North America

President Mosby faced no opposition in the Nationalist Primaries whereas Senator Kennedy was facing two opponents in the Democrat Primary in his hope to get the Democrat Nomination for President. He won the Hew Hampshire Democrat Primary.
Political Polling showed that Senator Kennedy was likely to win in Ma,RI,,Ct, NJ but the President was expected to carry Ca, Az, Texas,Va, NC, SC,TN, Ky IN,Ga,Mi,Alabama,OK, Kansas.
The election result showed President Mosby winning: California, Arizona, Texas, Nevada, Oklahoma, Kansas,Missouri,Nebraska, New Hampshire, Tenn, Kentucky, Virginia,North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia, Alabama, Louisiana, Indiana. Colorado and Wyoming, Senator Kennedy took Ma, VT, CT,RI, ME,NJ MD,PA,IL Michigan, Wisconsin, West Virginia, Delaware,MN, New Mexico, Ore,Washington, North Dakota,Arkansas,Florida,Utah, South Dakota Ohio, Iowa and New York. The end result is that the Senator barely won the electoral College and in the Popular vote Senator Kennedy won with just 1,500 more votes than President Mosby.
Vice President Lodge would be returning to the state of Massachusetts and running for Senator Kennedy's old seat in a special election, President Mosby would be retiring back to California. He had served as a Congressman, then Governor, two terms as Vice President and 1 term as President. He had ruled out a run for Governor in 1966 but might run for the Senate or for President in 1968. Meanwhile President elect Kennedy and Vice President Elect Hubert Humphrey were preparing to take office in January. The President's Older Brother General Joseph P Kennedy USAF was expected to be assigned to the White House.
December 28,1964 President Mosby was counting the days remaining in his Presidency He and his wife and children had traveled to California where he had purchased an estate. Three of the Children would be in college and the youngest was finishing High School. His oldest child was in his second year at West Point and his oldest daughter was going back to Virginia for college but her twin was going to the University of California. He was expecting that he would have to have a talk about what his wife wanted to do and that would pretty much decide whether he would retire from politics or pick up the pieces and run again.
The US Senate rejected the appointment of Robert Kennedy as Attorney General. The vote was 56 to 42 along party lines. Majority Leader Edward Dirksen said that it was not good public policy to appoint relatives of the President to the cabinet.
Robert McNamara was confirmed as Secretary of Defense 60 to 38.
The President's choice for Secretary of State was approved 72 to 26 and Interior Secretary was also approved 78 to 20(Dean Rusk)
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Robert McNamara was confirmed as the new Secretary of Defense and John Williamson was confirmed as Attorney General. Adali Stevenson was confirmed as the US Ambassador to the Commonwealth of Nations.
Lyndon B Johnson was the Minority leader in the US Senate.
President Kennedy called the Prime Minister of Hawaii to express his concern over the declaration of Martial Law. He was assured by the Prime Minister that new elections would be held in 9 months.
The President would be traveling to his first NATO meeting in London and would latter travel to Australia for a meeting of the Pacific Alliance Treaty Organization. He would then travel to Asia where he would allow Japan to buy the Neptune ASW aircraft and to manufacture 12 of them in Japan.
President Kennedy reached an agreement with the Republic of China which would allow them to buy 15 Neptune ASW aircraft. The US sold three old destroyers and 6 Destroyer Escorts to the Chinese.
The Republic of Vietnam was receiving 18 T-28 trainers ,34 M-24 tanks and 4 Destroyer escorts from the US as military aid
With the 1968 getting closer the Kennedy administration was really worried about who the Nationalist-Republican Alliance would nominate for President. Governor Ronald Reagan was regarded as a strong possibility as was former Secretary of State Richard Nixon and then there was the wild card of former President Mosby . The former President was well liked by the people. If Governor Reagan ran then it was because Mosby had decided not to.
Former President Mosby decided not to run but endorsed Governor Reagan for the Presidency . Former Secretary of State Nixon was running for President as were several
others but the endorsement by the former President helped to increase the likely outcome of a Reagan win of the Nomination. By May it was clear that Reagan had cinched the nomination and he chose Senator Howard Baker Tenn as his running mate
The Democrat ticket remained the same and polls indicated that Regan would take California, Arizona , Texas.Nevada, Oklahoma,Georgia, Tennessee, Kentucky, Alabama,Mississippi, North Dakota, South Dakota, Montana, Missouri, Colorado, Wyoming, North Carolina, South Carolina, Nebraska,Oregon, Virginia, Indiana, Ohio. Kennedy had Maine, Vermont, Connecticut, Rhode Island, Delaware, West Virginia, Maryland, Minnesota and Michigan. Everything else was too close to call
The election of 1968 showed that the Nationalist-Republican Alliance could not be counted out. It was a hard fought campaign by Governor Reagan proved to be a person that President Kennedy could push aside. The results of the election was a return to the Nationalist-Republican Alliance.Kennedy would not win a second term. President Reagan presented his cabint to the Senate and hearing were held to ensure that the President team was in place. The two men got along and the soon to be former President was wondering as to what he would do next. Some talked about running for the Senate or perhaps for Governor of Massachusetts
Caspar Weinburger was confirmed as Secretary of Defense and immediately began a defense review. former Secretary of State Richard Nixon was once again heading the State Department. Melvin Laird was named as the National Security Advisor and the Attorney General was awaiting confirmation.
In early January 1969 President elect Reagan met with President Kennedy it was the first of four days of meetings which would end with the new President being sworn into office. President Kennedy would begin work on his Presidential Library to be located near Boston. Nothing remained of the old city that was destroyed by The Fall. Some Colonial style building had been built. Like New York the City had been rebuilt but it was more open. The President elect asked the President what were his plans. He said that he would have to think about that.
On January 20,1969 Ronald Wilson Reagan was sworn in as President of the United Stated and Howard Baker as Vice President. Former President Kennedy and his wife and children flew Air Force 2 to Boston. The two men had gotten along well and the New President had given the children a jar of Jelly beans. The President began the next day to work on his budget..
Prime Minister Charles Richards arrived in the United Stated for his first meeting with President Reagan. He wanted to discuss joint arms purchases by the US and the Kingdom of Hawaii. Technology was beginning to move ahead,
The US was further developing its technology with a goal of a man landing on the moon.