Peshawar Lancers Redux: North America

The Roosevelt Administration recognized the establishment of a Kurdish state and suggested that the Commonwealth of Nations intervene to set up the borders of the nation.
The Commonwealth of Nations had requested members to send a peacekeeping force but it soon found that many members refused to contribute personnel. Portugal ,Spain and Italy said no. Germany and Austria stated that the situation in Russia was too dangerous
The result was that the US, Canada and Great Britain agreed to deploy a force under the Command of General Dwight Eisenhower. The US deployed the 24 th Motorized Infantry division, 8th Engineer Brigade and 11th Armored Cavalry Rgt., Canada contributed the 2nd Canadian Infantry Brigade,6th Military Police BN and Great Britain the 1st Brigade of the 7th Armored Division and 6th Infantry Brigade.
Paul Kincaid and his party reached an agreement with the Turkish Government on the borders of Kurdistan. Territory was to be taken from Turkey, Syria and Northern Iraq. Resettlement of Kurds living in Persia to the new entity would take place.
General Eisenhower Commanded the Allied Forces in Kurdistan from 1945 to the start of 1949. During that time some of the American units were releaved and replaced. The 24th served from 1945 to May 1947 and it was replaced by the 10th Mountain Division and the 1st Armored Cavalry Division. 1st Brigade of the 82nd Airborne also joined the force. By the Summer of 1946 12 Battalions of Kurdish Infantry were trained armed and equipped by the US. Each battalion was 1,000 men strong. By the end of 1046 2 artillery battalions were equipped and trained of the Kurdish Army. By 1947 4 of the Independent Battalions were used to find the core of 4 Infantry Brigades and 2 tank battalions were raised. In 1949 the Canadian and British peace keeper units were withdrawn and the American force was withdraw. o The MAK ( Military Advisors Kurdistan Mission replaced it . with 200 Us Army officers and enlisted men and 100 USAF officers and enlisted men. The Kurdish Army was expanded to 8 Brigades of infantry, 4 Independent Mountain Infantry, 4 tank battalions,3 air defense battalions and 2 artillery Battalions.
The election of 1948 would see Vice President Taft running against the Democrat nominee. The Democrats were calling for less involvement in missions like the one in Kurdistan and more domestic spending. Polls showed that the Vice President was in a close race but it was not impossible that he could still win. President Roosevelt was campaigning for him. Senator Harry Truman the Democrat was pushing hard arguing for a change after 8 years of Nationalist rule..
The Election of 1948 saw the Democrats win the following states, Missouri (Truman's Home State), Arkansas,Rhode Island, Illinois,Colorado Connecticut,, Maryland, New Mexico,Washington, New Jersey. Taft took, Ohio, Texas, New York, California, Florida, Georgia, Alabama, Indiana, Mississippi, Tennessee, North Carolina,Virginia, Kentucky, Wisconsin,Arizona, Oklahoma Kansas, Nevada, Dakota,Massachusetts, Virginia, Michigan Iowa.
Late polling results showed that Truman picked up Minn. West Virginia and Oregon and Taft picked up New Hamsphere, Montana,Pennsylvania, Utah,Vermont and Maine . Taft was declared the winner
1949 The President had a meeting with the Hawaiian Prime Minister to discuss some joint arms programs. The Hawaiians owned some American companies that were producing aircraft used by both countries. In addition the Royal Hawaiian Navy and the US Navy were producing the same design of destroyers. The Royal Hawaiian Army and Marine Corp had switched from buying British designed small arms produced in Hawaii to American ones. Both leaders were interested in continuing the cooperation as a means of saving monet and gaining a jump on foreign competition.
I have not yet figured out when I will deal with the LaFollete family but hope to do so over the next few weeks. As for civilian aviation the twin engine transports C-46 and C-47 used by the US military in ww2 in our time line now are used by airliners in this timeline. The 4 engine Lockheed passenger liner will soon be available to air companes. as far as private civilian planes there are some available but not widdely available.. Thus in the US there are perhaps 100 private planes
President Taft continued to press forward with the issue of rebuilding the nation. While the transcontinental rail system had been rebuilt there still was a lot of reconstruction that was needed. The Presidnet now moved ahead with the Federal Highway construction program. For the past 20 years rocks from New England had been brought down to Florida as part of the program to reconnect the state.
The election of 1950 saw the democrats make gains in the Congressional seats but the Nationalist/Republican Alliance retained a majority in both houses. President Taft in May was rushed to Walter Reed Medical Center with an undisclosed illness. The Hospital spokesman and the Presidents doctor announced that he (the President ) had been operated on and was expected to recover. He would remain in the Hospital for the next tw0 weeks.
Army Chief of Staff Dwight D Eisenhower announced his retirement from the army as of March 1,1951.
Senator Robert M Lafollete Jr was a Republican Senator from Wisconsin he had also form the Progressive Party in that state. He had as a member of the US Senate opposed the US joining the Commonwealth of Nations and was deeply concern that the US had gotten too involved in the Middle East. He was a close friend of Senator Harry Truman and broke with his party to support Truman in the elector over Taft. It was clear that he had anlienated both the Nationalist and the Republican Parties and would find no support from them when he ran for re-election in 1952.
There were some in both the Nationalist Party and the Republican Party that were wondering about the election of 1952. The fact that President Taft had had surgery was of concern. Republicans were starting to sound out the retired General Dwight Eisenhower. He had commanded US and allied forces in Kurdistan.
Senator Robert M Lafollete Jr voted against the sale of weapons to Kurdistan. He launched an attack on President Taft calling his action irresponsible and the Republican Party announced that it and the Nationalist Party would support someone else for the Senate. Th senator responsed by changing his party affiliation to Progressive.
President Taft announced that he would not seek a second term due to health problems, The Nationalist and Republican Parties both moved to support the candidacy of retired General Dwight D Eisenhower for the Presidency. Democrats selemed to favor the candiacy of Senator Robert M Lafollete Jr but Adali Stevenson had also entered the race.
In Massachusetts a former Naval officer entered the 1952 race for a seat in congress
Are there Kennedys in politics or did they stay in the private sector? Where is Joseph P. Kennedy Jr.? (Hope he is alive ITTL)
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In this time line Joe Kennedy Jr is still serving in the US Military . He Joined the USAF during the US involvement in the Kurdish Independence Movement and rejected his fathers desire for him to have a political life. Currently he transferred from transport aircraft to bombers and was assigned to a bomber squadron flying the B-29.
The Nationalist/Republican Ticket for 1952 was Dwight D Eisenhower for President and William Frederick Mosby for Vice President while the Democrat chose Robert M Lafollete Jr for President and Adali Stevenson for Vice President.