Peshawar Lancers Redux: North America

The Rockefeller family were the driving force behind Standard Oil of New Jersey and they soon controlled Standard Oil of Ohio. There was oil in Pennsylvania and Ohio but the big discoveries were much to the south. Standard oil began drilling in Oklahoma and soon discovered a field much larger than any that had previously been discovered in the US. In 1917 Texaco was created as a group of Texans banded together to seek oil in Texas and New Mexico.
By 1918 President Pershing announced to a joint session of Congress that the rail connection had now been restored between Hew Hampshire and Northern Florida and that there were three rail connections linking the East Coast to the West coast. nearly 100 bridges had been built and nearly 6,000 miles of roads had been constructed. The United States once again had ships capable of defending the United States. America and Canada had restored connections between the two nations. Industrial production was once again rising to a point that would allow the nation to make more progress.
Former Prime Minister William Kamehameha and his wife were traveling though the United States on his way to Teddy Roosevelt's estate in New York. It was the Hawaiian Duke's last trip outside of Hawaii and he had received an invitation from his old friend to visit. The man who had lead Hawaii for 20 plus years had been invited by the current President of the United States to stay at the President's House. William had exchanged letters with President Pershing and had hosted a dinner for him in Hawaii at the Kamehameha Estate.
The visit was pleasant and the former leader of Hawaii shared his opinion on a variety of international relations. He expressed concern that there could be a major war in Europe. The Russians were becoming stronger and would press their claims to the"lost lands".
In the Far East Hawaii, Britain had been mediating things between the Republic of China and the Empire of the Rising Sun. War had been avoid due to the success of Diplomacy but there was approaching a Crisis that might see both parties locked into positions that would not allow for compromise.
Finally the taked about The Fall and how ir had changed the fate of nations. William said that he had seen first hand how the United States was finally moving forward with its recovery.
Ottawa,Canada The Canadian Capital had seen a lot of reconstruction. The residence of the Governor General had been competed in 1917 and the Governor General had been living there ever since. The Canadian Parliament met and passed a number of bills designed to encourage a return of the overseas Canadians. It also passed the Fort Louisburg lease Bill allowing the Hawaiians to continue to use the facility for the next 25 years.
Prime Minister Randal Mackenzie of Canada met with President Pershing and together the set in motion the Canadian-American Free Trade Agreement. The details were to be worked on by a Joint Canadian and American Task Forse and the treaty would be hopefully ready for signing in the summer of 1918 and then sent to the US Senate and Canadian Parliament for redification.
President Pershing had sought an agreement with Mexico but had made little progress until 1918. It appeared that Prime Minister Benito Santiago , the Newly elected Prime Minister of Mexico was keen to repair relations with the US. He found support from the Spanish Viceroy, who held a post which was more like the Governor General of Canada. Thus in June of 1918 a trade agreement was reached.
President Pershing saw the elections of 1918 see political changes appear the Nationalist continued to hold the majority but the Liberal Democrats had also made some gains but most surprising was the re-emerging of the Republican Party. The Republican Party had all but vanished in The Fall but now for some odd reason it had come back to life and five members of the House were members of it.
Given that the nationalists are presumably a liberal-conservative party, and the liberal democrats are probably vaguely centre left, which ideology does the new republican party espouses?
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The Republicans seem to be a throw back to Lincoln and another time. Still they would be to the right of the Liberal Democrats. The Democrats seemed to be a party at war with itself as they have yet to really decide what direction they want to go in. Tarnished by a wrong stand leading to the Civil War and then the Corruption which lead all to many in the party to do the bidding of the Mexican Dictator. The party's Progressive wing favors social active-ism But the more moderate elements seek to return to more of a position that Jefferson might have taken. Into this mix comes the Republicans who seek change
Yes , I would see the New Republican Party as somewhat approaching that model.. The party has also move to adopt a platform of reforms ending Monopolies etc.
President Pershing announced that he would seek the Nomination of the Nationalist Party for a second 4 year term. Teddy Roosevelt was there for the announcement. Governor Alfred E Smith was expected to run for another term as Governor. William Jennings Bryant was the Democrat candidate for President but was expected to be crushed by the nationalist.
The new Republican Party won the Governor's race in Wisconsin marking the highest elected Republican since the Fall. Former President Roosevelt was there to see the launching of the USS New York ,the largest battleship to be constructed by the US. He delivered a rousing speech calling for the construction of a large fleet.
Theodore Roosevelt had spent two weeks in Hawaii with the Kamehameha Family. William's passing had had a profound effect on Teddy. He had nearly run for President again but had heeded his doctors advice to take it easy. Still he had lead a full life and he would leave behind a family ready to take the country further into the 20th Century. He was unsure which son might follow him into Politics. He had talked with William's boys and he knew just from talking that only George would follow his father into a post leading the nation.
President Pershing had been re-elected and was already having to look to see who he would support tor the next election. His Vice President was loyal but the President knew that he was not the type of man to make decisions. Two people had come to his attention- Calvin Coolidge and Herbert Hoover. Hoover had carried out some impressive reforms in California. He had dealt with the Salton Sea matter.
President Pershing could not believe how fast time was flying by. Word arrived that former President Theodore Roosevelt had been rushed to the hospital in New York. The former President had been not feeling well for several days and finally his children had him taken to the hospital. Perhaps it was all of that rough living that had finally caught up with him.