Peshawar Lancers Redux: North America

President Theodore Roosevelt was re-elected as President of the United States. He pushed a national recovery plan that he hoped would once again make the US a major player on the world stage. He traveled to Hawaii to meet with the Hawaii leader and planned to visit Europe for talks with the Spanish, British and Austrians.
Teddy carried out an aggressive plan to rebuild the nation. Working conditions improved as his administration moved to insure safe working conditions. He also pushed through food safety laws and meet inspection By the time that his second term was over the nation would be on a path that would improve its chances.
Teddy retired from Political office in January 1909. He would be leaving for Hawaii for a Month long stay and then would travel to India, Southern Africa and Europe. He was mot expected to be back in the US before 1910.
The New President was sworn into office. He like Teddy had served in the Army. In fact his nickname Black Jack Pershing had come from the Army. He made a number of decisions which Teddy might not have made but he continued with the task of rebuilding the nation. Progress was made and he met with the Canadian Prime Minister and the Mexican Head of state.
President Pershing was very concern with the conditions in the Central American Republic. He was worried that the instability might result in a threat to the Canal.
The American Secretary of State arrived in Hawaii for talks with the Hawaiian Prime Minister regarding the Central American Republic. President Pershing was to meet with the Mexican Prime Minister regarding the gun problem. It seems that Mexican small arms had been smuggled from Southern Mexico through the two independent states to the Ultra Nationalist. President Pershing wanted that halted.
President Pershing met wit Prime Minister Wilcox on the Island of Catalina. The two had a friendly meeting and the Prime Minister invited the President to visit Hawaii. President Pershing told the Prime Minister that he was not sure if he would run for a second term. After a career in the Army he felt somewhat drained as President and was seriously considering retirement.
President Pershing arrived in Hawaii for a visit. The president was Greeted by the Prime Minister and the Royal Hawaiian Army Band. He was warmly greeted by the Prime Minister.
President Pershing returned from his visit to Hawaii recharged. He had had an enjoyable visit in the country and Prime Minister Wilcox was an excellent host but to be honest his most enjoyable time was speaking with Duke Kamehameha. They shared stores about their past experience. William offered him some advise. He said that everyone who come to power faces some tough choices. The best thing that one could do is to leave the world a better place than you found it. He had made some hard choices and had in his lifetime met a lot of interesting people. Family is important and he was proud of his children. His oldest son was an officer in the Royal Hawaiian Navy having risen to the rank of Vice Admiral. His son George had followed him into Politics and he knew that one day he would also be Prime Minister. The President said that his son was going to be entering elementary school but he said that he wanted to be an officer in the Army like his dad. Time passes all too quickly. With that both men smiled.
President Pershing decided to seek a second tern as President and seemed to lead a united party against the opposition. Teddy had returned to the country to campaign for his friend. Alfred E Smith was the Democrat Reform Candidate for Governor of the State of New York.
President Pershing campaigned for reelection with a lot of energy. He wanted to complete the reconstruction plans first started by Teddy Roosevelt. There would still be some reconstruction programs going on but the great effort would be over. New York had seen a lot of changes as the Harbor had been cleared. There was now a growing community on Manhattan , Brooklyn, Queens and even Staten Island. Over all population had now hit 50,000 in the region that had once been the City of NY.
America was showing growth in its industrial production. The Automobile was starting to make more of an appearance. There were several companies that were manufacturing them. Hawaiian Investors had had bought into Packard. They had provided the company with Capital.
President Pershing asked the Congress to pass several military reform bills designed to create a well trained reserve. The Spring of 1917 saw the passing of the Reserve Officers Training Corp Act as well as several other acts designed to allow for a rapid expansion of the Military in time of War or National Crisis. The Highway Construction act saw the first effort to upgrade the road system in the United States.