Peshawar Lancers Redux: Latin America

The Ar gentian capital was rocked by the sound of gunfire. Plane from the Navy bombed the barracks of the army in the capital. The US Ambassador sent the following message to the US: Coup taking place in Argentina. It appears that the people an certain elements of the military are tired of the direction the country is headed. Army Barrack where Capital division is station has been bombed by aircraft belonging to the Navy. Reports of fighting elsewhere in the country.
Fighting did not die down in Argentina. The Military Government was determined to retain power. Yet for the first time the coupist had support within the military establishment. The Army attempted to seize control of the naval bases but the Navy resisted with warships firing on army units.
The Civil War in Argentina continued as the people who had staged the coup refused to give up. The Navy and some elements of the Air Force had supported the coup but most of the Army were against it and were determined to put it down. The governments of Brazil,Chile and Bolivia were all sympathic to the coupist who wanted a restoration of a democratically elected government. Paraguay openly intervened with its military to support the rebels.
The Argentinean Army responded to the intervention by Paraguay with armored forces and artillery. Several Argentinean Air Force Mirage III Fighter Bombers struck the enemy forces. The US, France and German urged talks between the two sides.
The Military Government of Argentina met with their opponents in Chile. After 5 days of talks the Chileans and Brazilians had manage to get the two sides to agree to a cease fire. There would be new elections and both sides agreed to Judge Juan dela Vega becoming the acting President. The Army Chief of Staff resigned.
New Elections were to take place in Argentina in 4 months. A new constitution was drawn up and observers came from the US, France, Sweden, Switzerland, Germany, Brazil and Canada. The Argentinean Military saw a lot of old officers purged from its ranks. Judge Juan dela Vega stepped down as acting President after the election and went into retirement.Jorge Castillo was elected as the new President he was a businessman and a known reformer
President Castillo pushed to improve relations with Britain and moved the Argentinean Congress to pass a law dropping all claims to the Falkland Islands. The President wanted to end the claim so that it could never be used again.
Cancelled by Argentina were arms purchases from Russia. Instead it turned to France and Germany Purchasing the Mirage 2000 fighter and two submarines from Germany plus 2 Frigates from Germany.