Peshawar Lancers Redux: Kingdom of Hawaii Revised

William and Sean began digging through the records and thousands of Documents and books to look for the information regarding the Hawaiian effort to help rebuild Ireland starting with the survey that was carried out. The hope was to be able to pull together everything and then write an account that would clearly set up the story.
William was reading the log of the Hawaiian research vessel that left Fort Louisburg for a survey of Ireland. The ship carried medical supplies tools and a medical and scientific part of its large crew. The journey was without any major problems. It arrived off of the Irish western coast and began to sail north around the island. Pictures were taken and drawings were made. the ship kept the island in sight and upon arriving at the Irish sea that seperate the British Isles and Ireland they turned south.. They arrived at Dublin and a party was landed.
Yes emotionally there was a strong connection between Hawaii, the US, Australia and Ireland. Funds were raised to help the Irish people. But this would not be the only time that Hawaii would reach out to assist a people that had suffered as a result of The Fall. The Hawaiian Government helped to sort out those that were of Irish Ancestory and who wanted to help the land of their ancestors recover. Still it wasn't until the Royal Hawaiian Navy did a survey that one became aware that there were still people living there. As the weather started to swing back to a more normal climate greater resources made their way to the Emerald Island.
From 1900 to 1950 Hawaii worked to help Ireland and Portugal. As the climate improved the US made an effort to assist Hawaii and Brazil with the Herculan task of rebuilding Ireland and Portugal.
From 1900 to 1950 Hawaii worked to help Ireland and Portugal. As the climate improved the US made an effort to assist Hawaii and Brazil with the Herculan task of rebuilding Ireland and Portugal.
In Portugal's case, the interior would have been ok, apart from the cooling of the weather post-fall, that would make it temporarily more northern-European in temperatures, but that could be semi-remedied, by adapting to the temporarily changed weather and moving to the coast to rebuild things with Brazil and Hawaii's help.
Portugal received plenty of assistance from the two powers that had taken an interest in helping the nation to recover. Hawaii's Army Engineers shared their experience gained from working on the American Canal to provide knowledge on how to deal with the rebuilding of Lisbon. Brazil provided resources like concrete and money to fund the projects.
Ireland saw a lot of expatriates returning to help rebuild Ireland. Money came from primarily two sources the Hawaiian treasurry and the United Ireland Fund that received donations from Irish people in America, Australia and Hawaii.
In doing the research Sean asked the Kamehameha family member that was assisting him why did Hawaii take such an interest in Ireland. The answer was that Williams wife was born in Ireland and for that reason alone he would do everything that he could but it was also the belief of the Hawaiian Monarch and the other leaders of government that Hawaii should do all that it could to assist those in need.
Sean paid a visit to the archives of the Royal Hawaiian Constabulary and found documents relating to the organization of the Irish Garde and the RHC's role in helping it to get organized and trained. The Royal Hawaiian Constabulary set up a training facility in Ireland which trained the police officers and organized the Investigation army. The Royal Hawaiian Constabulary was an armed Police force and it imprinted that on the Irish Garde. By 1920 Irelands population had grown to 2.6 million people and it was now continuing to expand with a high birth rate. Ithe 1920s saw a massive construction project take place in Ireland .three Highways were built and several railroad lines were restored and modernized. A lot of roads were paved.
Sean also was allowed to see the records of the Royal Hawaiian Army with regard to Ireland and its reconstruction and the organization and training of the Royal Irish Army.
Trained in Ireland from 1910 to 1920 was the Royal Irish Army. A Military Academy was set up and the beginnings of a educated and professional officer Corp. The Army consisted of 2 Battalions of Engineers,1 of Infantry, 1 of Artillery and support troops. It eventually expandes to a Brigade of Engineers and a Brigade of Infantry.
Hawaii played a major role in shaping the new Irish Garde and the Royal Irish Army and Navy. It helped to create an Irish National Military Academy which was pattern after the Hawaiian Academies. While the Royal Hawaiian Constabulary owed its orogion to the British Police it had over time also taken some ideas from the US.
Ireland was showing a great deal of growth. In the ten years that Hawaii had been involved in the rebirth of the Irish nation the numer of miles of paved road in the country grew from about 100 to nearly 3,000 miles. The railroad system was overhauled and was much more capable. Electricity wwas now more available and water and sewer lines were in all of the cities and most towns. The population had risen to 3.5 million and was growing.
Sean was finding that the Hawaiian records were loaded with information regarding the projects that the Hawaiian Government was funding. Hawaii was also helping to insure that the Ireland Relief Fund, which was funded with donations from the United States, Australia, New Zealand and Canada citizens reached Ireland. The Royal Bank of Hawaii helped to administer the receipt of deposits and insured that it was forwarded to the Ireland Relief fund at the Royal Bank of Ireland.
One thing that Sean was amazed with was the amount of effort that Hawaii put into the rebuilding of Ireland. A member of the extended Kamehameha family showed him that it was not just Ireland that Hawaii got involved in. In working with the Brazilian government Hawaii put a lot of effort into the reconstruction of Portugal. It just seemed to grow with the project growing to rebuilding a transportation system which would run from Portugal's Atlantic coast all the ways into France and beyond. The French, Swiss and Austrian Governments took on responsibility for finishing the part of the project in their countries.
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Hawaii worked with Brazil and Portugal to insure that the part of the project being constructed in Portugal did not run into any problems be they financial or construction and it worked with the Kingdom of Spain on that part of the project that was being built there. In addition Hawaii had a meeting of all four countries representatives to iron out any problems with the connection of the railroad at the border.. It then met with the French Government and reached an understanding so that the project was not delayed once it reached the French border. Hawaii had a meeting of of the Swiss and Austrian Empire officals so that the whole project was approved before any work started.
It became clear to Sean in his research that Hawaii attempted to do everything that it could to assist the people the world in recovering from the results of The Fall. It wasn't until the beginning of the 20th Century and the completion of the American Canal that Hawaii began to have an ability to make an impact. Without the Joint Canadian-Hawaiian base at Fort Louisburg things would have moved a lot slower. Hawaii shared Data that it gathered with the governments of Canada, the United States, Brazil, Great Britain,Australia,New Zealand and others. Critical was weather data.
A joint American-British-Hawaiian Team paid visits to Alaska,Yukon, Eastern Canada and Greenland and collected data. When the Hawaiian began to visit Europe they collected data and took samples all with the purpose of understanding what had happen and when the effects might begin to reverse.
The Hawaiian Government established a study at the University of Hawaii on the effects of The Fall. It established a grant of $500,000.00 to fund the study and the Hawaii House Environment Committee was given oversight and the ability to grant additional funding.
Among the records that were looked at by the Kamehameha family historian was what was the involvement of Hawaii in the conflict to stop Mexico in the post Fall period. Hawaii supplied the Americans in California with food, Medications, Small arms, ammunition and even some artillery. The Hawaiians helped to train and equip insurgents in the region of southern Mexico. In addition the Royal Hawaiian Navy prevented the Mexican Navy from playing any role in the Pacific.
The Papers of William Kamehameha as well as the records of the Royal Hawaiian Intelligence Service indicated that Hawaii made a clear decision to oppose Mexico as the Mexicans were attempting to prevent Hawaii's plans to build a canal in the Central American Republic and to destabilize that country. Hawaii helped to train and equip an insurgent movement in southern Mexico among the Mayan people