Peshawar Lancers Redux: Kingdom of Hawaii Revised

For Katherine a lot of her job was familiar. The world however was changing. While trade continued to be important the problem of Instability in the world was a growing one. The Commonwealth of Nations had helped in some ways but it was not the cure all. The recent instability in Russia that had lead to uprisings and the need of the Central Government to use force to restore order was something that had to be dealt with. Kurdistan had been created to acknowledge the fact that the Kurdish people deserved to have a nation of their own. The Middle East was seeing a demand for change. The Austrian Empire was granting what was regarded as Israel-Palestine more self rule. It was clear that independence was likely to be in the cards. Lebanon , Syria and Mesopotamia were all likely to demand freedom. The question in Katherine s mind was what should be the position of the Kingdom of Hawaii
Hawaii continued to maintain a strong alliance with Australia, New Zealand and Canada and it had strong relations with the Empire of Brazil. While Hawaii continued to consider Great Britain a friend the alliance appeared to be changing. The result was a stronger tie to the United States. Hawaii and the US were sharing the development of weapons and technology. In fact the ties between the two became closer as a result of the Administrations of President Theodore Roosevelt, President Pershing, President Alfred E Smith and President Theodore Roosevelt II. There was little doubt that the warm relations would continue during the administration of President Robert Taft.
The Hawaiian Prime Minister was to meet with the American President and the Canadian Prime Minister at a meeting in Toronto.
Prime Minister Katherine McNamara and Winston Churchill met it the Hawaiian capital to discuss the differences that they had and to try to reach a meeting of the minds. It was an effort to restore the alliance to what it had been.
Does Bob Taft have the same (IRRC, considerably) right-wing beliefs or is his ATL version more centrist, if only by necessity (there should still be a lot to redevelop in the north)?
President Taft is slightly more conservative than President T Roosevelt II but not extremely to the right. I have not decided whether he will end up having the same health problem which lead to his early death. Should he develop health problems the Nationalist- Republican alliance will have to look for a new candidate for President or split thus providing the Democrats with a chance to regain the Presidency.
The Prime Minister also went to Brazil with the Hawaiian Royal Family. She stayed for two days and then left for a conference in Ireland.
Hawaii's Prime Minister attended the conference in Dublin Ireland. Present were the British Prime Minister, Austrian Chancellor, German Chancellor, Dutch Prime Minister, French Premier, Belgian Prime Minister, Polish Prime Minister and the new Prime Minister from Portugal.
The Conference in Dublin lead to agreements on some proposals regarding transportation, trade and the Interpol Agreement. Upon returning home Katherine was called to the Palace for a meeting. The King made it clear that he wanted her to run for re-election to both the House and the Prime Ministers position in 1952.
Katherine told the King that she had not reached a decision regarding running but she would take the Kings wishes into account. He husband was now working for the Mallory Security and Investigations Group as he had left the Department of Defense before his wife had returned to elective office. The Company was the largest Security, Investigation and Legal corporation in the country. It had been founded by the best friend and aide to Katherine's Grandfather. The company had offices throut the Kingdom as well as in Australia, New Zealand, Canada, Hong Kong, Singapore, Manila , South Africa, the US and Ireland. The couple's children were either nearing the end of High School or in College. Their oldest son was at the Naval Academy wtd the next oldest at the Air Force Academy. Their daughter was attending the University of Hawaii.
After talking with each other they polled the children still at home and all supported whatever decision her mother wanted to do. She called her father and then the palace telling his Majesty that she would run.
November 1950 Prime Minister Katherine McNamara sent a letter to her constituents that she would be seeking re-election to the House. She asked for their support and Prayers. Money began to pour into her re-election coffers as the people of her district moved to show their support. In her Special election she had won with 95 percent of the vote.
Katherine made several trips around the Kingdom in support of the National Conservative Party Candidates for the House and to promote the Parties positions. She was the first woman Candidate for Prime Minister to effectively use both radio and TV
Katherine began to look at some of the issues that she felt needed to be dealt with. The first issue that was to be tackled was food safety. The Hawaiian National Government decided that issues involving food safety were serious. A new system of inspections was set up. Testing began. The next issue was the need to recycle . As a country which had to import just about everything the National Government would encourage the recycling of cans, bottles and plastics. For the Social Democrats the National Conservatives were getting no credit but the Liberal Democrats were willing to work with them.
The Hawaiian Government had so far taken no position regarding the US involvement in Kurdistan. It had consulted with the Kingdom of Ireland about allowing the US to use the Hawaiian Air Force-Naval Air Base in southern Ireland. The Irish Government had granted the use of the base and the USAF had moved a strategic Bomber Group to the base.
The Hawaiian Prime Minister had limited Hawaii's assistance to the US in getting the Irish Government to allow the US to use Hawaii's Irish Airbase and to diplomatic support at the Commonwealth of Nations. This had the overwhelming support of the Hawaiian people. Hawaiian Military forces for now would not be involved.
Katherine McNamara had received two phone calls from President Taft over the Kurdistan matter. The American President was seeking Hawaiian Military aid but Katherine explained that she did not feel that there was enough support in the country to do that, the Social Democrats were totally opposed and the Liberal Democrats were divided over the idea. The National Conservatives were leery about getting involved because it was already going through a modernization of the military and an involvement in the conflict would drive up cost and taxes.
The Prime Minister Congratulated President Elect Dwight D Eisenhower in a phone call. She and her Husband would be in the United States for a meeting with President Taft and would meet with the President elect at the executive guest house as he prepared for the transition .
Prime Minister Ito of Japan was meeting with his counter part in Honolulu to discuss trade and other issues. Hawaii had had a balanced relationship with the Chinese and Japanese governments. Japan was very concern that the United States was tilting toward China and it wanted to make sure that Hawaii maintained a balance approach. The Hawaiians had defused several issues between the two Asian Nation that had led both to be willing to trust Hawaii. The Japanese had noted that Hawaii had not jumped into the Kurdistan problem. The Hawaiian considered themselves an ally of Australia and New Zealand and Canada. While the relationship with Great Britain remained close it had changed over time as Hawaii had gotten stronger. Hawaii's relationship with the US was also close.
In the summer of 1953 work began on the Hawaii-Ireland Security Agreement which would cover base rights and Hawaii's assistance to Irish Security. Hawaii maintained a large Air Base in the country and a Naval Base. In Addition the Royal Hawaiian Intelligence Agency shared a facility near the Air Base that had started out as a facility run by the Royal Hawaiian Navy. Any intelligence that involved the security of Ireland was passed to its Irish counterpart.
In the same year Hawaii signed the Pacific Alliance Treaty Organization agreement with Australia and New Zealand.
The Secretary of Defense submitted the Plans for the administration Defense purchasing for the next fiscal year. The Administration was seeking funds for the Construction of the 2nd Admiral William Kamehameha Class carrier as well as advanced funding for the 3rd carrier. the navy was seeking funding for the construction of the first of five conventional powered submarines as well as funding for the design of the nations first nuclear submarine