Peshawar Lancers Redux: Kingdom of Hawaii Revised

London under went a lot of reconstruction and improvements . A lot of buildings that had been heavily damaged by The Fall were removed. The City is now more open. The population has grown that it now is up to 190.000. The population of Britain ( includes England, Wales and Scotland. There is a lot industrial growth and the infrastructure was probably the best in Europe.
1942 Katherine submitted her resignation from the house. She indicated to the Prime Minister that it was for personal reasons. A special election was to take place in 45 days for the Vacant seat. Gretchen Thompson was the designated National Conservative Party candidate. George W Kamehameha was her campaign manager.
The Secretary of Defense was killed in a car crash in Australia and Asst Secretary of Defense Tommy MacNamara was named by the Prime Minister as the Acting Secretary of Defense and was expected to be named as the new Secretary and confirmed by the House
Special Election: Gretchen Thompson faced a Liberal Democrat opponent in the race. George Kambata was the Liberal Democrat that chose to run in what had been regarded as a safe seat for the National Conservatives. In fact the seat had been held by the National Conservatives ever since the selection of William Kamehameha I had been made to run for office. This was the first time a person had run without the last name of Kamehameha. Still Gretchen was well regarded by the people of the district and with her uncle as her campaign manager she was in good hands. The election results showed that she had won 96% of the vote and she was sworn in the next day as th
May 1943 and explosion rocked the House assembly Hall. Thirty-five members of the House were killed and one hundred and ten were injured. The Royal Hawaiian Constabulary was joined by the Royal Hawaiian Secret Service in the investigation
Experts were all over the House of Representatives Assembly Hall. The Forensic specials were joined by experts from the Fire Department and the Royal Hawaiian Army Bomb disposal unit. Military Police units were assigned to provide security The new Secretary of Defense was meeting with the Attorney General, Commissioner of Police, Director of the Royal Hawaiian Intelligence Agency and the Royal Hawaiian Secret Service. There would have to be at least 100 special elections to replace dead and severally injured members of the House. Rep Gretchen Thompson was assigned to the House Select Committee on the May 5th Incident. Former Prime Minister George W Kamehameha was appointed Chairman of the Royal Hawaiian Commission to investigate the incident.
The Investigation had begun to uncover some links between the explosion in the Assembly hall and a group inside the Kingdom of Hawaii which had ties to a group believing in Marxism. So far the Royal Hawaiian Intelligence Agency had been unable to confirm a foreign source but the Treasury department had found some suspicious bank transfers coming from overseas. The Royal Hawaiian Constabulary with the Royal Hawaiian Secret Service made six arrest. The Royal Hawaiian Army Bomb Disposal Group identified the explosives used as a type no longer used by the Russian Military. The Royal Hawaiian Intelligence Agency they used contacts it had in Russia which indicated that the explosives had gone missing 3 years ago from a convoy where it was being transported to to a secure site for disposal..
The Imperial Austrian Intelligence service had reported that the explosives of that type had been used in an attack in the Crimea and in a Bank robbery in 1942.
A Paul Kincaid arrived from Australia and got an appointment to see Representative Thompson. There was enhanced security at all of the legislative offices so Mr Kincaid was checked for a weapon. He was shown into the Office that was Gretchen's and Gretchen thought he looked familiar. When he smiled she was sure that they had met before. He then said'" So how have you been doing sitting in Grandfathers old seat in the House?" Her expression turned to puzzlement and he said I see you don't recognize me.. My real Name is George P Kamehameha and its a long story cousin
With that statement a light went on in her brain so to speak. She had met her cousin several times in the past when they were kids but hadn't seen him in 12 years at least. . Seeing the expression on her face he said it all started when I was in the Army. I had gone to law school and joined the army. Uncle Bill was unhappy that I didn't chose the Navy but in addition to being a Navy officer he was a lawyer and he made some calls to friends of his that were officers in "that other service". I ended up in the Military Police and then Intelligence. I had to go undercover and thus I became Paul Kincaid..I was a lawyer working for an Australian Company and got really used to being Paul. But finally I came across some information that was related to the explosion and needed to come home to Hawaii.
The Hawaiian Prime Minister was attempting to handle the growing problems in Asia while at the same time paying attention to the investigation into the bombing.
Former Prime Minister George Kamehameha who had been named as Chairman of the Investigation of the Bombing Commission was meeting with the Commissioner of the Royal Hawaiian Constabulary and the Director of the Royal Hawaiian Intelligence Agency. He had spoken with the Royal Hawaiian Secret Service about what they had found out with their investigation. The former Prime Minister was stunned when he met with Paul Kincaid as he recognized that he was his son George. George had gone by the name Paul so as to not be confused with his father.. He spoke about what he had learned in Australia and informed his father that all of his original contacts were gone. His father was able to get him to a meeting with the Director of the Royal Hawaiian Intelligence Agency as well as Brigadier General Peter Kakoa Director of the Royal Hawaiian Army office of Intelligence.
The Royal Hawaiian Constabulary together with the Royal Hawaiian Secret Service made a series of arrest in various parts of the Kingdom including the Caroline Islands, Tahiti, and Samoa. Customs with assistance from the Royal Hawaiian Navy and the Royal Hawaiian Constabulary also made a series of arrest. A ship was seized by the Navy when it attempted to avoid inspection. The FBI arrested a group of terrorist in California that were connected to the Marxist. The Border Patrol in cooperation with Mexican Law enforcement arrested a group attempting to smuggle in explosives into the US.
George Kamehameha delivered a report from the Commission regarding the bombing of the Legislative building and was now looking at suggestion for laws that might help prevent another Incident. There had been lots of co-operation with allied powers. The United States,Brazil Canada,Ireland,Austrian Em[ire New Zealand, Australia and the Central American Republic had all shared information and intelligence.
The Prime Minister and the King reassured the people of Hawaii that the government had continued to function and that there would be new elections in 1944. There had been some special elections to fill the House seats that were vacant do to deaths caused by the bombing or because of injuries. Arrest were still taking place and several trials had taken place under heavy security.
Paul Kincaid was married at St Pauls Catholic Church in Hawaii to his Australian fiancee Sheela Hogan. The Kamehameha family attended. Paul was still undercover as the intelligence service did not want him to resume his real identity.. Paul was working for a security service founded by his Grandfathers old friend.
The Royal Hawaiian Marine Corp conducted an amphibious landing in the Caroline Islands at a suspected Marxist base and ammunition site. The 800 marines stormed the site with overwhelming force capturing or killing all of the terrorist and capturing explosives and documents. The documents captured resulted in the arrest by agents of the Royal Hawaiian Secret Service and the Royal Hawaiian Constabulary. With these arrest the threat to Hawaii was considered by experts to be eliminated. Futher Intelligence was provided to Australian authorities and the American FBI
Hawaii's Prime Minister announced that some 60 special elections would be held to fill vacancies in the House and that the Nation would see a National election in 1944. George W Kamehameha submitted his committee's report with recommendations to the Prime Minister and King. Copies were provided to 4 committees of the House. The former Prime Minister was thanked for his service by the King and was awarded a Knighthood for his service to the nation.
Prime Minister Robert Sterling in a conference of the National Conservative Party announced that he would run for Prime Minster in next years election. His popularity was on the rise after the Crisis caused by the Marxist bombing of the Legislative Assembly hall.
His administration had dealt with the problem and had rooted out the terrorist. Confidence that things were getting better was clearly showing in the polls. There was a proposal for the people to directly elect the Prime Minister rather than the parties who formed a majority choosing that person. Former Liberal Democrat Prime Minister supported the proposal but at least two former National Conservative Prime Minsters had doubts about the idea saying it could lead to deadlock and a need for more elections.