Peshawar Lancers Redux: Kingdom of Hawaii Revised

George had yet to make the decision on whether to retire from his house seat. It had been held by the family for a very long time. George's oldest daughter expressed an interest in running for the seat as well as his nephew ( son of his younger sister and a former Naval officer}, George's chief of staff also expressed an interest. Charles B Kamehameha II already held a house seat but thought about moving into George's district and running for that seat. George decided to back his daughter after sounding out the party. So Kathleen Elizabeth Kamehameha won the party's endorsement and George announced his retirement from the house and support for his daughter. He also announce the appointment of his former Chief of Staff to a position with the General Services Administration.
Kathleen won the election with 74% of the vote in the election.
Richard Nufro managed to win the election to the Prime Minister's post by carrying the party to another win. The National Conservative Party won 256 seats out of 500 and the Liberal Democrat Party won 240 and 4 seats were won by the Social Democrats..
George went to the palace to turn in the seal and was informed by His Majesty that there would be an official ceremony in 7 days in which the King would award George the Highest Civilian metal for service to Hawaii.
Nufro Administration: The new Prime Minister was an experienced diplomat but not an experienced politican. He had learned a little while serving as a member of the house. He was George W Kamehameha's closest friend and he had advised his friend on what he would be facing. George knew that the party only held a majority of 6 seats so they needed to watch things. He ( Richard) reached across the aisle to reach a deal on a number of issues. He needed a Secretary of the Treasury and asked Charles B Kamehameha to take the post for a year. Charles B was mot a politican but a banker. He never had the public service bug bite him but he had briefly in the past helped brother George out and his son was a member of the house. He agreed to serve briely.
Kathleen E Kamehameha was one of the newest members of the Freshman class of the Hawaiian House. She had a position on the House Education Committee, House Banking Committee and the Armed Services Committee. She turned down a post of whip preferring to get to know the job first. She had worked in her fathers office and then had worked in banking for 2 years and a teacher for 4. When her father had talked about retiring she had returned to his office and had sought the nomination. Her current boyfriend was Lt Tommy McNamara Royal Hawaiian Navy. Tommy worked for the Office of Naval Intelligence and was formerly a Navy Cop. William had told George that he was a good man and not to worry.
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Kathleen put forward an Education Reform bill with the help of Rep Maurice Evans LD-Tahiti. The Bill passed out of Committee and passed the house with 294 to 206.. She then introduced the Creation of the Royal Hawaiian Air Force Bill which formally moved the RHAF from an executive creation of the Prime Minister's Office to a recognized branch of the Armed Forces 304 to 196
George was now a retired Prime Minister who had several job offers. He accepted two teaching positions. One was at the Royal College of Hawaii and the other at the University of Hawaii. He would be teaching a The Hawaiian House and the rise of Hawaii at the Royal College and The Bishop and William Kamehameha Administrations at the University of Hawaii. He had signed a two year contract. He was also being sought to chair the Royal Hawaiian Aircraft Corporation.
Prime Minister Nufro made his first stop as Prime Minister to the United States where he me with President Coolidge and then met with the Canadian Prime Minister. He concluded his first trip with stops in Neuva Granada and the Brazilian Empire. He then returned home to see the budget battle take place. The Biggest battles were over defense with the Social Democrats totally opposed and the Liberal Democrats also disagreeing to some of the spending proposals. The Former Prime Minister testified on the need to modernize the Navy.
The Prime Minister was not yet an accomplished politician. He was a skilled diplomat but had yet to know how to do things. George learned from his daughter that his old friend was having serious problems.. Thus he decided to intervene and invite him to lunch and discuss the problems that he was having. His friend had been Prime Minister for 7 months and in a secret poll taken by the University of Hawaii there were indications that the Liberal Democrat leader could win an election if it was held in 1929.
The Prime Minister was glad for any help that he could get. He would try some of George's suggestions. George made it clear that he had no interest in returning to Political office. Privately he told his friend that if it looked like the party was going to loose he would find support quickly disappear.
Prime Minister Nufro address the Royal Hawaiian Coast Guard Class at their Academy in Tahiti. This was the first Academy located out of the Hawaiian Islands. In his address he pointed out that the job of the Guard was of critical importance to the security of the nation. The Guard enforced the maritime safety laws, prevented Smuggling and rescued ships and boats in distress.
Prime Minister Nufro had reached a decision in late 1931 that he would not seek a second term as Prime Minister. He had enjoyed being Secretary of State but believed that he was ill suited to the role of being a leader of government in 1932 he was offered a job at the University Of Hawaii as its President and he resigned his position as Prime Minister and was replaced by Charles F Wright. Charles was well liked by the members of his party but he was not prepared to take over as prime minister. The result was that William Shapeway leader of the Liberal Democrats was able to mount an effective campaign winning 6 more seats and thus changing the balance in the house to one where the Liberal Democrats were the Majority party.
Prime Minister Shapeway was young and had only lead the Liberal Democrats shortly after Richard Nufro took office. He was popular and intended to make changes in direction of the country. One of the first things that he ordered was a total review of Hawaii's military. His party's left wing pushed for turning the America canal over to the Central American Republic. He was not prepared to go that far. They also proposed to removed the small Hawaiian Military force from the Falkland Islands saying that Britain could take over the whole responsibility .
Prime Minister Shapeway became the first Hawaiian Prime Minister to visit Argentina. He also visited Brazil, Neuva Granada, Central American Republic and the United States. President Smith offered the new Prime Minister several suggestions. It seemed that the Hawaiian leader was having a hard time finding qualified candidates for the Secretary of State and Secretary of Defense positions. Two of the Candidates were rejectcted by the house. The Prime Minister seriously considered asking retired Admiral William Kamehameha to take the post but he would only do it under conditions. Finally after a conversation with the King the Prime Minister announced that retired Admiral William Kamehameha II was appointed Secretary of Defense. He was confirmed 374 to 126.
Admiral Kamehameha was once more working for the Government of Hawaii. The Retired Admiral wore a business suit and arrived at the Department of Defense in an official car. His brother George now took over running the William Kamehameha Foundation thus freeing the Admiral to handle defense matters. The Admiral called a staff meeting and began a review of military spending and programs. He immediately cancelled two programs and approved the continuation of the construction of Hawaii's first Fleet carrier.
Polls were showing that the National Conservatives were regaining support and stood to gain a majority in the next election. Indeed Prime Minister Shapeway's Party had already lost 2 seats in special elections. Thus he held 254 seats, Social Democrats 4 and the National Conservatives 242. Should the Liberal Democrats lose 5 seats and the National Conservatives gain them whoever formed a government would either be a minority one or would have to seek a partner.
George did almost no campaigning beyond appearances for his daughter and his nephew. He just did not want to get involved. He did carry out some legal duties for the King since his brother was the Secretary of Defense. The family was present when William Kamehameha III graduated from the Naval Academy and was commissioned an Ensign in the Navy. He next went to flight school learning how to fly the new Grumman F-4F Wildcat fighter. His brother had entered the Naval Academy and was already intersted in the Submarine service.
George attended the Graduation of Christopher Wilcox from the Military Academy and he went to flight school in the US learning how to fly the P-36 fighter and latter going to Curtis Aviation to help with the next generation fighter the P-40.