Peshawar Lancers Redux: Kingdom of Hawaii Revised

George Kamehameha did an interview with the Hawaiian Times and the reporter asked him why did the Prime Minister fail to visit Argentina, Bolivia and Paraguay during his Latin American tour. The Prime Minister replied" Hawaiian relations with Argentina remain negative. We made an effort to try to schedule a meeting but received a negative response. as for Bolivia and Paraguay the Hawaiian Security services opposed going there because it counld not assure me that it would be safe."
George had tried diplomacy to try to break the cycle of wars but he just met resistance. He met with the young king and explained what he had tried to do and the role he thought Hawaii might fill in the world. He had learned much from his father and the man who he considered an Uncle-Prime Minister Bishop.
He was disappointed that he just was unable to get the Russians to reach a settlement on the Ukraine and the Crimea. When the war began to move outside of Europe to a threat to Hawaiian Interest he built an alliance that would assure the safety of the sea lanes and of the canals. In 1924 he lead the National Conservative Party to another victory. He had decided that with the planned retirement of his brother in 1926 he would retire from the house in 1928. It was time for the next generation to take the reigns of power.
Prime Minister George Kamehameha had a solid majority in the House. His nephew Charles B Kamehameha had won a seat in the house. He had not wanted to go into banking but sought out elective service. His Cousin William Kamehameha III had just entered the Naval Academy. Georges oldest son was a sophomore in High school and his sister was about to graduate junior high. George's youngest was only 4.
The sons of the late Prime Minister Christopher Wilcox were getting older. Christopher S Wilcox the oldest son would graduate from Catholic School and had applied to the Military Academy. His Grandfather had been an accomplished army officer who had built the America Canal and had risen to the rank of Lt General. His father had been Prime Minister and had served as an officer in the army.. Prime Minister George W Kamehameha had granted him a provisional Appointment to the Military Academy. He was to be appointed to the new Class that was to form officers for the Royal Hawaiian Air Force.
Young Christopher S Wilcox received a letter from the Secretary of Defense notifying him that he was to report to the Military Academy new Air Force Section and join the incoming class of 1929. He was very happy about it. His mother had received a phone call from the Prime Minister letting her know of the appointment and that he needed to report to the Academy August 18,1925 for in processing
Cadet Wilcox was part of nearly 80 cadets who were sworn in as a member of the Royal Hawaiian Air Force. He was issued a Blue Grey uniform which would set these new cadets apart from the army cadets.
Life went on in Hawaii despite the fighting in Europe. The Hawaiian Intelligence service and the Royal Hawaiian Constabulary kept a close eye on people entering and leaving the Kingdom. The Professionals were well aware that the Russians might try to take action against the Kingdom in order to strike back for the embargo.
William Kamehameha III entered the Royal Hawaiian Naval Academy in 1926. His father addressed the incoming class and announced that he would be ending a carrier as a Naval officer in June 1927. He was currently Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff but had decided that he would not accept another term.
Prime Minister George W Kamehameha began serious family discussions with his wife and children about possibly retiring as Prime Minister after the election in 1928..The only family member in the house was his nephew Charles. His Secretary of State Richard N might seek to run for a seat in the house as one was opening and then seek to lead the party. George was leaning toward retirement but his oldest son thought that his father should stick it out for another term but his daughter Catherine said it was time to spend time with the family.
Hawaii's Secretary of State resigned his office and ran for a seat in the house. He campaigned for the seat and won the special election
Rep.Richard Nufro was now the newest member of the house. He was assgned a seat on the foreign relations committee, The former Secretary of State listen to the debate and argued for the cofirmation of his replacement.. In 1928 he sought the Chairmanship of the Foreign Relations Committee and narrowly won the post.
George W Kamehameha announced to the house leadership and the cabinet that he would not seek another term as Prime Minister. He had also not made a decision on who to endorse for the position of Prime Minister. He would meet with some of the people interested in seeking the position. It was believed that he might support his old friend Richard Nufro for the post but only if he would believe that Richard to lead the party to victory.
George spoke with General Roosevelt on the phone and then flew to New York to meet with him. He then flew to Brazil and met with the Brazilian Emperor, who awarded George a metal for his service in helping the Brazilian Empire. He spoke to General La Pietra who the Emperor dispatched to Finland. The Prime Minister would meet his family in Ireland.
Prime Minister Kamehameha returned home to a massive crowd. In a press conference he thanked Generals Roosevelt and La Pietra for their work and assistance Without their timeless efforts the agreement might have failed. He thanked America and Brazil for lending their support and for the co-operation of Kaiser Karl and Grand Duke Constantine for making possible an agreement.