Peshawar Lancers Redux: Kingdom of Hawaii Revised

The meeting was held and the Prime Minister agreed to support the project. The main problem was money. There simply was a limit to the amount of money that could be spent. Still the Hawaiian Explorer I had been assigned to the new mission. The Hawaiian government agreed to provide $50,000 to the project and both the Royal Hawaiian College and the University of Hawaii agreed to provide resource to help. Still technology was probably nearly 60-70 years away from really making the project capable of predicting things with a high probability of success.
The Royal Hawaiian Geological Association was created by an act of the legislature. The Association was allowed to receive government fund and support for projects such as the study of Volcanoes, Earthquakes and tidal waves. It was also allowed to accept foundation money. The Charles Bishop Foundation gave a grant to the Royal Hawaiian Geological Association Foundation of $250,000 and it was also joined by a grant from the William Kamehameha Foundation of $125,000. and the Late Walter Gibson Foundation also gave it $100,000. Several other wealthy individuals gave money to the Association and the foundation. in addition the Brazilian Government donated $250,000, British Government $125,000.
The Hawaiian Government was feeling the pinch of having to review spending/ There was a review on all spending by the government and there would be a reorganization of departments. The Military was informed that some of the programs such as the new Capital Ship would have to be spread over a longer period. The new Submarine development program would see the first submarine delayed until 1905 as a result of the program.
The result was grants for the RHGA would be limited and it would have to depend upon interest payments from the foundation and private as well as foreign donations.
The Conservative Government of Hawaii was carrying out a massive review of programs and spending. The idea was to eliminate all duplication and thus be able to reduce or redirect money. There were some protest from the opposition party but it became clear that Hawaii's ability to spend large sums of money had come to an end. The Inspector General found a considerable amount of duplication and stated that the savings would amount to 900 Million Hawaiian Dollars.. While jobs were eliminated the Government was able to find positions elsewhere for everyone. Anyone that didn't want to take them was able to find a job in the private sector.
Hawaii was working with its allies to provide uniformity in equipment.
Hawaii: The Prime Minister had met with the cabinet and had requested each offical to review all spending and attempt to reduce it . The Secretary of Defense had as a result frozen spending on the army. some new equipment was being delayed or spread out. The Secretary of the Navy had delayed construction of the first new Polynesian class dreadnought by 2 years. Plans were to sell off two old battleships to a friendly power and use the money to help pay for construction of the newer more
powerful ships. The Prime Minister refused to accept a pay raise and urged the Legislature to turn down or reduce the raises in view of the need to save money.
The Government of the Kingdom of Hawaii was consolidating a lot of programs as part of the attempt to save money. The Prime Minister spoke with the Royal Hawaiian Geological Association and it would switch to become the Royal Hawaiian Geologial Agency taking over some of the roles formerly carried out by the Hawaiian Government with the University of Hawaii and the Royal Hawaiian College. The Agency was able to get a Lease of facilities at the Fort Louisbourg Base from the Canadian Government.
The Conservative Government in Hawaii was managing to avert an economic crisis with Spending reductions. A lot of the saving had been the result of reforms and ending of duplication in programs. The Prime Minister was hoping that the economy would pick up so as to prevent a major loss in the next election. Yet what also caused a shift in the public's opinion was not the economy by a series of Volcanic eruptions in North America , Central America and the Caribbean . . The people were certain that Prime Minister Kamehameha was the man that they needed to run the country should there be climate problems.
The Prime Minister Called a special election early for the legislative body after receiving polling stating that the people had confidence in him to handle any crisis. The result was that the National Conservative Party won an overwhelming majority. Meaning that the next election would be in 1905.
The Secretary of State Paul Pau submitted a letter of resignation to the Prime Minister. He had not been feeling well and he had been informed by his doctor that he was in poor health and to remain in the job he might very well die in office. After speaking with his wife and children he had decided that the Prime Minister would be better off with a younger man. The Prime Minister called the assistant Secretary of State for European Affairs and asked him to come for a meeting. The former Ambassador to Portugal and Spain had also served as the Liberal Party's last Prime Minister. Since serving as a diplomat he had turned down any thought of running for elective office. In fact he had voted for the current Prime Minister in the last two elections. His sister held his old seat and was a National Conservative while his younger brother had won a seat in another district as a Liberal Party member..
After discussing the matter he accepted the offer of becoming the New Secretary of State and would remain in the post as long as William was the Prime Minister.
The 20th Century seemed to be starting off creating a lot of worry for the Hawaiian Government. Experts feared that a massive Volcanic explosion could cause a repeat of the long cold winters brought on by the Fall. So far there had been northing major to make that fear a reality Experts now noticed that there seemed to be an increase in earthquakes. The science of predicting quakes was in its infancy but data was now being acquired which would result in perhaps pointing the scientist in the direction of where it was likely to happen.
The Royal Hawaiian Geological Agency was now building a new Headquarter building in Hawaii so as to consolidate everything. The Agency was also working with the two higher Education facilities ( University of Hawaii and the Royal College of Hawaii) to study the effects of Volcanic eruptions on both the area that they take place and on the world. The agency also desired held in studying earthquakes. It was also setting up a division within the agency to study weather.
The Hawaiian Prime Minister was considering retirement. He had discussed the matter with his wife and family and his wife had said that she would accept 1 more term and then someone else would have to worry about Hawaii and the world. Ambassador Wilcox son had completed graduating from the academy and served 3 years in the army. Now he was running for a seat that was vacant due to a death. His father was a loyal National Conservative and he was expected to easily win the seat. Well he did win the seat with 89% of the vote and took a seat on the Military Affairs Committee and the Weather and Geological Studies Committee.
Representative Christopher Wilcox was elected to the house, The son of Retired General Wilcox who had just retired as Ambassador to Italy. The 25 year old was a rising star of the National Conservative party. He was married to Kathleen O Donnell from the Kingdom of Ireland. He had met her in High School in Ireland and they had been married after he had graduated from the Royal Hawaiian Military Academy.