Peshawar Lancers Redux: Europe

2005 The early elections in Great Britain saw the collapse of the Labor Party. Conservative Leader Richard Greene carried 298 seats and the Liberal Party took 80 with Labor barely winning 60 seats.
MI-6 reported that there was demonstration against the Chinese President and the National Assembly was now voting on a resoluting to vote no confidence in the Prime Minister. Several oil producing states had stopped the sale of oil to China.
Britain's Prime Minister was gathering support from India, Australia, New Zealand, Japan, Taiwan, Vietnam and Hawaii. The US had so far not taken a position .
Sweden sold 45 JAS39 Gripen fighters to Neuva Granada It was the first big sale of the aircraft outside of Europe. Neuva Granada also took out an option on the purchase of a further 68 aircraft including a strike and anrecon variant of the JAS39. This would make Neuva Granada the largest buyer of the Swedish aircraft


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Germany was refusing to sell the Leopard II tank to Argentina. It had sold the Marder IFV to Argentina and Argentina had converted it to a tank mounting a 105mm gun. Argentina was considering buying the T-72 tank from Russia
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Greece was attempting to modernize its military but Austria seemed to be doing its best to prevent or rather convince the Germans not to sell modern weapons to them for fear of triggering a war between Greece and Turkey. The result had been that the French had stepped in and sold their AMX-30 tank to replace the American M-47 and had supplied Greece with the Mirage 1000 Jet fighter and helicopter. The US had sold the Greeks 4 Halsey class Frigates and the French 3 submarines.
Britain had taken the Ar gentian threat seriously and had strengthen the defenses of the Falkland Island territories. It now had an all weather air base there with 12 Tornadoes and a Battalion Combat team. The Royal Navy had a team of frigates assigned to the region and with the development of the oil and gas field money was pouring in. British Petroleum and Royal Hawaiian Petroleum had a joint investment developing the field in the waters in the region.
I am now turning the clock back to the end of the 19th Century. The Fall has really change the face of Europe. Most of the population of Britain has gone either to India,South Africa or Australia. Yet not everyone made the evacuation. The same is true for Ireland. The Germans pushed south into the land of the Austro Hungarians and they pushed as far south as Greece. The French used their military to clear space in North Africa with outpost remaining in the south of France. Spain held on with the temperature dipping. The Hawaiians has begun to explore making contact with the Irish and the small population of Britain. Ireland had begun its recovery but it wasn't until 1898 that the British Crown sent an expedition to the British Isles.
There were a lot of deaths in Europe as a result of The Fall. While the rain of rocks from the sky killed a lot of people it was the fall in temperature, snow and declining production of food that caused a massive population loss. The Emperor of Austria-Hungary worked with the German princes to find space for the population of Germany.
The military might of the Germans and the Austrians pushed the Ottomans out of Europe and it was not long before the Austrians were landing in the Middle East clearing out the Holy Lands.. While Spain suffered some damage from The Fall the weather was not as bad as in other parts of Europe. Still it was the Hawaiians that made the first effort to reach out but the Empire of Brazil reached out to the Portuguese colonies and Portugal itself to see what they could do.
The United States was still pouring a massive effort into rebuilding but with the dawn ot the 20th Century and the beginnings of a weather change President Roosevelt joined the British, Hawaiians and Brazilians in doing what he could to make things better.
The British Government In India had finally sent troops back to Britain to begin the process of restoring the nation> Engineers and Pioneers were the largest contingent sent along with a small number of Combat and Military Police as well as Medical. Work began in 1901 and the British were able to buy goods from the Kingdom of Ireland> British Airships would fly from India and land at the large airfield in Ireland run by the Royal Hawaiian Navy and the Royal Irish Air Service. The goods would be transferred to train
and moved to a port on the Irish Sea for shipment to Britain.
The British Expeditionary Force that was busy working on rebuilding Britain was seeking to have some goods manufactured in Ireland to save time and push things along.
The period from 1904=1925 was one that saw the European nations begin the process of returning to Europe and rebuilding. The French sent the legion back into northern France and to Eastern France. The Belgians were allow to travel through France back to Belgium while the Dutch return from overseas to restore Holland. The Germans returned to the Fatherland. The Bavarians had maintained a foothold in their homland. Construction was underway everywhere. A lot had to be done to repair the damage and build new bridges and dams.
Construction in France concentrated on restoration of the railroad lines which would allow the construction of bridges over the rivers and flood control. Paris was garrisioned by the French Foreign Legion from 1895. Work onthe city increased during the warm period of May-September but as the climate began to return closer to normal at the start of the 20th Century work would stat as early as Mid April and go on to late September.
With each year that passed the weather seemed to improve and the time that could be spent rebuilding much of Europe increased. France needed a lot of major reconstruction as the sea seemed to have reached much further inland. In 1912 the French Government fundeda major construction project that would seek to regain a lot of land. The Germans sought to rebuild . Austria-Hungry was intact and was actually far larger having pushed the Ottomans out of the Holy lands
The Austrians seemingly supported the establishment of a Polish state using land previously controlled by Russia and adding to it Austrian controlled territory. A member of the Imperial family was to be made the ruler of the new buffer state. The Imperial Treasury granted the new country 100 million marks. Many wondered if Austria would once again challenge Prussia for control of Germany or if they would co-operate with one another.
There were considerable numbers of French Citizens that were living in North Africa that yearned to return to France. Despite the fact that The Fall had changed North Africa many still did not consider this place to be home. Now that the Foreign Legion had begun to man post in France and there were reports of French Army engineers heading back to the homeland to work on project people were beginning to hope that soon the word might be given that people could apply to return.
Finally in the mid 1920s temperatures had returned to normal and construction was under way in most of Europe. The French were seeing a return of a lot of the people that had fled to North Africa and there was a steady stream of Germans ,Dutch, Belgians returning. Scandinavia was seeing the population slowly move northward. In Britain the returnees had begun to populate some of the rebuilt communities. The British Military was beginning to turn the job of law enforcement over to the British Police.
In 1918 the new Kingdom of Poland struck its army liberated Lithuania and even penetrated into the Ukraine. Russia had just begun to put itself back together.
Many wondered if Greater Poland was being created before the Russians once again became a threat.
The death of Wilhelm II of Prussia in the Austrian Empire resulted in his brother Henri being named as regent when the family returned to Germany in 1910. Henri had already started a career in the German Navy when the Fall had happen. The unification had failed to take hold as a result of the Fall. The result was that Germany was still split between the Catholic and Protestant states. Bavaria had retained outpost in Bavaria and thus seemed to have a stronger claim to leadership. In many ways the Fall had prevented the fall of the House of Bonapart thus leaving Louis Napoleon as Emperor who was succeeded by his son the Prince Imperial.
1909 London The Former US President was impressed with all of the work which had been done in Ireland and in Britain> Lot of construction had been done. The British Military Engineers were overseeing a massive reconstruction of the British Capital. New sewer,water and gas lines had been put in telephone lines were being set up and a lot of people were being employed.. Teddy had been taken on an Aerial tour of the British Isles by the Royal Air Serice. He expected to stay at least another two weeks in Britain and then would travel over the Channel to France.