Peshawar Lancers Redux: Europe

Shipyards in Germany, Austria and Britain were busy building ships or overhauling older vessels. To the east the Russians were building like crazy.
Russia was attempting to build a powerful fleet to support its expansion plans. The Russian Military was supporting the Czar's desire to reunite all parts of the old Russia. Austria in contrast was in the 1940's attempting to limit its expansion and a desire to modernize the fleet.
Britain was moving a Naval Task Force to Singapore to protect the line of communications with Hong Kong.. The Governor General of Hong Kong had approved the call up of the Reservist.
Japan's Ambassador to Germany had spoken to the German government about buying some German tanks that could be produced in Japan. He expressed concern about Russian Aggression in Asia. The Germans agreed to talks regarding the sale of heavy tanks and antitankguns.
Germany had been busy modernizing its tank force and in 1947 it had worked on a design which would meet the demands for a better MBT. It had taken the Panther G and completely gutted the insides. A new engine and improved electronics was worked on. the Germans approached the Czech Skoda Arms works for a new gun. Skoda had developed a new 100mm improved gun and they worked with the Germans to come up with a turret for the tank. By 1949 three prototypes were created and testing began
In 1950 the vehicle was approved after some changes and entered production both in Germany and in the AustrianEmpire
Poland was very concern at the rising threat from the east. Polish tanks had become obsolete and as a result the country had to turn to other sources. One source had been the Americans,who had sold them 250 Sherman tanks and 100 M-24 Chaffees. but with the increasing larger and heavily armed Russian tanks the Poles were looking for a new solution. The Kingdom of Israel had upgunned the Sherman tanks using a French 105mm gun to replace the 76mm one. So Poland sent its people to the Kingdom and bought the Kits to Modify the tanks.. It also purchased some used Cromwell tanks from Great Britain and proceeded to rearm them with a 17pdr gun made in Poland.
Britain's Prime Minister was on the phone to the new President to discuss issues and to set a date for them to get together. The Prime Minister of Hawaii was scheduled to arrive and talk about issues that concerned both countries. France's Foreign Minister would be arriving to find out where President Mosby stood on issues.
Kaiser Otto I of Austria announced an agreement with the Turkish Republic. . It would settle the matter of the borders once and for all. Austria was granting Lebanon autonomy with full independence to take place in 1952. This marked the second time that Austria had granted a former colonial territory independence.
Winston Churchill had returned to 10 Downing Street as the Prime Minister but by 1949 it became clear to him that it was time for a younger man to take the job. He was getting older and found that his health was an issue. So on December 26,1949 he turned the job over to Anthony Eden and wished him well . The Conservative majority
approved and on the 27th he prevented himself to the King. The Prime Minister then flew to France and Austria to discuss the problem to the east.. He stopped in Warsaw and Berlin before returning to Great Britain. In the spring he would travel to the US,Canada and Hawaii.
Austria proposed to the Poland, Germany, Netherlands, Belgium, Denmark,Norway and Greece the establishment of a military alliance designed to Check the Russians. The French proposed adding Great Britain, Ireland and the Iberian states of Portugal and Spain. The Austrian Empire propose adding the Kingdom of Israel-Palestine. The alliance was expanded and in the fall of 1949 Canada and the US were asked to join
Japan's Ambassador to Great Britain expressed great concern over the Russo-Han Arms deal and the possible Russo-Han Mutual Security Pact. China's top diplomat in Britain also expressed concern.
The USS Alfred E Smith (Midway Class carrier) and its group arrived in the Med. It conducted some joint operations with the Royal Navy. It also paid visits to French North Africa, Spain, France, Italy, Greece and the Kingdom of Israel.
Britain was very concern that the situtation in the Han Kingdom was getting worse by the day. It had sent orders to the Governor General of Hong Kong to secure the colonies borders and to call up all reservist. MI-6 believed that a possible war could involve the Han Kingdom, Russia, Republic of China, United States, Japanese Empire.
The USS Alfred E Smith and it's task force moved close to the Kurdistan coast. The country's port was very busy as good flowed in and out of it. The Kurds had some problems with the Turks and the Russians but the Hawaiians had been busy working to strengthen the Kurdish Military. They had received Upgraded sherman tanks and M-24 Chafees.
In addition the Hawaiians had supplied some upgraded P-51 Mustangs.
An Hawaiian Military Advisory team called in air support from three A-1 Skyraiders that were in Kurdish airspace. The flight responded and attacked the hostile force which was directing artillery fire onto the Kurdish partol. The American aircraft si neutralized the threat.
The Russian Foreign Ministry called in the Japanese Ambassador and informed him that Russia had a mutual Security Pact with the Han Kingdom and had received a request for help. He also informed him that Japanese troops at the Peking International Airport had fired on Russian Paratroopes and the Russians had returned the fire and driven them out.
Russian Heavy Bombers struck at Nationalist Chinese Forces that had Invaded the Han Kingdom. It was a clear escalation of the conflict. Chinese F-84 managed to shoot down a Russian Bomber.. The Russians responded by striking at Chinese air bases.
The recent conflict in the Far East had sent shock waves through out Europe. The German and Austrian Governments had as a result begun to spend a lot more on Defense.
Austria had organized a defensive Alliance aimed at halting Russian aggression. The Alliance included Austrian Empire, Germany, Poland, Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Finland,Denmark, Netherlands,Norway and Sweden. The Ukraine had asked to join and Britain,France,Belgium,Italy and Spain were considering. The Eisenhower Administration was considering what it and Canada should do.
Japan and the Republic of China had signed a non aggression Pact. The Japanese were very concern with the Soviet Threat.
In 1980 Czar Alexis I died He had not been well as a child and an assassination attempt was thought to have succeeded but in fact heart problems is what caused him to pass away. There was an attempt to overthrow the Monarchy but Grand Duke Constatine was able to lead the Military to crush the plot. He was proclaimed to be Constantine I and as soon as things began to settle down began a series of reforms. The Duma, Russia's Parliament was granted powers by the Czar. The Czar ended serfdom's last vestage and granted all citizens above the age of 21 the right to vote. The only exception to this would be if the person was legally insane.