Peshawar Lancers Redux: Europe

By 1925 Ireland was seeing a lot of the construction projects completed in the 1st stage. Dublin had seen a lot of older buildings that had been damaged torn down and replaced. Dublin Castle had been overhauled and modernized. A massive amount of telephone and telegraph lines had been put up. Five water treatment plants had been consttucted as well as the same number of waste treatment plants. Five regional hospitals were built thus improving healthcare.
Ireland signed a Mutual Security Agreement with Hawaii in 1925. The agreement allowed the Kingdom of Hawaii to set up two bases in the Kingdom and in return Hawaii would assit with the training and equipping of the Royal Irish Military.
The Royal Hawaiian Army Engineers were quite busy overseeing projects in Ireland, Portugal and Spain as well as in the Kingdom and at Fort Louisburg.., HawConsEng became one of the largest companies in the world. It had been founded to build the Military Academies in Hawaii and work on the America Canal. It s experts went to Portugal to work on the rebuilding of the port of Lisbon. Meanwhile another part of the company handled projects in Ireland alond with its Irish Partners.
In the early 20th Century massive reconstruction was being undertaken in Great Britain. Military engineer troops and civilian contractors were slowly rebuilding the country. Buildings that had been heavily damaged were removed and new water and sewer lines installed. Progress was made but things began to slowly come back to life. Rail lines were worked on and a modern highway system began to emerge.
Nearly fifty years had passed since The Fall had left its impact on the Earth. The Destruction had been incredible and it combined with weather changes which were only now starting to return to normal had resulted in Millions of death. The amount of loses continued for years as the population fled south. Plague and starvation killed more people
But as the 18th Century came to an end it became clear that the arctic winters were coming to an end and the warmer weather returning. As the 20th Century began the weather in Britain and Ireland had returned to a much more livable and the rebuilding began at a more rapid pace.