Peshawar Lancers Redux: Europe

The alliance had worked on developing a laser which would work in destroying anything that threaten the Earth. The American-British- German team was able to improve the laser..
Europe seemed quiet. The Austrian Empire was in transition to more of a federal system. Greece had completed its separation from the Empire. The Empire still held the lands in Asia Minor that had at one point been part of Turkey. Many believed that if the Austrian Empire withdrew it would trigger a conflict between Greece and Turkey.
Britain still had bases in Cyprus but the Island had its own government and there was talk of a Union with Greece.
Britain was looking at a new election in the next six months.
The Austrian Federal Empire had purchased the rights to manufacture the German Main Battle Tank but Skoda had come up with some improvements to the design that seperated it from the origional German design.
The Austrian Military was looking at a total modernization of its Military. Skoda was offering a new Infantry Fighting vehicle it would be armed with a 40mm cannon. It had developed a new turret for the German Leopard II and it would be equipped with the Skoda 130mm smooth-bore gun and would have a new auto-loader with an Austro-Czech designed Gas turbine engine. The air Force would chose between a Swedish designed fighter or a Avco designed redesign and upgrade og the American F-16. The plane had Czech made engines and entirely new Austrian Electronics.
The Commonwealth Of Nations decided to challenge the authority of the Terran Space Authority over immigration to other planets and its control of Space. They filed suit at the World Court in Switzerland. This was a power struggle between those that had financed the entire space program and those that had done nothing but wanted control.
Paul Kamehameha on behalf of the Terran Space Agency filed papers with the World Court seeking to dismiss the case claiming that the Commonwealth of Nations lacked the legal authority to regulate the Agency. It was entirely separate. The members of the Agency while members of the Commonwealth of Nations had not sought or granted any authority to it. It was not funded by the Commonwealth of Nations but by members of the Agency. After some discussion by the judges they ruled that the Commonwealth of Nations lacked the ability to sue
Paul Kamehameha was appointed by the Terran Space Agency to serve as both its lawyer and as the Attorney General who would oversee all of the law enforcement as well as the setting up of the court system.
Appointed as the First District Court Judge was Francisco Janeiro.. Francisco was born in Hawaii but his grandparents came from Portugal. He graduated from the University of Hawaii and then attended law school in Indiana. He went on to become a crown Prosecutor in Hawaii and then left that post to become an attorney in California.
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Francisco Janiero.
Sorry to nitpick, but there's a small typo, it should be Janeiro.
Is Hawaii (as a whole) a country with more immigrants than emigrants or vice-versa?
Are there plans for commercial exploration of space (even if just near-orbit)?
The Terran Space Agency see commerical hauling of passengers from Earth to Mars and the Moon as well as cargo. As for deep space it looks like a possibility if engineering will come up with an power plant that would allow the development of warp drive.
The Commonwealth of Nations Secretary General suggested that the Terran Space Agency come under the Commonwealth of Nations. Discussions with the TSA's Council and the member states had reached a conclusion that the Commonwealth of Nations would be better to represent Earth's Interest and to fund projects.
The Terran Space Agency thus became a department within the Commonwealth of Nations. It was answerable to the Secretary General and would issue reports to the Security Council.
The Commonwealth of Nations approved a resolution creating the Commonwealth of Worlds which was officially open to Earth, its colonies and allied worlds.
The Commonwealth of Worlds was thus created and a decision was made to have its Headquaters on Earth. Earths Population had declined to slightly under 1.9 billion people so there was a lot of room on the planet. There was a debate about whether to locate it near the Commonwealth of Nations in North Africa or the Terra Fleet Academy in northern Texas or at some other place. One place that had offered to house it was Greenland.
The Commonwealth of Worlds located their facility in Greenland. With advances in technology they were able to adjust the climate so that the ice cap disappeared from the area and the temperature was much kinder to both Earthers and Aliens.
Sean Michael O'Hara had decided to do some research into the establishment of the Kingdom of Ireland after the great event known as The Fall . To do it he would have to trave to both North America and the Kingdom of Hawaii. In North America was located an old French Fortress which had played an important role in the rise of the Kingdom of Ireland but before that was a decision by King Kamehameha III that Hawaii must do all it could to help with the recovery. That decision triggered the events that would lead to the Grand restoration of Ireland as a nation state. But first he Traveled to Fort Louisburg where there were reports of the Expeditions to Europe by the Hawaiians.
Sean had looked at the records in Ireland and had also read the report regarding the survey. According to the report of the Medical officer aboard the ship the population of Ireland was no more than 45,000 when the Hawaiians had come.
Ireland 1900 The Hawaiians had decided to make a major effort to assist the Irish in rebuilding the Irish Nation. Two outpost were established in the country one in the ruins of Dublin and the other in southern Ireland. The Hawaiians bought a detachment of Royal Hawaiian Army Engineers to help in the massive effort. Several buildings in Dublin were rebuilt. Some of the Irish population that was in Hawaii,the United States and Australia applied to return to Ireland to assist in the restoration of the Irish Nation
By 1910 the population had grown to more than 95,000.
William Kamehameha began a major effort to rebuild Ireland but he also was working with the Empire of Brazil with regard to Portugal and that nations recovery.
Ireland's population was booming with the return of a lot of Irish to the country. By 1916 th population had grown to more than 1.4 million. The Royal Hawaiian Constabulary was traing the Irish Garde.