Peshawar Lancers Redux: Europe

Austria had been upgrading its defenses and was making a lot of changes regarding voting rights. It was a period of greater civil rights
Dr Margaret O'Brian of Ireland was selected as director of the medical team at the Lunar base. She was joined by Dr Karl Ludwig of Austria, Major Eric Thomas MD USAF and Erica Wilson MD of Great Britain. These four would serve at the Lunar base for the next four years as the Medical team.
The Kingdom of Israel had purchased the American made F-16 and the F-15 for its air force. Kurdistan had purchased the F-5e/f Freedom fighter and the more advanced F-20. Britain had purchased the F-14K for it carrier fleet replacing the F-4G. Japan had also tried to purchase the F-14 but had not received the Okay from the US and Hawaii who were partners on the F-14/21 So they purchased the F-18.
The government of Germany and of the Austrian Empire both moved to purchase the American F/A-18.Both countries turned down the French Fighter design.
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Great Britain was going through an election as the Conservative Prime Minister decided to force through changes that the people wanted
The sudden death of the King created some unusual problems. He died without any children but had named the Stuart pretender to the throne as his heir. He was the son of King Edward VII and William Kamehameha's daughter. He was well liked by the British people.
The Middle East continued to be in some respect a powder keg. The Austrian Empire, Turkey, Greece, Kurdistan, Russia, Mesopotamia and Persia were in varying states of relationship. Greece had finally broken away from the Austrian Empire and was attempting to regain more of Ancient Greece from the Austrians. The Turks had clashed with the Austrians, Kurds, Russians over territorial claims.
In Europe two historians began to tackle the task of looking at the historical impact of the Fall on Germany and the Austrian Empire. Frederick Hapsburg ( a distant relative of the current Austrian Emperor) and Wilhelm Kreiger,a German Historian, looked at the impact of The Fall and the Decision to move the people south. It was the greatest evacuation ever attempted and it had a deep impact upon the people. The Military played a major role in insuring the moving of the people to safety.
Indeed one of the interesting facts that came to light was the co-operation between the Austrian Imperial Government and the German states. Massive construction was underway and the Ottomans were being forced out of Europe by the combined German and Austrian Military. As fast as they were moved out construction began of new communities where the evacuated population could go.
Filming had begun in the huge Studio in the British Isles and there was some filming going on in Austria, Germany, Poland and the Ukraine.
The Fall movie and tv series was providing a lot of jobs. After the Premier of The movie and the first season on MGM Network a lot of people were stunned to learn that this was a true story. There was discussion on the internet on what was real and what was fake. MGM ran a website that discussed the series and what if anything was made up or edited out.
Kurdistan and the Republic of Turkey had been holding talks with the assistance of the United States, Israel and the Austrian Empire and finally and agreement was reached between the two states that allowed the signing of a treaty. The Turkish Military Government reached out and the treaty was signed.
The Turkish Military were the guardens of the republic and were determined to reach a settlement with first the Kurds and then with the Austrians. The hope was that they might reach a realistic peace which would allow Turkey to deal with the Russian threat.
The Austrian Foreign Ministry began to hold meetings with the Turkish Military Government which after six months resulted in an agreement regarding the settlement of dispute between the two powers. The Austrians agreed to adjust the border. A treaty was signed in Cyprus.
The Austrian Empire was adjusting to changes becoming more of a federal empire. Greece had completed its total separation and Albania and Bulgaria began to adjust to some self rule.
The miniseries The Fall was starting to have an impact in more ways than the producers intended. People in Europe were questioning what had happen. Was the miniseries ture or had it been altered. A group of historians who had written books on the Fall said that at least 80 percent of what was aired was the truth. Another question was what was done to prevent another event like the Fall from happening.
Another question was what was done to prevent another event like the Fall from happening.
That's the most important result of the series, making people aware of the danger and the need to avoid ocurring again.

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The ralization that The Fall might happen again sent shock waves through the world's population. The governments of Hawaii, United States, Great Britain, Australia,Ne Zealand, Canada, Brazil were now joined by Germany, Austria, Japan, China and India in an effort to insure that there would be no second Fall. A missile defense system was established in orbit and on the moon and work was proceeding on laser weapons.