Peshawar Lancers Redux: Europe

Austria had been upgrading its defenses and was making a lot of changes regarding voting rights. It was a period of greater civil rights
Dr Margaret O'Brian of Ireland was selected as director of the medical team at the Lunar base. She was joined by Dr Karl Ludwig of Austria, Major Eric Thomas MD USAF and Erica Wilson MD of Great Britain. These four would serve at the Lunar base for the next four years as the Medical team.
The Kingdom of Israel had purchased the American made F-16 and the F-15 for its air force. Kurdistan had purchased the F-5e/f Freedom fighter and the more advanced F-20. Britain had purchased the F-14K for it carrier fleet replacing the F-4G. Japan had also tried to purchase the F-14 but had not received the Okay from the US and Hawaii who were partners on the F-14/21 So they purchased the F-18.
The government of Germany and of the Austrian Empire both moved to purchase the American F/A-18.Both countries turned down the French Fighter design.
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