Peshawar Lancers Redux: Europe

The Kingdom of Israel-Palestine ordered 6 P-3C Orions for its air Forcce. and the Austrian Empire purchased 18 aircraft with 9 to be built in the US and 9 in Great Britain.
The European Common Market was created on June 1,1969. It was a merging of the Austrian lead Economic Cooperative Zone with the new Group. The new European Common Market was signed into being with the following members: Austria, Germany, Poland, Ukraine, Lithuania, Netherlands, Belgium, Latvia, Kingdom of Italy, Empire of France, Kingdom of Spain, Portugal, Kingdom of Denmark, Kingdom of Sweden, Kingdom of Finland, Estonia, Kingdom of Norway, Kingdom of Ireland , Great Britain and Kingdom of Iceland.
On July 14,1970 Iceland withdrew from the European Common Market. It signed a trade agreement with both the United States and Canada.
The other Members of the European Common Market were stunned by Iceland's withdrawal from the group but it was not alone in those doubts. At least 2 possibly three Scandinavian Nations were having second thoughts. Kaiser Otto reassured them that this group would not seek to become political and interfere with the sovereign rights of the nations. He had already spoken to the French Emperor and to the new German Kaiser on this matter.
King Edward VIII passed away at the palace in London. He had been Married to William Kamehameha' oldest daughter, who passed away several years ago. They had two Children George and Mary. George would become George VI as he was the Prince of Wales. He was very close to both his Hawaiian cousins and to his cousin Elizabeth. The Prime Minister did not see any problem with the coronation. and it would take place in 2 weeks.
The Energy Minister in Britain was present at the opening of a clean energy plant. In a report to Parliament the Final report of the reconstruction of Great Britain was submited. The report indicated that there was more Forrest in Britain in the country than when the Romans landed. All of the cities were better laid out than in the past- water was cleaner and the sewers were better .
Emperor Napoleon IV had overseen the last action by the Imperial French Government to recover land from the sea as a result of the Fall. The ailing French Monarch would soon turn over the job of guiding France to his son the Prince Imperial Jerome. Jerome had spent his 20s in the Imperial Army protecting the French Empire but as his father's health declined he had taken over more of the duties and responsibility. He had married the Great Grand daughter of one of Napoleon I's Marshals.
Margaret Thatcher lead the Tories to a smashing victory. She vowed to right the British economy. She paid a visit to the United States.He visit to the country included a talk with President Baker and former President Reagan. She addressed a Joint session of Congress and then flew to Canada where she had a serious talk with the Canadians. Finally she flew to Hawaii and was warmly greeted by the Hawaiian Prime Minister. There was an official Dinner and the next day she was the guest of the Kamehameha Family.
Everything appeared to be quiet in Europe. The Russians were still recovering from the turmoil that had come about. Production was rising in the Russian state and the problems between Russia and the Ukraine appeared to have been settled. Both Georgia and Armenia were independent states but there was a considerable Russian Military presence in the Armenian Republic. Russia-Armenian Forces had clashed with the Turks. Georgia maintain more independence because of trade with the Austrian Empire and other countries.
The British Government was objecting to attempt to turn the European Common Market into a political enity. The Thatcher Government promised that before that happen it would withdraw from the body. This lead to discussions between the Austrians and the British.
Germany and the US jointly worked on a MBT but the project ran into problems and the American and German governments decided to go in different directions. Germany would develop the Leopard II while the US would move to the M-1 Abrams
Ireland purchased 24 F-5e/f Freedom fighters and it also received 5 refurbished PC-3 Maritime Patrol aircraft from the Kingdom of Hawaii
The British Government was having its F-4Ks upgraded. It had not reached any decision about replacing them with the Tomcat in the Fleet Air Arm.
France had signed a large arms agreement with China to supply the country with surface to air missiles , antitank missiles and radar. France would also be selling two modern frigates and 120 jet combat aircraft
Britain ordered a full screening of all passengers coming from Asia and the other European countries followed a similal path.
The British Located a Bio lab in Africa and carried out and air strike against the facility . It was followed up by the landing of a battalion of Paratroopers with a special team of Biological warfare experts.. Recovered were some bodies and documents.
The Bodies were examined and identification was carried out. All of the Bodies that were checked proved to be Han Chinese. The British received information from the Japanese Government data base identifing four of the people as people with experience in Biological research. As long as Japan controled Han Chinese territory they were carefully kept under restricted controls and even when Japan granted Freedom to the Han Protectorate the Japanese Intelligence service was prepared to act however the Chaos caused by the Han-Republic of China War caused about a dozen of these people to disappear.
The British now confirmed that the lab that was destroyed in Africa was a biological lab that experts now confirmed was working to replicate the virus that had struct the Republic of China. The medical personnel were able to identify at least 4 of the bodies as Han scientist. Evidence was able to confirm that 3 african villages had been destroyed by virus testing.